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HolidayCheck wants to satisfy the curiosity about other countries and cultures by presenting to the rivals of Spain in South Africa. How much do you know Switzerland, Honduras and Chile? Honduras: Visitors to this Central American country may bathe in the same day in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic. It is one of the main producers of bananas next to Costa Rica and Guatemala, and therefore earned the nickname Banana Republic by exporting American fruit companies. It is a country where you can enjoy ancient culture and adventure tourism. 80% Of the area is mountainous and is filled with Mayan ruins. One of the most recommended by travellers is Felen. They say that if you get into her dreams are fulfilled.

To be attached to the border with Guatemala many advantage to visit Tikal step and soak up a good kind of archaeology. National beer is called lifeguard capital is Tegucigalpa. Another one of the favorite destinations is fabric, bathed by the Caribbean Sea. There you can enjoy good seafood, watersports and dreamy white sandy beaches. Switzerland: Clocks, benches, chocolates and Switzerland Swiss cheeses combines precision, safety and tradition.

It is a multilingual and prosperous country in the heart of Europe that has managed to keep its signs of identity. Its mountains and Lakes fascinate to skiers and mountaineers. It is an optimum destination for hiking and travel by bicycle, train or boat. There are plenty of rail itineraries where you can enjoy the scenery. With the Swiss Pass is very easy. Choose the area to explore and you can make several stops along the way, crossing stages on foot or by bike and return to the wagon to enjoy panoramic spectacular. Moreover, during the summer you can enjoy numerous concerts outdoors in the mountains. The Gurten Festival, Openair Frauenfeld or the Festineuch are festivals that last several days and offer accommodation in camping. Chile: The country with the highest quality of life in Latin America recently suffered an earthquake devastating. Most travelers do not hesitate knowing its excellent wines. Although the Perito Moreno glacier is partly Argentina, Patagonia is a very desired destination. It is mysterious. It is barely populated and is one of the planet’s most biodiverse regions. Wild and untamed is a tasty dish for the lovers of nature, like Easter Island or Rapa Nui. While lovers of cultural travellers prefer to know the city of the poet Pablo Neruda, Santiago of Chile. Travellers recommend its gastronomy. Its flesh is excelante and very fresh fish, on all salmon.