Postgraduate Education

Artem 32 years, and behind him considerable experience in Ukrainian hospitals. We asked him to mention the most important moments during the passage of the program and give some advice to future program participants 'doctors in the Czech Republic' on 'Gulf Stream' and 'Go study group sro'. I would like to share my impressions of the passage of the process of testing, ie, recognition of qualifications of foreign doctors in the Czech Republic, and describe how it is in reality and the difficulties I faced. Of course, the first important and decisive factor was to obtain a visa. I asked for a student visa to study in Czech language courses. It is easier for me to interview process. Despite the fact that all documents were in order, wait a visa had to be very long: instead of 3 months, I waited for almost 5 visa.

After my visit to the Czech Republic the company 'Go study group sro' asked me to stay in the dormitory with the students. Since I am already an adult man used to live alone, I was more convenient to rent a flat: this option is, of course, more expensive, but for those who, as a student, lived in a dormitory – comfortable. Find an apartment was not a problem: staff helped me translate the lease and agreement with the owner. At the moment I graduated from the Czech language course, which began in November 2010. I have already submitted an application for the surrender of approbation to the Ministry of Examination Health and the Czech Republic is currently going through specialized training for the exam at the Institute for Postgraduate Education, preparing for the first two written tests.