What You Get

The entire process is much less error-prone and yet the greatest possible flexibility. Try in this way also less experienced employees can within safe crash barriers”on official stationery. Automatic calculation and billing because all printing parameters in the design of online be immediately captured and incorporated into the spreadsheet, the user immediately receives his offer price. He can see in real time how changes will affect the price. So he easily finds the solution with the him attractive price / performance ratio. Web-to-print works in principle What You see is What You Get”: Previews and online preflight to ensure that the end result is completely corresponds to the virtual template. With just a few clicks, gives the user the production of printed matter in order and handles the payment AB.

“Online process monitoring and shipping management that does not mean but that is the other operations within a Black Box” play on the contrary: through integrated online process management the client can monitor every step of the production process and learn about the current status. Also the logistical tasks fit seamlessly into the automated process. The client maintains only its address to packaging, postage and shipping of freshly produced printed matter he needs no longer to take care of. Just submit order, sit back and wait for the response of the clientele, is the motto. Web-to-print in corporate communications paying off compared to the conventional work and business processes in the design and production of printer products means a significant rationalisation Web-to-print.

The need for coordination in advance falls dramatically. Release processes are omitted, production and shipping going through faster and more cost effective also on the rationalization of business processes. Total up to 40 percent can be saved in time and money. This meeting, shall submit annual reports near, not only in catalogs, Web-to-print to put on greeting cards and brochures, but also in general business stationery, business cards, stamps, and so on. B2C usage: Customers serve themselves and have fun doing it Web-to-print is by no means limited to direct mail and other paper products in the B2B area. As well, production and delivery of individual photo books, CD covers, T-Shirts, mugs, and much more can be automated. Accordingly, many companies use Web-to-print not only for their own interests, but a print-portal to provide their business – and private customers. Thus, they open up new fields of business, in which customers operate virtually even as on the customer side is often the biggest potential for rationalization. Press contact: AVISO-solutions Bianca Pagel Tel: +. 49 (0) 40 / 3596 663 80 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 3596 663 77 visits you the AVISO solutions blog!