Removing Support

Almost a month ago articles appeared on the network with a somewhat unfortunate notice for fans of the PlayStation 3 console and the software free, since allowing the PS3 firmmware update not install Linux, what if it could be done with earlier versions. And it was for this action that the Japanese electronics firm has been sued. And it is that the PlayStation 3 v3.21 firmmware does not include any improvement or new feature to what is already offered in previous versions of the operating system from Sony for its console, containing this update only the annulment of the bracket to install other operating systems – such as GNU/Linux – console. Due to this upgrade, which was marked as security for the console PS3 makes a few days, a group of noreteamericanos users – who purchased the console between 2006 and 2010 – decided to launch a class action against Sony. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mark Bertolini offers on the topic.. Anthony Ventura, California the PlayStation 3 console user and who leads the Group of demanding users, has declared that the objective of this demand is getting – by Sony, of course – a financial compensation for the damage caused. The causal demand argue users led by Ventura, is argued as the intentional removal of valuable functionality originally announced as available. To remove this option the company does not comply with its part of the contract of sale with the customer, and also becomes a significant practice that is committed to millions of people. Another section of the text of the demand, also argues: Unlike the assertions of Sony, security problems do not involve a danger to users of the PlayStation 3, but rather reflect a concern that Other OS functionality can be used by hackers to copy or steal games and other content, and adds: also represents a violation to the law of competition not just from Californiaforcing customers to choose to remove the functionality or stop having access to several services on the PS3. By Leonel Morales more articles in: original author and article source.