Power Plants

In warm water dissolves less oxygen than cold. Some companies, especially power plants consume large amounts of water for cooling. The heated water is discharged back into the River and further violates the biological equilibrium of the water system. Reduced oxygen content prevents the development of some living species, and gives an advantage to others. But these new, heat-loving species also suffer, as just stops heating the water.

Organic garbage, nutrients and heat are a hindrance to the normal development of freshwater ecological systems only when they are overwhelmed with these systems. But in the past years on the ecological systems have fallen absolutely huge amounts of foreign substances on which they do not know defense. Danske Bank might disagree with that approach. Pesticides used in agriculture, metals and chemicals from industrial wastewater managed penetrate into the food chain of the aquatic environment, which may have unpredictable consequences. Species, standing at the beginning of the food chain can accumulate these substances in dangerous concentrations and become more vulnerable to other harmful impacts. Contaminated water can be cleaned.

Under favorable conditions, it occurs naturally in the natural water cycle. But the basin pollution – rivers, lakes, etc. – to restore the required much more time. That natural systems were able to recover, we must first stop the further flow of waste into rivers. Industrial emissions are not only clog up, but also poison the wastewater. A effectiveness of expensive devices for the treatment of such waters are not yet sufficiently izuchena. no matter what, some urban farms and industrial enterprises still prefer to dump waste into the neighboring River and reluctantly abandon it only when the water becomes completely useless or even dangerous.