Speed Endurance

What is the speed endurance and how to improve it? The speed endurance is a phase or a longer period, in which the athletes continues its maximum speed. This means, he suppressed the weariness and slackening its forces at this stage and gives everything he can give to speed. The maximum muscle contraction provides the maximum speed. Especially in sports like sprinting and race, is of great importance. An athlete who sets back within a few seconds between 100 and 400 m, required the speed endurance within this time.

During the Sprintens, it runs at full speed and uses his complete, trained muscles not to lose the speed. Stop this phase demands high discipline and concentration of the athlete. How long the respective athlete does it through, varies from man to man. The athletes with the biggest and best trained speed endurance emerged most victorious. First is the acceleration phase, which is then more and more increases until the athlete is on its maximum peak. However, not only athletes train and need this phase of speed endurance. Also in normal gyms are the visitors taught how you can train your speed endurance and also stop. Anyone can learn it.

It requires iron discipline and a certain toughness with unbrechbarem staying power in the first place. How can the speed endurance be trained? Anyone whose Korper in the sporting field is not entirely idle, can learn and perform successfully. Needed just a little patience, because it not today tomorrow can be taught but must be built through intense training. It adheres to the guidelines, so not much can go wrong. Under difficult conditions, a distance to be travelled. It will not run, but ran more. It starts with 20% made track. It is running on a mountain, best without as soon as possible to the hardness to get used to break around the body. Or It runs continuously up the stairs. Running against the wind also belongs to the program. Snow and sand runs under fast pace is also advised. The condition the speed endurance wear and weight whether in the backpack, or Beschwerdewesten which specifically there for athletes improved generally. Also water exercises are not wrong. In addition, there are still the so-called speed screen for training. This is bound to the belly and then will run against the resistance of the screen. It trained the optimum load capacity and creates a large resistance. This tremendously strengthens the acceleration and also the muscle contractions. What else to note is: turns in the opposite much training, without rest and breaks. The body is strained and it severe damage not stay out with inhuman overloads. Overstretch and extreme high blood pressure can be the consequence. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to every athlete, once to take a long break of regeneration after the speed endurance training and not continue to train until the body has recovered again from the rigors and again is able to continue the healthy training. If the speed endurance training was successful, will turn out after a few months. Can you make it stop this phase speed for several seconds? Are you tougher than at the beginning? Not after 5 minutes you left gasping for water and a break? To have improved these values, so you can safely assume, that is your body good in training and have achieved a positive speed endurance or are at least on the best way to reach them! by M.Steuwe