Function Aesthetics

“From Genesis to Revelation the expressive function of language is the vehicle man that carries the reality of divine sensitivity to human affairs, the will of God for all creation. At the same time, this function describes the emotional states, spiritual and mental that occur in man as a result of being subject to sin and thus to mortality, just as has his desire to regain what they originally enjoyed Eden. The whole Bible is a macro antithetical parallelism is the permanent struggle of good against evil. The expressive-emotional dimension of being special exposure are another function of language, this arises because in man there is an innate inclination toward art as the manifestation of his inner world, in other words the use of language to create beautiful forms. Function Aesthetics and biblical language. The poetic and literary creation in man has been the subject of many discussions by literary critics, all of which include observations on the use of language in the service of human art.

In this area stands as a monument unique biblical discourse. Extracts of the work are appropriate for Donoso Cortes glimpse the beauty of the aesthetic function of language in the Bible. “If you seek models of lyric poetry. “Qu e lira will be comparable with the harp of David, the friend of God, who put his ear to the sweetest tunes and the sweet songs of angelic harps?”