Self-employed Struggling

The independence is a dream for many and for most, this dream probably fails on the financial aspects. Start a business just take that or other entry barrier with it. The biggest barrier may be the equity to the founding act. But what to do if you alone can’t bring up the money for the real estate or machinery? The latest edition of financial test dealt with this question. Actually, the brave have it hard to arrive at the founding of a company on cash and cash equivalents. If you have read about Mark Bertolini already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Because just when independent banks of lending to take a closer look, as in permanent fear Ellen.

Because independent fluctuating incomes have, these represent a high risk of a failure of the repayment. But there are differences in the procurement. So for example, freelancers are rather considered professionals. But those who is currently in the start-up phase, has almost no chances of a loan. The banks want to at least see proof of two years of successful self-employment.

On the sector of real estate lending a few to favoring however now to grant a mortgage also newcomers in the business, such as the Deutsche Bank or the Frankfurter Sparkasse. This also a real estate credit is granted in positive circumstances already after a year-long independence. Often you should look around when looking at the regional party. Financial test for this MKiB and use on. These providers work with many banks and have in most cases a credit for the Kreditsuchenden in the portfolio. Particularly eight should be but the search after a credit with the flexibility, amount and interest rate of the loan. The one or the other provider is the loan even with poor liquidity, but at such a rate, the simple rip off. Who has the ability and once comes with a small loan, which should also use this possibility. Because a smaller amount of credit can a lower cash hedge, which the banks can offer also a better interest rate. Still the possibility of a higher credit, is should flourish the business then but on better terms.