Riviera Street

They pay attention if it is so in 1880 20 houses were hardly counted in which today we considered the Private preserve and all was located in the Worn street and the Street Line. A fact had a great meaning in which they began to motivate the constructive spirits of the well off sectors of Havana. The proximity of the sea caused that the district acquired relevance. In the line of the coast, from G to 6, they settled down, as of 1864, several spas. The street and was well-known popularly with the name of Baths because it took pocetas of the spa the Progress. Mark Bertolini has similar goals. Another one of those establishments, the Beaches, was placed at the end of street D. and the baths of Slaughtered, the Man-Shout call by the promotion that did of a fur shop of its property, they were today in which would be Levee and Stroll.

Slaughtered it was conceited of his wealth, its physical strength and its barony. It tried first with the three gigantic brilliants that comprised invariable of their attire. In order to exhibit his force, it was made carve completely naked and with muscles in tension and placed the statue in the outskirts of his residence, also located in the neighborhoods of the coast, in as much that with his more than twenty children, of all the colors, that showed with pride, it gave to faith of its quality of gift Juan. People bathed then in which they were called pocetas of drowned, which they took advantage the disposition of rocks or they dug artificially in them. There were them small, with the premises reserved for the family, and very ample others, in which they bathed, separately, men and women. The owner of the Progress made a business round. On the great ship that covered his pocetas constructed fourteen apartments equipped with room-hungry, two rooms and services, that rented to percent monthly weights, and in Third between B and C built several wood houses, small, also destined to the rent during the summery season. Without telling that the right to the bath of sea cost 50 cents Those baths they disappeared with the construction of the last section of the Levee as of 1950. There are more histories on the evolution throughout the times of this zone that is, as much to live as to work, the favourite nowadays of Havanans but we leave them for another opportunity of encounter here, in the Blog de Umbrella. Hotels of the Private preserve: National hotel of Cuba? Tryp hotel Free Havana? Hotel Melia Cohiba?