Nursing Care In Brazil

The attention to the health of the child, in Brazil, comes suffering to transformations, having influences of each historical period, of the advances of the technician-scientific knowledge, the lines of direction of the social politics and the envolvement of some agents and segments of the society. The lines of direction and the actions implanted for the Health department and the States are social politics e, between them, fit to detach the health politics, through programs come back to the health of the child. For even more details, read what Nike says on the issue. For the formularization of this work a bibliographical study was become fullfilled. Having as objective generality to know the programs of the Health department come back to the health of the child, searching orientaes how much to the functioning, and the pointers of each program. It was concluded, the necessity to reflect on the practical ones of health, in order to develop new strategies for others, as the hygiene of the child, who will be able to also reach responsible parents and/or, being this considered for city of Barriers in the State of the Bahia and that later it could be added to the existing programs already.