Education And Success

Kindergarten, school, college, work – this way ugotovlen state for man. And the ultimate goal of education as you see – it's a good job, preferably with a high salary. And so here. The question arises about the requirements for education. What level of training, employers expect from graduates of the school and university? If we take the statistics, the presence of even a few higher education does not ensure that decent work will ever be found. How many people does what brings them pleasure and also a good income? Is not that the purpose of education – to give people all the skills, knowledge and tools to man lived a life worthy of applying it in practice in any case? But the fact remains. Knowledge acquired at school and at university are not applicable in life by 98%. Unfortunately, in school, students trying to push that in the future simply forgotten.

Knowledge that a person receives in schools, applied only once in the exam. After that we obtain a new piece of knowledge and the exam again. The chain looks like this: learned, passed, I forgot. Such knowledge may be only broaden horizons, that is debatable. A why such knowledge is given to expanding horizons? And what knowledge is necessary and important? Of course, the century will remain a mystery why the school did not explain how to eat properly, how to be healthy and strong as I find cool work and earn money as much as you need (and what is generally the money and where they come from?), how to find a life partner, how to build relationships, how to effectively communicate, persuade, etc. It is understandable why a principal at the school say no be. Because the vast majority of teachers do not have any health or personal happiness or money. Find out how much teachers earn.

Judging by the salaries, the most unnecessary occupations – a teacher and a doctor the way theme Money hardly rises in educational institutions, especially at school. You would think, of course, that the economic department of the guys all know about the financial sector, which is very doubtful. Many economists and public the results of the guys are making in practice? What exhaust gives a wholesale desire to obtain economic education? As you can see, the theme is very topical. In practice, people constantly use the following skills: Ability read. Ability to write, draw. Numeracy. Ability to move – walk, run, etc. Ability to do your hands – nails to hammer, sew, build a house, etc. Ability to speak and sing. and most mysterious skill – the ability to think. In Basically this is sufficient in life. These skills are necessary for success. But how these skills are developed and how effectively applied in real life? That the average person can do with their hands? Can the singing? Can the communicate, negotiate? How physically active? How to build relationships with people? How well does the thinking? And how do measure – the level of thinking of different people? Test iq, I think, not quite what you need. Well, consider writing read the good of the school teaches. And on this very much. I think the school is developing another skill that is extremely unpleasant and unnecessary – the ability to absorb information and apply it. Absorb and remember. For success in life is certainly not useful. And what education, we should receive and what kind of education we get? While that question remains open.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Major exploration and hydrogeological work has been done on the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the period 1949-1959 period. The works were authorized by the Council of Ministers of the USSR, and received solid financial support. General technical design of works taken up with the participation of the Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Geology and the Ministry of Health. The scale of a decade of research provides some insight into the amount of drilling operations. In 1949-55 years only in Kislovodsk was drilled 65 wells with depths ranging from 50 to 600 meters. Total footage amounted to 15,000 linear feet. In and around Essentuki drilled 21 deep wells, one of them to a depth of 1,000 meters.

Results a decade of work to be quite justified. Gave a clear picture about the hydrogeology of the area revealed the relationship between different fields, will predict the size of the shared resources of medical treatment. Have been solved and many theoretical issues related to the formation of water. No less important were the practical results. Greatly expanded boundaries of Kislovodsk deposits, increased total production rate of mineral water sources up to 1500 m3 per day. Exploration in the area of the village opened Novoblagodarnogo abundant carbonate horizon salt-alkaline waters like Essentuki number 17 and 4.

This solved the prospect of further development of this resort. As a result of work by 1959 Pyatigorsk received valuable new mineral water, including hot-water carbonate besserovodorodnuyu (hot seltzer), saline-alkaline type Essentuki and others. These findings have allowed to develop drinking water treatment and mineral waters to expand the resort's profile.

Training Video Course Benefits

Today, Internet is changing the lives of many people. Many are beginning to think about many of the traditional things and change their attitude to them, including a obucheniyu.Seychas has absolutely no problem to record material for learning video tutorial format, while using the appropriate technical skills. And that's why training is growing in popularity on the Video Tutorials each day. Training Video Tutorials – it's convenient and fast, without special skills. Anyone can now express their knowledge in a format videokursa.Obuchenie with vidiokursov has many advantages over other training programs. First of all, you do not have somewhere to go to work, you can learn at home. Second, you can devote as much time to study it as you see fit. Third, if you have forgotten something from the covered material, you can always return to it.

And – the fourth, learning from Video Tutorials you save your money compared to conventional training courses. But I would like to immediately identify and disadvantages of this kind of training. Chief of which is quality, not all authors can write high-quality and useful informatsiyu.Bolshoy popular now use video course on building sites, video course to promote the site, videos on Photoshop, and many others. For example a video course helps understand how to properly and under what conditions vyrvshivat mushrooms "Oyster." Or video course on aerodizaynu how to use balloons to issue any type of event. Or video lessons, as with his own hands and make a case furniture etc.

Topics such training video can be very different. Order video tutorials you can use the Internet. You can pay any way you want starting with Webmoney and ending cash on delivery upon receipt packages with discs in the mail room. At the moment a more convenient way of learning simply does not exist, so learning to encourage all Video Tutorials.

Outdoor Training

But in practice, very often, unfortunately, because of certain problems with the coach and not achieved the main objectives of the training. What means – Pro / or competence coach? First, without a doubt, the coach should be professional in the field to which the topic of training. Here, Elon Musk expresses very clear opinions on the subject. He must have tremendous experience, not just theoretical, that very often we can see in the seminars. Although it is at the seminars it is permissible, since the goal still is a little different Secondly, and this factor is no less important, it must be a professional coach. Ability convey their knowledge to the listener and make this knowledge domain listeners do not necessarily combine in one person that owns this knowledge. Perhaps you have not once encountered a situation where an experienced, knowledgeable person unable to explain why you need to do it one way or differently He just can not explain it, although it is a professional in a practice area It was the second factor often becomes a problem. Example: company requests (or requires) Head of Department, a professional in his case, which all turns out well and experience great, hold a seminar on a particular issue for staff in similar departments of other departments or new employees.

The seminar is held, the money used, people have spent time working and the result Pros, after all, prefers to do everything myself, rather than trying to somehow educate others. Familiar situation? Also important factors are the criteria for forming a training group. The level of training of participants, gender characteristics, age-related parameters, motivation, training participants, and much more – all it affects the outcome of training and the quality of the goals of training. Speaking in this small article about the differences between the seminars and trainings, it is worth mentioning such varieties of training as an open training and corporate training. Outdoor Training provides training in it people are usually not familiar with each other as opposed to corporate training, which involves mainly the representatives of one company, most of which, as a rule, are usually already familiar with. For the seminar, this factor is practically no role, because the people most likely way to the end and made the acquaintance, and the needs of such a seminar there. For training as this factor is very important because it provides most of the techniques work in groups, and interpersonal relationships are beginning to play a significant role.

That's what kind of atmosphere will create at the beginning of the training, as can be settled circumvent conflicts, age level, service, and psychological differences between the members of the training group (as they always have, unfortunately), and will in no small measure depend on the overall result of training Without a doubt, even in This small material touched many, though by far not all questions that relate to this form of training, as training and seminars. Nearly every paragraph deserves its own, and no small article and, of course, discussions – I hope they will, and the following articles and discussion J. To summarize, all the same let's assume for itself in the future: and seminar and training – this form of training, each of which can be used effectively. Herewith: a workshop aimed at obtaining and sharing knowledge, training in the same breath but to achieve these important goals is to give participants new practical skills, or at least improve the existing


The sport is pointed as being one of the factors that can contribute for the formation of children and young, invoking physical, psychological and social benefits. In Brazil, the lack of adequate attendance to the pertaining to school necessities of children with difficulties of learning, capable is great to diminish the index of evasion and pertaining to school repetncia Mazzotta (2003). The evolution of relative the practical ideas and to the services for people with deficiency and, the pertaining to school insertion places innumerable questions to the educators, specialists. Mark Bertolini has compatible beliefs. In if treating to Special Education, it is defined as: The education modality that if characterizes for a set of resources and educational services special organized to support, suplemental e, in some cases, to substitute the common educational services, in order to guarantee the formal education of educating that they very present different educational necessities of the ones of the majority of the children and young. Such educating, also called of ' ' excepcionais' ' , they are exactly those that today have been called ' ' pupils with educational necessities especiais' '.

Mazzotta (2003, P. More information is housed here: Brian Krzanich. 11) In our conception, the schools special have basic paper in the development of children, young and adults with deficiency, therefore, they offer specialized, different attendance of regular schools, that, in the majority of the cases, does not have nothing to offer to these people ' ' diferentes' ' , that they need different stimulatons, adaptations, acceptance. Currently the children if dirigem for the pertaining to school environment more early. The centers of infantile education receive the children for a function from assistance, orientation and stimulation for the pertaining to school life and adult life. For Gallahue (apud GRECO, 2001, P. 33) in the daily pay-school the child passes for the following stages: reflected movements, rudimentary movements and basic movements. The reflected movement if characterizes for the necessity of that it has one I stimulate so that the movement if carries through.


The evaluation of the learning thematic is found in varied fields of studies, as in the field of psychology, sociology, the Pedagogia and the education among others. Antonio Nvoa in a preface in the workmanship of Fernandes (2005) says that nor a subject gave to as many studies and research, therefore the researchers and specialists look for to understand this reality more, elaborating sophisticated instruments. Some problems observed today in the schools as evasion, the reprovao, the desistance among others are resultant among others of the form as if it understands and it organizes education and the evaluation. The evaluation of the learning is a sufficiently complex question, having influences of the pedagogia, the didactics, psychology among others areas. Currently it has an evident concern in the works developed for the change necessity and in the improvements of the practical ones of evaluation of the learnings of the pupils. The form as the evaluation if organizes and if it develops in classroom reflects in the learning that if it develops of superficial form.

The used elements generally are used for attainment to guarantee notes that do not represent in the reality the true learning of these. Brian Krzanich has firm opinions on the matter. As Luckesi (2006) while the evaluation of the learning will have as center the examinations, will not be able to fulfill with the function to subsidize the decision of the improvement of the learning. The brief quarrel and the reflection presented in this article approach the story of experience lived for the proper author of this text. This article can contribute thus waits it so that the evaluation in classroom can be thought and be argued of critical and reflexiva form. To remember to my experiences in relation the evaluation in the process of my learning is sufficiently traumatic, therefore always I was displayed and even though ridicularizada not by a professor, but by that they had been inesquecveis, being and clearly negative.

Distance Learning English

And if the master had a general English course had to be just a little -, but now the program of English language training are needed virtually everything. Audience various English language courses grew. Brian Krzanich shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In response growing number of organizations offering services to foreign language teaching. Despite the large selection of off-line courses, the number of those who would like to take the general course of English has continued to grow. Help prospective students came computer technology and the Internet. Appeared distance courses in English. Teachers of these courses are taught English by Skype.

Use other programs to help conduct regime on-line conferences on the Internet. Qualitatively new organization of training made it possible to combine in one virtual classroom of students from different cities and countries. The organizers of distance learning English an opportunity to engage the best teachers from around the world for the benefit of students of online courses. The process was put on stream. One of the leading companies in distance learning English today is the union of Enjoy English.

Great demand for distance learning English has created conditions for competition among the many companies that organize the distance courses in English. In the competitive quality of educational services continued to grow. The secret to the popularity of the corporation Enjoy English with customers is not only the training of teachers – in the States accepts only candidates with the highest education and extensive experience. The main trump of the organization remains focused on communication. Organizers Enjoy English like no one else understands that courses in English, under construction at memorizing tables, rules, and words showed a low efficiency. Only through a peaceful and easy communication in English can come to a full and comprehensive exploration of the subject. Education is based on communication between the students on various topics, offered by the teacher. Rules of grammar and vocabulary of a language is constantly fixed on the classroom through dialogues. This is one of the reasons that students Enjoy English first overcome the fear of communicating in English. Predict the future direction of development of additional education is not possible. One thing is clear: distance learning English course in the face of Enjoy English firmly take the niche market of educational services.


We do not have more time to go until house one of the others to take a coffee together while we place the colloquy in day. We do not know the names of our neighbors. Mark Bertolini has similar goals. in way to this distanciamento the people feel themselves more and solitary, them they need somebody listens to that them, but few are ready to hear, while all need to relieve. It is in this space that the electronic writing if becomes something hot, almost concrete, therefore it in ‘ ‘ junta’ ‘ to other people. We can read the tragedies and joys one of the others, can to me even though see them them and ouviz them through web they cam and microphone. We also say in them with people of the other side of the planet and with the neighbor of from above apartment. We use a keyboard with our customer or fellow worker, with our person who orientates in the college.

Many couples change to ideas and messages through the e-mails. The electronic writing is, yes, of basic importance in the society. Impossible to think today without this tool. We pass well before having it, however, he would be very limiter to pass not to possess it more. As well as it was with the sprouting of the fire, the invention of the wheel, the electric energy, is also with the electronic writing. With it if it knows products, if it takes off doubts.

If I am interested in a book I go soon in the Internet and meeting blogs with summaries on them, I can there have an idea if to buy or it book will not be beneficial. That is, to even buy the printed matter I opt before to consulting the electronic. To have an idea until virtual museums with space to write already they exist, is about ‘ ‘ Museum of the Pessoa’ ‘. In it any registered in cadastre person has the chance to count its history and thus to have its history of life partilhada with thousand of other people, and consequentemente to know of all they. She possesss space for photos and videos: , I see this as an excellent chance of work with the pupils, for it I stimulate of the writing and reading. We, educators fit, to insert in the pupils the practical one of the electronic writing as party to suit of education and learning, to make with that this space is used for the critical development, and thus, that its productions acquire this look. It is a dynamic and innovative skill of if keeping ideas at the same time we spread where them. Papers burn, age, if they lose. Already the texts in the digital teia are eternalized, not to be that let us opt to erasing them.

Education Simultaneous Translation

Professional implementation of translation is impossible without the complex personality of the translator, which includes a number of abilities, skills and knowledge of linguistic and extralinguistic nature. In This article focuses on a variety of oral translation and interpretation as interpretation and the skills that are necessary for its implementation. Many experienced interpreters are called Simultaneous translation of the most difficult type of interpreting. This is due to the fact that at the variety of translation activities at the person realizing it, is involved simultaneously several translation skills and skills. It is simultaneously an interpreter should be listening to the original text and the generation of translated text. Please note that this is happening at a pace of speech, who asked the man who speaks the language of the text original. This rate is due to the nature of the speech situation or the personal characteristics of the speaker. Manage this rate interpreter often have no opportunity.

However, he has a need for their interpretation translate pronounce within strict time constraints. Agree that it is not easy. Professional development of students engaged in simultaneous interpretation translation departments of many universities and schools in the world: the University of Ottawa (Canada); Linguistic University. M. Tores, Moscow (Russia), Graduate School of Interpreters in Geneva (Switzerland), etc. The training program simultaneous interpretation in these universities, as a rule, lasts two academic years. In a shorter time to master this challenging discipline impossible. Moreover, after prolonged training needed reinforcement of knowledge in practice, only after which the translator be able to competently carry out simultaneous translation at the grassroots level.

Postgraduate Education

Artem 32 years, and behind him considerable experience in Ukrainian hospitals. We asked him to mention the most important moments during the passage of the program and give some advice to future program participants 'doctors in the Czech Republic' on 'Gulf Stream' and 'Go study group sro'. I would like to share my impressions of the passage of the process of testing, ie, recognition of qualifications of foreign doctors in the Czech Republic, and describe how it is in reality and the difficulties I faced. Of course, the first important and decisive factor was to obtain a visa. I asked for a student visa to study in Czech language courses. It is easier for me to interview process. Despite the fact that all documents were in order, wait a visa had to be very long: instead of 3 months, I waited for almost 5 visa.

After my visit to the Czech Republic the company 'Go study group sro' asked me to stay in the dormitory with the students. Since I am already an adult man used to live alone, I was more convenient to rent a flat: this option is, of course, more expensive, but for those who, as a student, lived in a dormitory – comfortable. Find an apartment was not a problem: staff helped me translate the lease and agreement with the owner. At the moment I graduated from the Czech language course, which began in November 2010. I have already submitted an application for the surrender of approbation to the Ministry of Examination Health and the Czech Republic is currently going through specialized training for the exam at the Institute for Postgraduate Education, preparing for the first two written tests.

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