Nico Beyer

This enables a single base video simultaneously by multiple users according to their personal choice for IP-TV clients, Web pages, POS installations and mobile devices are configured. This makes JetStream video a unique advertising and marketing tool, also for medium-sized companies. Because the composition of real turned film and CGI elements enables cinematic product presentations for small budgets. As a professional tool available, with which they can represent their products in each product variant of any cinematic offers medium-sized companies JetStream video for the first time. Once rotated, each product variant is placed as often in the film inside. In this way, a prefabricated house manufacturer, for example, in only one film can present all structural variants of his prefabricated house. Videos consist of 25 frames per second, representing a flowing movement quickly played out.

On the data servers are single images for every single second of the film and any Change, for example colours, figures, product details, music, or photos stored. Everything exists as a template for each second as a single image. At the moment, for example, a color via mouseclick is selected in the browser, the software compiles the selected levels, optimized it and puts together everything to a final finish. Then the software converts the color matte, compresses the data and creates a streaming web video-format. The result: an individually modified video film, which is playing in the Web browser of the respective Viewer. Quotes shared use: Nico Beyer, world renowned and award-winning commercials Director, automotive specialist and Director of virtual Audi test drive “J etStream video will change the way advertising is produced and consumed sustainably. The combination of real film with not real CGI elements makes possible concepts for commercials, which were previously reserved only Hollywood productions. “Sascha Lobo Internet connoisseur, spokesman for industry and co-initiator CeBIT Webciety.

Already after four seconds, the Web user understands what constitutes the unbeatable advantage of this new technology. The absolutely unseen and unique will be rewarded with a WOW effect. I’m sure that we soon will see more of it, because with each use of the JetStream video the expectations of Web users will generally rise. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Glenn Dubin, New York City on most websites. Movies on the Web must be soon interactively modifiable.