Pablo Jose Ciccolella

For Pablo Jose Ciccolella in economic terms, the integration can be understood as the somatria or unification of initiatives that will affect positive negative or different productive circuits regional frontiersmen or two or some national economies, or then as the increment or the intensification of preexisting the productive and commercial relations. However, the integration assumes different meanings according to degree of interpenetration of the national economies or regional ece of fishes in game. That is, in its results and significao the type and the degree of integration politics play an important role very. Thus, these possess a different significao as if they give strict in the economic plan or if it advances in other fields, as social or of the physical integration and the regional development. (CICCOLELLA, 2002, P.

296). Valley to stand out that, even so the community physics favors the integration processes widely, this can also occur between economies or society whose territories are not necessarily continuous, over all when the cooperation if of strict in the commercial plan. Searching one another concept for integration? more geographic one so to speak? it can be concluded that the integration is the process of unification of a society that treats to transform or to adjust its economic system, politician and cultural to make front to the new necessities that appear in the world-wide economy in the present time. Being thus, the term integration characterizes a process total politician between governments that they aim at to reduce, partial or, the barriers (tarifrias or no-tarifrias) that they limit the reciprocal commerce. The economic integration is seen as a project of bigger insertion in the international economy, as attractive for new investments and, in some cases, as eventual instrument in the negotiation with the too much blocks economic existing. ‘ ‘ The dialogue of the future will not be between Nation-State, and, yes, between blocks and regions econmicas’ ‘.