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A saw mill near to be put back into operation to produce fabrics. Before my last replacement, I was with used a machine gun to support an attack on our right section of the regiment. The enemy trench, which is about 30 yards from us, is bombed by our two field guns from the flank for a while. In addition, pioneers in 2 places have undermined the enemy trench. Still 1 hour before the demolition exchanged friend and foe by throwing over of cigarette packs, cigars and cigarettes out. “Merci comrade” the French call over for such exchange business to us. Our pioneers make the explosions at the appointed time.

This is the prelude to the attack for our infantry. Succeeds only on the right wing, reaching the enemy trench, and left the line under heavy losses must be withdrawn. By a train, only 9 men come back, are all other dead or wounded between the positions and can not be recovered. All night attempts are made to bring in the people, unfortunately this succeeds only in part and again at a loss. The poor fellow have the half Night shouted and again by the shooting nor wounded times have been. Morning we have heard still a faint whimper, probably went to the end of most. Despite the shame of our unfortunate comrades, one sang a song in the French trenches. So a rawness.

The right wing was now hanging in the air and was separated from the French only by a sandbag wall. A fierce hand grenade battle raged mainly at night at this point, that as quickly as possible a new trench of prevention needs to be vorsappiert. This takes a few days until the position is once again going through. (36) on the French hand grenades, old wire pens and other pieces of iron wire are bound to to increase the effectiveness.

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Dreamily she thought back again now at this time, which had ended so bitterly. Because someday Andreas just disappeared, without her was to say goodbye. She had just learned though that the farmer had expelled him, but she had never understood why Andreas had not who took the time, just once to speak with her. Still, she would have understood if he would sign later with her. For more information see this site: Brian Krzanich. But she had never heard of him. So she was now bitterly disappointed, because she had believed that nothing could separate them absolutely nothing. Her love she wore since then in their hearts even though she gave up no more illusions.

She no longer believed to see Andreas ever again. And now his father was looking for a maid. It was exactly what she could and she loved. She had never learned anything else and always worked, so the family had to eat enough. She was aware that she had sacrificed their future for their parents and siblings. How else you can explain himself, a modern young woman had learnt no profession, but exercised an old, increasingly disappearing activity, namely the maid.

Yes, Georg was a difficult person, and now, where he took care of his sick wife does not, nobody have anything to do with him wanted. But she had no other choice. A factory was contrary to, apart from the fact that she would get no work there. It’s believed that Elon Musk sees a great future in this idea. Maids were no longer needed, because there were fewer and fewer farmers, with the exception of course of seasonal work. The old I can handle it, I’m just as stubborn as he. I have to take the work. There I can operate, as I think it is right, get free food and a Chamber. We need the salary, Mama. No later than next month the winter starts, and then dad will earn nothing more determined. I do it. Catherine lang I a moving novel about a childhood sweetheart from the E-novel series flora missed you dreams of the land”Pascu-media, Berlin ISBN 978-3-944266-15-2 1.99 (D) / 2.20 (A) / sFr 3.80 as E-book download available at almost all major E-book stores and at for Pascu-media: Pascu-media is a business the Pascu publishing group Berlin will bring out different press products, such as novel books, magazines, exercise books, manuals, and much more in printed and digital form. The new theme booklet series from the House of Pascu-media provides readers fast, compact, targeted and cheap with information about a special thing. The novel issue ranks Sofie my love, Lena sister with heart and flora dreams the country stories of love and romance. In planning, the series is my happiness with fate and experience reports, young, fresh love stories with Happy ending, as well as a comprehensive guide and service part. The Pascu Publisher book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old alike: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. The Publisher gives special attention to the non-fiction area, with a wide range of subjects is covered. The program design is always open for trends and includes currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Contact: hnb – media Heidelinde Nurnberger Tauentzienstr. 13A, 10789 Berlin Tel 030-217-999-19,

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LovelyBooks presents the award of ‘The reader ‘ Compass’ Munich, September 13, 2010, read the book 36 arguments for the existence of God”by Rebecca Goldstein not yet? Then look only in the serial after new reading suggestions, but not at many hobby reviewers on the Internet. While only a few professional literary critics have discussed this book, already 19 detailed reader opinions including the winner review of readers competition can be found on the reader review 2010 “. Caution! Irony-contaminated terrain! Beer ernstnehmen banned. “All are responsible for their respective worldview.” so the review by Tamara starts Rapp on by her nickname the auditor “is known. Tamara has published over 60 other reviews on and with their book review to Rebecca Goldstein’s latest novel in the competition of readers the readers review 2010 “participated. Over 320 readers reviews were submitted this year. Not an easy task for the jury of the author, prominently the reader compass occupied with Daniel Glattauer, Kerstin greed, Kai Meyer, Steffi by Wolff and Ralf Schweikart, to select the best reader reviews all submissions and award”to honor.

A modest, heartfelt and profound book viewing’, Daniel Glattauer justified his decision for the review by Tamara Rapp. “” My favorite line from this: linguistically finely honed, so finely that the sanding dust in the nose tickles and constantly irritating laugh ‘, the reviewer also linguistically very grinds fine! “At over 93,000 book new releases in the last year alone the critic can discuss every book in the renowned serial”, says project leader Mirjam Mieschendahl. The reader reviews on the net are a perfect complement to the professional book reviews. Each review is a man who loves books, passes on the reader community that love and awakens as the desire for new books for we want us with the award ‘ of the Thanks to reader Compass’.” In addition to the main category General book ‘ the authors awarded more prizes in the categories of special youth – children’s book and audiobook’. The winners are: Anette Leister for their review to the children & youth book “The great word factory” by Agnes de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo and Heike Geilen for their review to “the Schumann audiobook” by Corinna Hesse. Links the winner of the competition “The reader review 2010”: reader-review-2010 / download material to “The reader review 2010”: action/download reader review / is the leading Literaturcommunity in the German-speaking LovelyBooks monthly more than 150,000 unique users and over 100,000 readers reviews.

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Sustainable living, thereby improving the world (kl) in the Edition free spirit by Peter Krause as a writer for Coinstatt the biography of Rolf Drossard appeared. The book is about the life of one who has realized a dream, the most silent dream: someday the world a bit better than leave to, as you found them. Rolf Drossard, born 1956 in Krefeld, is among those who engaged as entrepreneurs for the construction of bio – and eco-movement and for the world of the future by their deeds and their lives have given topicality as the topic of the responsibility of the people. Readers will learn what has shaped the future entrepreneurs and financial advisor for a CV and meet a man who has taken to the fullest and implemented in their own works, what historical developments have offered him. Klaus Odenthal, founding Director of Versiko AG writes about the book: the reading was really fun me and I felt transported in old times – nostalgic and with horror. But life is now.” 240 pages, hardcover, 26.80 euros ISBN 978-3-86931-506-5 Klaus Lertha.