Polyamorous NYC

Sometimes it listened to a famous artist the phrase: The master to all! Then, it would seem to be the slogan that he defines of brief way and he needs the new tendency in the sexuality in the well-known world like the poliamor. One more ampler form to love. The tendencies change, the fashions advance, and logically the sexuality of the human being cannot be other people’s to the behavioural changes, although these often are opposite to our style of life, beliefs, customs or values. Perhaps for many the term Poliamor is a new meaning in the sexual vocabulary, but in other latitudes this word concentrates to everything a sexual movement born in New York and that now expands by the planet. But what is exactly the Poliamor? It means the sentimental relation, loving and sexual between three or more people or they are of different sort or the same. That simple. Their defenders argue that this new modus amatorius called poliamor, is due to differentiate from the abiertas relations in which maritally sex or of pair, is allowed and mutually allowed, since the poliamor (or love between several) is a serious practice, intimate and of long term.

Although at present it tells on many detractors, the tie majority to some religious movement or spiritual, the certain thing is that this apparently sincere tendency and is transparent comes gaining million followers quickly. One of the diffusing groups of this practice, perhaps more the well-known, is Polyamorous NYC, integrated by poliamantes that accept and assume their condition publicly. The individual that considers itself able emotionally of such relations defines to itself like poliamoroso or also called poli, since the philosophy of poliamor expresses that the sentimental relation is more important that sex in itself and that all the people involved in the relation accept and allow the romantic practices and sexual that poliamor demand, although a good group defines to this practice like an incapacity of its members to be related in the long term to a single pair; nevertheless, the poliamantes assure that is ampler form to love. You want more.?