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Primakov to question the choice of taxi companies in which to work, came more than a serious, armed with knowledge of the market, which he learned from the Internet and its not weak organizational skills. He saw for himself that I would like to work with the taxi dispatch center who work for a percentage of the value of the order, schedule a free, no duty shifts, the attachments are minimal. Phone with GPRS-internet he was a radio and is not necessary. Distribution orders seem to have these companies on the market was quite fair, and Denis was chosen. Phoned about a dozen companies, chose a two, but went only in one and was generally pleased. The car approached him on all counts, however, had to register as an individual entrepreneur, but otherwise did not work. And now, having issued with dispatch center, Primakov rushed to the embrasure taksistskoy activity. Orders from a taxi dispatch center was not enough, and Denis tied to work with two such companies, believing that by doing so will be deprived of empty runs and unnecessary spending of fuel.

But not everyone in the taxi was so simple. Or should I say – it was very difficult. Insanely difficult for a manager who is used to manage, rather than open doors. Insanely difficult for logisticians, though Moscow knows more or less, but still not as aware of her mother taxi driver. In general, there were many problems. When an old friend Denis Stas ran into him after two months of work in the taxi, he cried: O Lord, you are my God, how you lost .. What are you working on a plantation? – Nope .. I – a taxi driver now, brother ..

– Primakov said. – Come on .. Well? Income something to eat? – Anyway, it's better than nothing .. may have come to the same conclusion. Somewhere forty thousand net a month, but his own master, and you'll see, podnatoreyu little zamatereyu and more will be so, and fled. Then other colleagues and friends also met with Primakov in different places and were surprised that he lost weight and was tired .. But Dennis was, as it says on the drum .. he worked, was glad of it and stupidly tried to subsist and survive. C Over time he became involved with, bought a navigator and was driving in his business suit, as realized that the kind of driver's direct impact on its tip. Appeared with him and repeat customers, who called the dispatch center and asked just call 122. Why? Smart guy, charming, and machine-groomed. After two mesyachishka Primakov in two companies became almost the most active and popular driver. Managers are not indifferent to it, but here too his peers was not, and then Helen, and honey, and of course be applied without any problems and only for you .. Girls inexperienced and attention deprived melted and melted. And, no, no, and will call once again, and whisper about any airport.