Registry Telematic Invoices

In this first part we went into a brief definition of telematics and explain what the telematic register of documents. The second part will describe that relationship between invoice telematics and electronic signature. And in the last part we will give an example of how a company can benefit of the telematic register of bills. Telematics: A brief definition is considered that telematics is a scientific and technological discipline given that arises from the evolution and merger of Telecom with information technology. The scientific and technological field that covers the telematics is very wide, starting from the study, design, management and implementation of networks and communications, for transport services, storage and processing of any type of information, as well as the analysis and design of switching systems and technologies.

Also includes other services such as electronic commerce (e-commerce), e-learning (e-learning), or the eGovernment (or e-Government), Web, digital TV an example of specific application of telematics services are in education. Educational telematics develops the use of telematics resources for training; including interactive communication, distribution of information and the pedagogical use of services, etc. Thereafter we will concentrate on its application for the telematic register of documents and invoices. How to define the telematic register of documents? In its definition broader, the telematic register of documents allows us to transmit and record / stored on a remote server or local electronic all kinds of document versions. A good example is public administration, every day more, offers telematic registration of administrative documents in their work to the citizen. In this case, if you had to go personally to the Office before forms were filled and signed paper documents, is today accessed to specific applications on the Internet from home or the Office.