But the parental genes always dominated, and did not give my reckless escape. Therefore, from such risky steps, like a traditional business, God has protected. And then I got a chance at a meeting on the occasion of the visit of a successful leader network company. Listen, figured logically infer 'Something in all this is! " The company is a serious, respectable age, the products needed on a daily basis, and even the quality that I've never seen before. Risk is almost No, but you can also earn as a traditional business, just honest.

My husband, of course, skeptical glance at my new occupation and waved his hand: 'What child would not teshilos, if only money was not asked …' Again, although confidence more than enough. What can we build a house, that is, its huge network to grandmothers were Nimer, – 'to burn'. We both argue. essful. Give us the opportunity to earn money quickly so that grebsti shovel. The people in network marketing as connected, so the next month and has disconnected from it.

Powers was held for a month his hands to the sky to fall money start, but something they do not fall. That enough is enough, having worked (in all honesty rather call it 'Pochislilis'). Lied, cheated, conned. All crooks do not trust anyone. Money does not smell there. I am no better. Immediately dreaming itself quickly to make a new house, new car etc. etc. And there it was. People began to call for a meeting, not go: 'What we did not see that? " Those who uboltala come to hear – not impressed.