Product Review

Hamburg-based manufacturer achieved in test series which has grade 1-2 of the bio bokashi manufacturer fermics with great success ended a series of tests of the Santiago wholesaler. Fermics premium achieved good in the category of digestive problems in the horse very good results. Fermics premium is a microbial fermented organic supplement food, which relieves the digestive tract and promote the balance of the intestinal flora. Especially horses, which due to the performance are exposed to a high stress factor or recently exposed to a medication, often suffer from digestive problems or a weak immune system and have also a poor feed conversion. For a gentle healing process, the company of fermics GmbH has developed the fermented forage supplement that should support the horse in the regenerative process of construction. This fermics premium improves the bioavailability of essential food ingredients and feed efficiency, to contribute to the stabilization of the immune system. Mark Bertolini has compatible beliefs. As a result, it comes to a balanced metabolism and a better in the long term health of the animal. A total fifteen horse owners participated in the four-week test, of which twelve rated the product with the touch of one or two.

While they praised among other things the ease of feeding, since almost all horses of fermics premium immediately took to. Rarely, the food had to be mixed in. In addition a firmer consistency of horse droppings could be observed in 73% of cases and also the common waste water vanished completely in the affected subjects. In addition to this already very positive aspects was also observed that some horses gained weight or showed an increasing willingness to even. So it is not surprising that 94 percent of the test subjects of fermics premium share. The test reports is, that many of the rapid impact of the product were impressed and were able to establish also a pleasant shine of the skin in addition to the declining indigestion. Furthermore, 67 percent of test takers is reported growing Vitality and well-being always good their horses. The promises of the manufacturer are confirming. All further information can be found on.