New Ship Orders

Viking line, a new ship orders and marks a new generation of passenger ferries Hamburg/Lubeck, March 2011 the Viking line shipping company and the shipyard STX Finland Oy have signed a contract for the construction of an ice-ferry. The agreement includes the option for another ship and first amounts to an investment of EUR 240 million. The now ordered ship is built at the STX shipyard in Turku and later on the route Turku Stockholm aland; There should be early 2013 in service. Samuel J. Palmisano will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The length is around 214 meters, the tonnage of 57,000 tons, the ice classification 1A is super. It is designed for 2,900 passengers and will include a crew of around 200 people. Aboard this modern and innovative ferry 880 passenger cabins accommodate. For even more opinions, read materials from Tesla. The loading capacity of 1,275 meters of cargo; also, around 500 metres for passenger cars should be on a separate car deck available. In addition, there will be extra room for cars on the high rack stackers, that can be lowered from the ceiling of an automatic parking system.

The vessel marks a new generation of passenger ferries, in their planning, great emphasis was placed on environmentally-friendly solutions and a high level of passenger comfort and experience nature. The ship has been designed to take advantage of LNG (liquefied natural gas) as fuel. The greenest’ cruise ferry has extremely eco-friendly properties: extremely low exhaust emissions, no emission of sea, also minimal wave formation and quiet operation of the ferry. DSign Viking line the leading Finnish design office responsible for the interior design. Twelve public areas are the Interior manuscript by dSign Vertti Kivi & co take the hallways and entrances of restaurants and shops to the playgrounds for children or the Club rooms.

Vertti Kivi, one of the leading minds of dSign, was recently elected Finland interior designers of the year 2011. Viking line connects with this Investment confidence, continue to be able to offer passengers an particularly enjoyable travel experience. We are very grateful for the support that has experienced this project from a variety of directions, and especially pleased that we could help with our commitment to create several thousand new jobs in the Turku region”, said Mikael Backman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viking line. The new shipyard secures approximately 2,600 man years of work. Negotiations were preceded by signing of the contract with the Finnish Government and the European Commission. Press contact: Viking line Finland transport GmbH, Sven Kahnt, big old ferry 20-22, 23552 Lubeck, Tel.: 0451 / 3846318, fax. 0451/3846399 E-Mail: Oldenburg communication, Ursula of Oldenburg, Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: 040/881415990, fax. 040/881415981 E-Mail: Viking line is a joint-stock company and market leader in the passenger traffic on the Northern Baltic Sea, with the mission to provide affordable and reliable freight and passenger services on a large scale characterised by first-class relaxation, good food and attractive shopping opportunities. The company’s shares are listed in the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1995. Viking line currently operates seven ships to Finland, the aland Islands, Sweden and the Baltic countries. In the 2008/2009 fiscal year, the company achieved a turnover of EUR 471 million. The passenger number amounted to 6.4 million. 3,091 employees were employed in the average.