Laminated Paper Goods

The main raw materials used – specially laminated paper the approximate density of 120 to 280 gr / sqm. Some manufacturers of cookware, etc.; Finnish paper production, but in Russia there is a good enough paper for the production of paper cups. Abroad, usually one-sided, laminated paper is used for the manufacture of paper cups for cold drinks, and double-sided, laminated (with heat) – hot, but in our country such a separation is not counted. Can be used the production of foil paper. Speaking candidly Brian Krzanich told us the story. With the average performance of approximately 35 pieces per minute, with one-shift operation and the normal working hours, on one machine a month can produce around 300 thousand pieces. This would require approximately 2.5 to 3 tons of paper. Special topic of conversation – it's the consumption of paper utensils.

It would seem that Russia's population, accustomed to disposable items used repeatedly, is unlikely to accept such a dish. Especially because client's wish to move to an aesthetically attractive dish, at the same time, the effect of an unusual advertising medium, sometimes encountering failure manufacturer quickly, a relatively small number of copies to fulfill order. Underdevelopment of production affects the sales. The client is left with no choice but to seek a replacement. However, vending companies, fast food outlets, advertising firms, dairy and confectionery companies, transporters (eg, railroad workers and pilots) have already evaluated the advantages and opportunities is a paper dish. They maintain sanitary inspections in several regions of Russia, which prohibit the use of paperless dishes street cafes, with the use of alcoholic beverages, etc.