New Dusseldorf Of Logo

Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf eV Club of French-speaking women with new corporate design on the General Assembly of the Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf with unique and fast Dusseldorf reference a project group of the Club of French-speaking women presented a new logo. The design layout comes from the Dusseldorf agency Meyer Waldeck. “Background for amending the previous design was that behind the Club International Association FIAFE wishes a similar naming all over the world, which is always a city reference with the addition of Accueil” links. Fast identification for international members is the goal. FIAFE and Dusseldorf Accueil Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf mainly deal with support in the integration of expatriate women and her family in their new cities and regions. Offer various service and event offerings that will serve these objectives. DUS Accueil Amitie has nearly 350 members of the Francaises de Dusseldorf the largest Club of French-speaking women in Germany. What was closer than to establish letter code of the city in the air traffic on the 3 practiced just by an international clientele to achieve a faster communication and identification of the city and region of Dusseldorf.

The design corresponds to the viewpoint and attitude this foreign citizens to the city. He was adopted by the General Assembly unanimously and with much critical acclaim. Parallel was the Club’s new website unlocked, which contains not only important internals of the clubs, but also from the perspective of expatriates over the State capital Dusseldorf informed. Responsible for the content: Marie-Catherine Meyer Presidente DUS Accueil Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf eV