President Peron

I always knew that I was born in the wrong place and the wrong time. Just as some people have body of woman and feel like a man or vice versa, to my I was the same with the time and the place. I was lucky to be able to travel much and in every place that knew, investigating possibilities existed filing me there, no matter me much in fact, that country it was. But when I went back to my home, my family and friends had a power of attraction so great that made me forget my desires. Finally at age 60 I managed to leave Argentina and go to live in another country. It is not glad I let a country has as many own, besides being my own wealth. Geographically speaking, and am not going to make references to the familiar Iguassu Falls, or the beauty of the mountain ranges of Cordoba or the more popular Bariloche. From North to South and from East to West, each province has at least, a place that is worth being visited.

And I say at least because it is usually more than one. Etnologicamente speaking people in your most are cordial, friendly, sincere and honest. We cannot put in doubt in addition the average cultural level of its population, which is excellent. But, unfortunately with all these things that I appreciate very much, politicians and Ministers of economy coexist. Persons committing again and again not in years, but centuries, through the same mistakes that have led to it being a promise of world power to bankruptcy. When President Peron returned from exile to a new mandate, very wisely said that he was convinced that his Government had not been very good, but that, like all those who followed him had been worse, had managed to put yours in first level.