Optimistic Problems

The terms ” optimista” and ” pesimista” it describes to the attitude of the people when interpreting the good and bad things that they happen. The pessimistic people go by the life thinking that, most probable, they will never solve his problems; they suppose that their problems are the personal result of their own failures and defects, which see like impossible to change. The optimistic people think that their problems are temporary and that they must to the bad luck or to uncontrollable circumstances; they think that their problems will be solved over the years, or that will solve them to they themselves. Against the defects or lack, that they notice in themselves, they suppose that they are able to improve and to surpass them. We propose imaginarte to you that you airdrop to know what attitudes you adopt before the life and you confront if it of positive form. In the first jumps, the anxiety and the fear arise, own to journey by a new experience. But once surpassed the impression that produces the first jumps, the vision of the landscape from the height is what it motivates to them to repeat the experience time and time again.

To principle, the parachutist, feels small before the immensity of the landscape; later, against that amplest vision, a certain omnipotence arises, as if the elements of the landscape that see, the mountains or the rivers, could be molded like the plastilina. To have this same perspective in our life, offers the sensation to us of being able to do and to undo what it happens to us. Now you are the parachutist. Balancendote in the air with the open parachute imagines that, at the moment, you are to average passage of a reduction, and observing the place smoothly where you will land. Which of the following options describes better the place where you will land?