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According to some analysts, the gradual global economic recovery resulted in increased confidence of retailers and, consequently, to stabilize the real estate market. The main trend attest to this – strong demand for quality retail space in prime locations. In Pyazanskom region position in the field of retail space is now not so enviable. This is indicated by dry statistics. On information of the territorial authority of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Ryazan region, in 2009 in our region due to new construction, expansion and reconstruction was introduced by 12.6 thousand square meters.

m shopping enterprises. This figure did not seem to be a minor, if not for the preceding data, 2008 – 27.93 thousand square meters. m trading enterprises (this is the time of appearance in malls, “Malina”, “Victoria Plaza”). On Ryazanstat data, in January-May 2010, was introduced in the region 0.8 thousand square meters. m, which is only 6.5% over the same period of 2009. Some projects never realized until now – the site at the Moscow highway are incomplete, with already driven into piles. Dynamics of prices for retail space The decline in emerging-market retail properties has not led to an increase in its value. As can be seen from the graph (Fig.

1), in June 2009, average prices in the segment of commercial premises Ryazan went on to decline. In comparison with January of that year, the cost of supply of retail space for sale decreased by 10% and to rent – 30%. Since then, the market of retail space in the mountain and went. Today, the trend bargaining in transactions in the market. This is evidenced by the fact that 60% of ads about renting retail space in the landlord as the price points “negotiated.” On the one hand, they do not want to scare away the few potential tenants, on the other – ready to bargain. According to analytical department of the weekly “Dom.Stroy” on July 7, 2010, the average price at which the retail space available for sale is 42 100 rubles / sqm. m. A similar room for rent but are offered at a price of 550 euro / sq. m per month. The most saturated retail space of high quality is today the center of the city, sleeping areas – sand, Moscow (there are all the major supermarkets Ryazan). Figure 2 The maximum amount of vacant retail space is represented in the small center, in Moscow and in Gorrosche (Fig. 2). The cost of retail space in the Grand Center in an average of 47.6 thousand rubles / sqm.

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