Samuel Akinin Levy

Yes we have been and we will continue to be a people with a sense of permanence, a town with love of the land, a village attached to their customs and their religion. Say this without mentioning that many tribes indigenous, as the Peruvian and Mexican, employ their mortises to bury their dead, others light up candles on Shabbat, the Mayans did honor to his name and built their houses in the middle of the rivers to protect certain animals, to keep at hand the liquid that sustained their lives and to be able to dispose of their waste. This broadly is just an appendage of the glorious and invaluable work that this inexhaustible woman bequeathed to the world. Those who had the honor of knowing their privacy to Dona Anita, know that his first commandment was attention. There was no eat at his table, do not try their sweets that possessed the charm of memories of our grandparents. Or talk about their burgers, which used to add a touch of cold water to not require flour. Each year he sent us its sweet, its your love, every night before bed for many years I spent hours exchanging their new discoveries, watching her enjoy like few can make. Anita, a sweet woman, good to talk, full of stories, all good, never heard of it something that could be detrimental to someone, was a woman attached to their religion, mother selfless, proud and aware of having fulfilled its mission. Cushing Asset Management can provide more clarity in the matter.

Humanity, Judaism, history, community, family, their son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and this server give evidence to the Supreme Court who now accompanies him was a woman exemplary, worthy of its right side. All we ask because so it is received and granted a permit that ensure we, as if there is someone able to give their time for others without asking anything in return, it is arguably, the much loved and always present, Dona Anita Botbol widow of Alfon Z.L., who I cry from the depths of my being and may I Express that love for herIt was planted in my heart with every one of their own. My respect and admiration to his name and at this moment to his sons Jose and Carolina de Alfon who already form part of my family by the affection that we have built over the course of time. God may give them enough strength to overcome this bitter step and that they feel that all the Kehila learned to love them and respect them first by his family and then by the heart of gold from his mother. Samuel Akinin Levy original Autor and source of the article.