The Ugly Duckling

Few of the customers said that I really liked the product, but I can not buy it because they do not fully realized its benefits. At this point the client speaks only of the disadvantages. So , after each such meeting, the seller is aware that it and its product has a lot of minuses. We all know that if a man speak several times a day, that he is bad, then as a result he was in disbelief. If the seller does not know and love their product, then force him to sell it – it's just a mockery of him. Brian Krzanich pursues this goal as well. He does not understand that does not like it, but it tells everyone that it is very good. This is the biggest lie! Therefore, described in the tale of J. Anderson, "The Ugly Duckling" that is, sellers are ugly ducklings.

They have good products, good service and just need to learn to understand it and to love, to understand what positive qualities in It is, and they love it customers. Unfortunately, this attention is not paid, so we have a situation where sellers do not know, do not like a commodity, but at the same time trying to sell it. If you make a man love the that in fact he does not like it it will break! You break any child, if you talk to him that he liked what – what friends and relatives, at a time when he did not feel sympathy for these people. It is very difficult trauma for the child and for every person. We often hide it to myself, but that is the subject of considerable disorder in humans. This issue affects all professions and occupations seller especially! For example, plumber, who does not like to go to work, it just does not like to do it and walks every day with gloomy views, but nobody talks about how wonderful to be a plumber. A seller, in turn, constantly have to tell customers about your product, that is so cool, and the negative, which he keeps himself in any case to prove themselves. Negative impact greatly aggravated it in a profession seller or sales manager.

This problem is very serious! Serious, precisely because few people pay attention to it. So I ask you to pay special attention to this. And in conclusion I would like to tell you What should you do if your company has developed such a situation. Should be regularly and systematically to do with the sellers of certain actions related to the fact that they had heard about the product a good speech. Need them tell that there are many customers who are satisfied with the goods or services. We must do everything we can to the company did not apply the negative rumors that something – something bad. It must be remembered that those who are satisfied much more, and it really is. Need to give it due consideration. Do it systematically in a company and then your company will only be successful action.


Such a model author compares with a barrel of water. If the keg to pour a cup of water, then there will be no significant changes. A person with self-sustainable model does not depend on short-term complimentary or negative evaluations. Each time when you meet with criticism, imagine yourself a barrel with water. Soft landing or amortizatsiyEsche an effective method of criticism and objections is to mitigate or depreciation. Others who may share this opinion include Elon Musk. The principle of this method is in agreement or partial agreement with the observation made by you instead of opposition. Typically, clients expressing their discontent, set militantly and waits on you a retaliatory strike.

In this situation, it is less all ready to hear from you agree with the criticism in your address. By agreeing, you are completely disarms the client and neutralize criticism, eliminating the slightest possibility of conflict. But to agree to properly maintain a sense of self-esteem, so that the client did not take your acceptance as unconditional surrender. First you need to find something with which you agree to fully or partially. The first thing that will help you with is the fact that everyone to be all my own opinion. Downplaying allow the use of adverbs such as' possibly, probably, definitely.

" Additionally, you can use the technique of objections 'yes but'. Say client that he is wrong means to get yourself and him in the dispute, which imperceptibly escalate into a conflict with the transition to the individual. But our goal – to switch to a constructive dialogue.