Small Business

Everyone knows that small and medium business is the backbone for economic development and nation as a whole, but also know that small companies the least adapted to changes in the market today, despite the fact that he most mobile and can quickly adapt to change. Also in this area with over 80% of the population, which is also the guarantor of the state. Given all these facts, the State should create a more comfortable environment for small business that has been achieved at the expense of programs to support small businesses across the country. One part of this program is to make a roster of small business that gives companies a lot of advantages in activity and reduction of exposure to "stress" on the market. If your company goes through the roster of small business, it will receive the following benefits in development: grants, subsidies, incentives for rent and tax credits, benefits for postal and secretarial services, etc. But while the company should be responsible different conditions, some of which are pretty tough. Learn more at this site: Intel. Also note that since the end of 2009 a paper certificate of registration in the register of small business is not issued, and all information is stored in a database Department to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow. In order to review the decision to register a small business started, you must provide a number of documents to which imposed stringent requirements on registration and confirmation, if any do not meet your company will not be entered in the register. .