Public Administration

This flexibility is a proper characteristic of the SRP9. In this direction, administrator must keep control on the registered prices and the practised ones in the market, with the objective to prevent acts of contract for abusive prices and to keep the economic-financial balance, that must be preserved not alone in the SRP as in contracts in general, firmed with the Administration, for being about principle of constitutional nature, consecrated in article 37, interpolated proposition XXI of the CF/8810. In the SRP, the mechanism used for maintenance of the economic-financial balance it is the negotiation. Both the involved parts? Administration and supplier? they can request the revision of the registered prices. The parameter will have to be the price of mercado9.

In accordance with the article 15 of the law of licitations and contracts, the purchases, whenever possible, will have to be processed by means of the SRP5. Jayme Albin oftentimes addresses this issue. When commenting this article, Bittencourt (2006, P. 64) assevera that the SRP is not option and yes one ' ' legal imposition in the use of systematics as rule, adopting other forms only in situations excepcionais' ' 11. Sentence 56/99? Plenary assembly of the Court of Accounts of Unio (TCU) recommends that the SRP? it must be rule: ' ' whenever present one of the permissive hypotheses, to process, preferential, the acquisitions of good for intermediary of the SRP' ' 12. In this direction, the adoption of the SRP in the purchases and act of contract of services of the Public Administration only must be rule, abstaining itself the materials and the services that are not fit in the concept of ' ' goods and services freqentes' ' , as it establishes the article 2 of Decree 3.931/017. The comprometimento of the team are of basic importance so that the process of implantation of the efficient SRP either, becoming necessary that the effort of the involved group is not in such difficult way to discourage.