REAL Carlos Mora Vanegas

THE inflation in VENEZUELA is a fact REAL Carlos Mora Vanegas already many countries wanted to possess the great natural riches the country has, an oil that favors him in their income and a rise in the value of the barrel in dollars without personal in Venezuelan history. However despite this, Venezuela faces a serious inflationary crisis, which involves variables that seriously affect the purchasing power of Venezuelans in general without exception Variables such as circulating money, supply, demand, foreign exchange control, State restrictions, the balance of trade between other aspects have been affected seriously to those we live in the country. Well Pedro Montero, scans it when he says that Venezuela is today the country with higher inflation across the continent, overcoming, and almost doubling, the indices of the other nations of the Americas, reflecting this that policies to combat inflation, by the current administration, have not been how effective we would have wanted. Another fundamental aspect is, the rising discontent that has been generated in the population when it comes to buy their inputs, since they get many empty shelves which causes that you have to visit various establishments to complete their purchases, constant variations of prices. . William Vasquez, Economist graduated from the University of Carabobo, with a master’s degree in Business Economics (microeconomics), a specialization in international development cooperation, of the Complutense University of Madrid and a doctorate in economics from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and current Professor at the UC, points out, that: the increase in inflation affects us all, and as the sayinginflation goes by elevator and wages by the stairs, the initial estimates for this year were already overwhelmed and are expected to be higher than last year. Segments of the middle class, are those who will be more affected, now that the members of the segments, D and E, so are their consumption habits not feel both the inflationary ravages; This, because – they usually – spend most of their income to food and this sector is regulated to a large extent. .