In the origins of the Internet, the first computers to implement the protocols were those of the University of Berkeley. This implementation took place in a variant of the Unix operating system called BSD Unix. It soon became programming clear that developers need a simple and effective way to write programs can intercommunicate with each other. This need gave birth to the first specification and implementation of sockets, also on Unix. Today, the sockets are implemented as libraries of programming for a multitude of operating systems, simplifying the task of programmers.

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Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has announced that a test version of the U.S. software Titans Windows 7 operating system will be available worldwide on Friday.
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Every January, Macworld editors scouring the show floor at Macworld Expo in search of the hottest products make their debut in the …
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Welcome to the latest insights Direct Analyst Briefing Edition, Vol. 35, a periodic discussion and dissection computers of software, services, SOA and compute cloud-related news and events with a panel of IT analysts. In this episode, our guests make their top five predictions for the IT in 2009.
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News Analysis. Tonight, Microsoft CEO’s keynote stage innovation inherited long belonging to chairman Bill Gates. Steve Ballmer was certainly attractive.<