Relevance of the theme answers conditional on the question 'why do I want to learn this? ". Brief outlines of the problem, the extent of its study, the reasons that the relevance of the chosen theme doskazyvayut (Cultural, historical, social, psychological, economic, etc.). The purpose of the study tentatively answers the question 'why, for what purpose I want to study this phenomenon (object, object), which is stated in the formulation of the theme (A specific result is expected to receive in the course of work). Not desirable in the formulation of goals using the words: investigate, learn, explore, and so on. The hypothesis of conditional answers to the question 'what result I going to get after an empirical study 'topic. To prove the hypothesis and the goal are the problem that conventional answer to the question 'what should be done to achieve the goal of obtaining and results? " The theoretical significance of the conditional answers the question 'what are the theoretical results? ".

Formulated after the completion of work on the basis of the results. Practical value of conditional answers the question 'what value for practical work and what exactly are the results obtained, and where they can be applied? " Also formed after the completion of the work. The novelty of the work – is personal contribution to the author, the conditional answers the question 'what is new is defined by the author of the study?'. Also be formulated after the completion of work. The conclusions should clearly display the contents of the paper. Each task must be solved and displayed in the conclusions. Findings may be more than 2-3 tasks, if necessary, and it coincides with the results. If you have any problems with the writing of term paper, you can solve them on the site