Outdoor Living Room Retreat

Wages / westf. The new product is to the design of the outdoor living room retreat and comes from the winter garden manufacturer Casa Vitrum. Variety of materials and material quality, as well as the tendency for simple solutions have undoubtedly become in today’s architecture. Also, contrasts and the effect of materials and colours are tasteful, implemented. The principles of the designer Dipl.-ing. Dietrich Tegtmeier are in an effort to develop innovative, sustainable and vibrant products produced. That includes the hideaway.

It is a discrete structure made of aluminium with the possibility of free colours and variants made of high-quality cloth to the shading. In addition to the roof area also the sides can at will to be closed completely or partially. This versatility of design a very bright, can create but also a very private situation.The presented here support structure with four Granitsteelen is just one example of many ways. RETREAT will be self-sufficient by the construction body freestanding, built and is as the ideal complement to the design of the terrace or the patio. Achieving rapid retreat in many cases keinerBaugenehmigung and is thus also quickly realized. For builders and architects, refuge represents an extremely variable and diverse einsetztbares instrument for the design of the free area. Press contact Casa Vitrum GmbH Oeynhausener str. 42 32584 wages Tel. 05732-903980 Melanie of Tachibana


The prefabrication of wall elements in the concrete precast element factory under virtually the same conditions (we speak also of laboratory conditions) a high and uniform quality and quality ensures. Question: there are initial conditions, from which a basement project indeed uneconomical as going in these cases with the customer? Answer: A single local reality almost never leads to an inefficiency of a cellar. Unfavourable combinations of various local circumstances causing a such high technically necessary overhead that this can lead to higher costs would be possible. But only one of these factors in the rescheduling to a pure base plate usually affect on the execution of this. Here, for example extremely poor ground would be to name a few.

Important in this context is already early in the planning phase of the local fact to learn to construct the basement or the base plate for this. Thank you very much for the interview! Press contact: Press & marketing – agency for integrated communications Ines further man Salame Street 4 14532 Stahnsdorf E-Mail: phone: 0049 (0) 3329-691847 background over smooth hair-Keller finished the company smooth hair was founded in 1980 by Joachim smooth hair. Since then, the company with its headquarters in Schramberg has / USA, FL USA (Baden – Wurttemberg) specialises in the manufacture and construction of finished basements and floor panels. The range of services includes also planning, statics, earthworks, and project management. The smooth hair group develops engineering solutions for worldwide use in difficult areas: unique patents and brands, such as inter alia the protected AquSafeFAST -system or the ThermoSafePLUS wall, draw smooth hair-Keller finished off as the most innovative company in the field of finished basement and underline the market leadership. Currently, an improvement of the U-value by a further eight percent guaranteed smooth hair for the exclusive patented ThermoSafe-wall. In addition, the company in its product portfolio offers a new core insulated wall that goes beyond the conventional 12 cm-insulation thickness.