Assess Teachers

Our culture and many others, perceive the teacher as a tool. teachers salary is le begging and even the teacher should beg his salary. our citizens have the look in the State, the Ministry of education and the Ministry. but the multitude of hopes is no good.

If the State does not perceive the marginal teachers as people contributing to the social fabric. the work of the teacher is not easy, is very complex. because the teacher on a daily basis is in the classroom, forming the individual at the academic level, as emotional. the teacher most of the time must live with their students situasiones showing the bad and harmful composition that has generated the State, as a result of the infinite injustice. because the poor is becoming increasingly poor. benefit granted by his beloved nation. violence, corruption, lack of opportunities, and many other things that they engage students victims of a society and of the political machinery.

are those that drive more and more to the short-lived injustice. which among other things was born when the fatherland not wanted form to the parents of the latter and not to these well. the State then leave this in the hands of teachers. but without interest the matter, he belittles teaching work. Ray teachers salaries more precarious possible. closing opportunities for study of social fabric trainers. the teacher initially invests 5 years of his life in a race, to lift the front and say I am a teacher and I love this. But if you compare your salary with other careers, must accept that kindly hiso a vow of poverty. This marginal teachers. because the integral teacher, depends on a career, his family, his caste and its root, reduced words, its stratum socio-economic, to this latter you have been given the means of production, so can conquer their ahnelos. but this does not deal with at the time. We deal with the teacher that receives its students in poverty, receiving the faces of many who are full of hunger, quel receiving rudeness generated by the frutracion of students who see the need in their homes every day, receives the labor future. to all those who While in tenth and eleven, and do not know Greece and Italy. those who have never left the country, those that count coins as if they were beggars and everything as a consequence of injustice. even when Presidents, pisotearan and menospreciaran the image and likeness of God. do in case not enough for everyone? they are teachers people without cause and value? do case teachers not must win well, why did no one capitalist career? do in case the teacher must be a beggar because humanism is rubbish according to their new concepts? Maybe your children and their children’s children never spent or pass by this kind of needs and much less their teachers. but our teachers if they spend thousands and thousands of things that you ignore to purpose and evil in their souls, you beloved rulers have judges on the ground for Justice and injustice, we have the judge of heaven and Earth, that one day there will be judging you and their children, then their models economic and all her jewels together will not be nothing. that day all will be equal, God in your hands commend our spirits, power and glory to your holy spirit and your precious son.