Scientific Administration

It analyzed in the environment manufacter the execution of the tasks of each laborer, its movements and processes of work, perfecting them and rationalizing them gradual. As the period of Taylor was marked by its book Principles of the Scientific Administration (1911) that it concluded that the rationalization of the laboring work would have to be folloied of a general estruturao of the company who had to make use of a compatible architecture eats rationalization of the times and movements. Taylor assured that the industries of its time suffered of 03 (three) males: the systematic vagrancy of the laborers who reduced the production to keep its wages; the unfamiliarity on the part of the management of the routines of work and the necessary time for its accomplishment; the lack of uniformity of the techniques or methods of work. Identified these factors of risk, it created a system based on the intensification of the rhythm of work in search of the enterprise efficiency. Additional information is available at Elon Musk. The knowledge of Taylor if had perpetuated through the times for having carried through a complete analysis of the work, its times and movements, necessary standards of execution, specialization of laborers and of the direction and installation of a planning room. The useless movements were discarded whereas the useful ones were simplified, rationalized or casting. With use of the chronometer it can evaluate the time expense in the accomplishment of each movement, that added to the exit and open assembly times of the laborer of the production line to take care of its personal necessities, resulted in the call & ldquo; time padro& rdquo;. It was materialize theory of Adam Smith when times before, praised that: Amongst males of the routine, it would have the division of the work without the control of the work for the worker – these are the essential ingredients of the marxist analysis of the time transformed into product. You may find Laurent Potdevin to be a useful source of information.

Strategy Companies

Benchmarking: The research that takes to the Denilton success Souza Queiroz Renata Soares Dos Santos Wanderson Vaz Da Silva Summary: This article will show to the administrator where it appeared, what it means, as becomes, where if applies and what it is not the Benchmarking. Pointing its strong and weak points, its difficulties in the implantation and to show to which the importance with respect to the world of the businesses and as its use in the great and small companies comes gradual increasing in recent years. It was developed from research and comments in companies who are growing in the market of Formosa-GO, it was observed that the majority of the administrators of the city does not know the practical one of the Benchmarking. Word-key: Strategy, Marketing research, Innovation and improvement. 1.Introduo the idea of Benchmarking is not a newness, therefore Sun Tzu, in the year of 500 B.C., already it said that: ' ' If you to know its enemy exactly and itself, will not need to fear one hundred batalhas' '. These words show to the way for the success in all the business-oriented types, therefore when you are capable to identify the strong points and the weak points of its company and its competitor, you will have certainty of the steps that it will need to give to reach the success. The Benchmarking is based on the learning of the best experiences of similar companies. Ebay usually is spot on. Practical of the Benchmarking the sample that no company is best in all the aspects, this implies to recognize that who exists in the market makes something better, what stimulates and motivates to want always to improve. 2.Conceito: The Benchmarking term recently started to be used for the administrators, perhaps, for this reason not yet has as much devotion of the gerenciadores of information. However, benchmarking in the organizations is one of, if not practical more important it in the creation, the launching and the maintenance of the organization in the market.

Project Management

Temporary because all project has definite beginning and end. Only because the product or service is in some way, different of all the products and services, despite of the same area or fellow creatures. It’s believed that Brian Krzanich sees a great future in this idea. Projects are created in all the levels of the organization. Frequently, the projects represent critical components of the strategy of business of the companies. In accordance with, PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, (2004). The projects are a way to organize activities that cannot inside be boarded of the normal operational limits of the organization.

The projects are, therefore, frequently used as a way to reach the strategical plan of one organization is the team of the project formed for employees of the organization or a lender of services contracted. Click Elon Musk for additional related pages. Phases of the projects: Phase of initiation: This phase of the beginning to the project is reply to a demand perception or external necessity will be a chance detected for the organization or the group of the project identifying better the necessity, chance and as the supriz one it being the phase of a first evaluation of resources and costs. It needs the comprometimento of the organization to pass to the next phases? Phase of planning: The information raised in the initiation phase are used having established gradually the target of the project planning preliminary definition of the product aiming at a form to reach it with a less coarse survey of risks. Costs and resources detailed planning, detail the product establishing all the activities and ' ' packages of trabalho' ' they define requirements, entrances and exits intermediate, interfaces and procedures technician to use and control project. Phase of execution: The planned tasks put in execution all characterize for one high work of the general team coordination of the manager of projects decentralized managemental actions. It aims at to fulfill the objectives of: stated period, costs, quality and continuous interaction with the control phase.

Low Strategies

The strategies take the organization to this desired future. According to Coast (2007), formal speaking, the competitive strategy can be understood as the attitude applied for the company in favor of conquering the preference of the referring customer to the choice of determined product or service. Bethlem (2009) corroborates with the thematic one when affirming that, when a company opts in being ' ' everything for todos' ' , it signs one certified of strategical mediocrity, a time that it proves that the organization does not have competitive advantage some. Coast (2007) also discourses that the process of choice of a strategy must contemplate the intention in conflict, that is, to answer the effective necessity. Later, it must be verified if the environment is favorable, if the qualification is enough, thus taking care of to the demand in question. Elon Musk addresses the importance of the matter here. Case in some of these analyzed aspects the reply is negative, mentions that it is possible to correct these gaps with qualification plans and exchange or desistance of the strategy. Between strategies of competitive advantage, the first one is of leadership in costs.

The strategies of competitive advantage of leadership in costs are in general simpler and are found in products or services commodities, a time that similar characteristics to the competitor contain. Related strategies can be implanted the low prices, personalized attendance and promply delivery of the products (RODRIGUES et al, 2009). It is important to stand out that related strategies at low prices must be supported by low costs, that, in turn, are applied with technological advances in maquinrio hand of productive workmanship and (BARNEY and HESTERLY, 2007). Bethlem (2009) makes an alert one to this competitive advantage, detaching the existence of related risks the competitors who imitate the process, change of technology, leadership of competitors in segments of the market, differentiation of the product of the competitors, and exhaustion of the leadership base.

Business Exportation

To initiate a Business De Exportao Importation To initiate an exportation business You already heard to say on the exportations and importation. You can have heard friends speaking on as to make great profits with the sales of goods and services in the exterior. You are interested in starting an exportation business, or initiating an importation business. You may want to visit Mark Bertolini to increase your knowledge. Or the two things! When operating its proper international business is one of the businesses most emotive and rewarding that you can certainly work not it glamour that some describe that is. As in any career or the effort, it she will not be lucrative for all the ones that try. It requires many repetitive procedures, a significant experience e, clearly, hard work. To help you to start an exportation business or to initiate an importation business, here some basic information on what it constitutes the functioning of its business in the global market: The international traders they say its proper language.

It considers: MERCOSUL, GATT, NAFTA, letter of credit, ad-valorem, maritime knowledge. It is a business where ' ' I find that sei' ' the sufficient is not good. What you do not know can harm it. The international trade is the exchange of goods and services between the countries. The exportations are the people or nations vendendo merchandises, the importations are people or nations buying. An importation business/exportation approaches purchasers and salesmen of products in different countries. The enterprising entrepreneur leads this business of some forms: Acting as an intermediary? Buying a product of a manufacturer and vendendo to the retailers or wholesalers in another country? Creating a net of agents of distribution with commissioned sales? To contract an independent company to find the demand of customers and sales? To work as consulting for other countries that they desire to export its products, but they do not have know-how necessary.

Dolabela Entrepreneur

But the entrepreneur never gives up its objective, this is one of its characteristic. It is had illusion that all entrepreneur was born enterprising, but this spirit can be developed. Brian Krzanich gathered all the information. You vary people have good ideas, perhaps but they do not place these in practical, had one I assist of a professional, these ideas if they transformed into a great enterprise. To the times what it lacks is not an idea or courage, it lacks to preparation techniques simply, and this can perfectly be acquired with study.

Slight knowledge of empreendedorismo. All enterprising before exactly to think properly about what, why and so that to carry through definitive task many times difficult and laborious in function of the viability of the creation of its proper business, need to add knowledge and experiences to still elaborate a document of little use between small the microcompanies 1, the business plan. Evaluated as a material of extreme relevance for the success of who it longs for the notoriety of its business. As it affirms, Chiavenato (2006, P. 127): Well-to be occurred, the necessary entrepreneur to plan its business. To improvise never. To jump in the dark one is not accurately one good one asked for. To plan means anticipatedly to study the action that will be carried through or placed in practical and which the objectives that if it intends to reach. All good, more after all of accounts what it is to be an entrepreneur? Better, what it is empreendedorismo? According to Dolabela (2006) ‘ ‘ empreendedorismo is not a new subject or modismo: it exists since always, the first action innovative human being, with the objective to improve the relations of the man with the others and natureza’ ‘. It is necessary that it has enterprising people for the sprouting of any branch of enterprise initiative, therefore so that it has relation human being is necessary to have motivation of enterprising people and for this if it makes justifiable the development of an enterprising spirit in individual with potential for such.

The Federal Constitution

Therefore, Rose observes referring Jnior to the subject Its generating fact is the valuation accomplishes of real state of private, decurrent property of the accomplishment of public works in the area where the property is located. (Jnior, 1993, P. 2712). Being thus, the special asessment is a tribute tied, therefore its generating fact depends on a state activity indirectly related to the debtor, that is, between the state performance and the debtor to the law places an intermediate fact. It is a tribute whose collection is complex face to the difficulty of if fixing quantum of the valuation of the property in result of the public work. Special Contributions Already the third type tributary, is the contributions special, that in the article 217 of the Internal revenue code enumerate, of form not – taxing, contributions special, also called ' ' sociais' ' or ' ' parafiscais' ' , charged in our Country. The Federal Constitution of 1988, in its article 149, foresees that the Union can institute social contributions, of intervention in the economic domain and interest of economic professional categories, as instrument of its performance in the respective areas.

Such contributions integrate the system tributary being submitted to the principles conduct that it. In accordance with the teachings of Ataliba (1995, P. 166), is had Is fiscal tributes that servant (evidently for law) for certain people diverse of the state and collected by proper them. These people can be public autarchic administrative – or mere exactly private, since with purposes of public utility. Parafiscalidade is appraised as being the delegation of the power to charge tributes to the diverse people of the Union, States and Cities. The contributions special can have nature of tax or tax, depending on its generating fact. As the case, will obey the peculiar regimen of each one. Obligatory Loans Was from 1951 that the figure of the obligatory loan appeared in Brazil, having been it regulated for the first time in the Constitution of 1967.

Samsung Soccer

Unhappyly, 37.39% of men and 47.71% of the women do not practise physical or esportivas activities. The activities more carried through by the men are soccer and swimming with indices of 37,82% and 11,76%, respectively. For the women, the prominence was swimming with 34,35%. Between men and women, the percentage of spectators of esportivos programs was of 90,34% and 76,72%, attracted by the soccer, vlei, motoring and basquete.

Net Globe, Net Record and Band is the senders of open canal more cited by all the interviewed ones. Between the closed canals, SporTV and ESPN are the favourites person or thing. In the soccer, 80.67% of the interviewed ones of masculine sex and 59.16% of the sex feminine they had declared to remember to have seen the name of some sponsor. Of the 15 first marks remembered spontaneously for the interviewed ones, all had had or have relation of sponsorship with the soccer, as Samsung, LG, Pirelli, Habib& rsquo; & rsquo; s and Parmalat. Youth, technology, fellowship, emotion, joy, effort, courage, Radical, wealth, energy, performance, force, health and victory are the attributes perceived for the interviewed ones. On the basis of information of the segment, it is necessary to define as to improve the image of the corporation or marks, to fortify relationships, to know the chances of merchandising and to generate sales.

For this, it makes if necessary to know and to apply the 4 Ps created by Kotler: Product (shirts, ingressions, permitted), Price (in general with high aggregate value), Square (esportivos stadiums, museums, etc.) and Promotion. Marketing research The marketing research is a process of collection of excellent information to the problem specific of four stages. First, the manager and the researcher define the problem and establish the objectives of the research, that can be exploratrios, descriptive or causal.

Embrapa Research

The performances in partnership with Venezuela and Africa do not only benefit the partners. To these countries, whose industrial sector is incipient, it interests the purchase of machines and equipment produced in Brazil (NOTCIAS AGRCOLAS, 2010). The Embrapa Americas, installed in Panama in 2010, after agreement with the government of this country, acts in research and development, technological technology transfer and businesses in Panama and El Salvador. The Office of the Embrapa in Panama takes care of to the request of advising in the genetic improvement animal and improvements in the farming research to have quality of seeds better. The agreement encloses the execution of joint projects in agriculture, cattle, use of technology in small scale and natural resources to extend the base of knowledge for the sustainable development of agriculture. Panama offers to the Brazilian company conditions that allow to the establishment of lines of research for the production of energy derived from bifuels and the fortified food development (ADMINISTRATORS, 2010). Since 1998, by means of action of cooperation, the Embrapa, participates of advanced research in virtual laboratories in the United States.

These virtual laboratories today exist in three countries of the Europe and the Coreia of the south. Diverse researchers of the company participate of research of tip in these countries, promoting the knowledge interchange, in the prospection of emergent demands and the learning of new techniques (AGRICULTURAL NOTICE, 2010). By means of legal device the Embrapa, from March of 2011, the activities of the Company in the exterior had been corroborated by Law 12383. Then, the Company can exert, is of the domestic territory, any of the integrant activities of its social project. References YOU ARE SLOW.

Systems Time

Being thus, Administrator of today needs requirements as capacity of work in team, aiming at common good of organization and of who in it works, ability to learn on things not directly on to its branch of performance, dynamism, interaction with people, that is the source of production and growth of a company, opening for new ideas and innovations that can appear, amongst other important factors, as attention each bigger time for Tendncias and Megatendncias (Naisbitt, 1990) that they are arising in the market and they can changed itself into a competitive advantage for its company. Some changes of paradigms can be observed summarized in the picture below, of Idalberto Chiavenato: The Three Ages of the Administration of Century XX Were Classic 1900? 1950. Beginning of Industrialization. Stability. Little change. Previsibilidade. Regularity and certainty. Scientific administration.

Classic theory. Relations Human beings. Theory of the Bureaucracy Was Neoclssica 1950? 1990. Industrial development. Increase of the change. End of the previsibility. Necessity of innovation. Neoclssica theory.

Estruturalista theory. Mannering theory. Theory of Systems. Theory of the Contingency Was of Information After 1990. Technology of the Information. Globalization. Emphasis in the services. Acceleration of the change. Imprevisibilidade. Instability and uncertainty Emphasis in: Productivity Quality Competitiveness Customer Globalization Picture 1? The three Ages of the Administration of Century XX. Chiavenato, I. (2.000) In current Brazil can be affirmed that we are living the Age of the Information, that if it more launches in our daily each time ' ' furiosa' '. It has a constant concern on the part of the companies in relation to the productivity, that is, it is necessary that if it takes care of to more demanding customers each time, and that they always want more at any time; these same customers desire to quality in the products and offered services, thus it increases the competitiveness between the companies, a time that the customer starts to be ' ' center of atenes' ' , and the funny competition around it forever to please it and to conquer its confidence.

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