Many municipalities in Spain don’t know to take advantage of its historical, cultural and ecological legacy for squeezing their potential as vacation destinations. Club C Revenge helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. We perform consulting customized to local councils investigating his past and squeezing their historic potential to put them on the map and give them a claim to its rural tourism. We search for the historical information with business vision to be able to take maximum advantage. Most of the rural tourism offer insists on same areas there is a strong tendency towards concentration, more by real estate opportunity, which by a differentiated cultural or ecological interest. Our offer is to reverse this trend by providing resources and opportunities to towns and areas that do not have them so far.

Once detected the differential element, produce content for Councils: tourist guides, marketing material, books telling the history of the town, among others. The essence of the citymarketing is to consider the city as a product. City marketing oriented its activity towards citizens of that city, towards visitors, tourists and investors. With the marketing of city contributes a: increasing the knowledge about the city. Develop and care for the image that has the city. Ensure the satisfaction of people target goods and services. Increase the attractiveness of the city. Increase the sense of identification of people target with the city.

Strengthening the economic structure of the city. Improve the competitiveness of the companies established in the city. Increase the level of employment. Improve the quality of life of citizens. Attract tourism and business. A city brand contributes to create value and to establish differences thanks to attributes and positive values that are passed to the target audience. The citymarketing seeks to consolidate the brand city through the Organization of cultural, sports and economic events, celebrating historical events, enhancing the artistic heritage, spreading natural attractions or complementary services for trade fairs and congresses, promoting enclaves industrial and geographical points of strategic interest and boosting initiatives related to artistic manifestations.


However, that is the only good news of the extensive document. While it is true that there is no shortage of water, there is, instead, a serious problem by which mankind is suffering from thirst: the water is badly distributed. The water that we have reached to the needs domestic, agricultural and industrial, provided the measures necessary to allow you to reach all households, enterprises and the crops are taken. These measures must be urgent to prevent inequality, inequality and poverty. According to the human development report, in which Colombia is ranked 70 among 177 Nations, the ineffectiveness of political processes puts the poor at a disadvantage. For more information see Medigap.

The shortage of water and the health crisis in the world contributes to that one million eight hundred thousand children die annually. The problem has so much impact that water is causing more deaths than armed conflict. Depriving water to vulnerable populations is a subtle form of violence, marginality and war. Very serious estimates $ 10 billion are needed to achieve a proper distribution of water. The cost is apparently high but it is insignificant when compared with other expenditure which incurred the Nations.

The military costs are for example, truly exorbitant and, of course, of one amount infinitely superior to what would be needed to bring the water not only to marginalized populations, but to all who need it: in other words, all human beings. The water became in some places a costly, almost luxury product. A bottle of purified water or mineral water costs much, or more than the same amount of its content in oil or gasoline. In the case of some regions of Colombia the subject is really critical: not just of shortage or inequitable distribution, but quality. Aqueducts carry water unfit for human consumption to households. And in those places where there are no citizens, especially indigenous, aqueducts must rely on wells, jagueyes and, even, ponds. Custom, but above all the need has led them to consume a turbid liquid with a distant resemblance to clean water which washed clothes in some developed cities or that washed the floors in industrialized countries. The next time that you see clouds on the horizon and clear the announcement of rain, give thanks to God and ask that liquid pure and essential sky arrive equally to all men and women of the Earth. And especially to children who suffer because of their scarcity. Alejandro Rutto martinez is a prestigious academic italo-Colombian, currently linked to several universities and vocational training institutions. He also worked as a journalist and is lecturer of events in conferences, seminars and meetings. You can make contact with him via mail or by 8055526 300 mobile phone.

Projects and Budgets

Perhaps these simple advice, help to handle in better form their errors and those him of the people who are related to You. 1. He is conscious that the things almost never leave as they were glided. I am an expert in elaboration of projects and budgets, and can asegurarte that the best budget, always will be mistaken, but well it is elaborated, will be near the obtained result. Nevertheless many things are not since they had been anticipated and must be modified or be left quickly to diminish the negative influence of the adverse result. It handles the frustration that is when something fails, learns of the experience. To learn is not a failure.

2. When it has a problem, it reviews if it knows the solution, in such case, applies it and if it does not know it, it remembers that to worry and to become distressed it does not solve it either. Stress widely affects the people, diminishes its capacity to react, to think and to act, before a difficult situation looks for aid, extends its menu of options, considers what can do and if finally does not have the solution, hopes without to become distressed, without attacking to the others and looking for guilty, with time some things change and the solution will come. 3. If something is not well, not always it will be a failure.

All the decisions have a high probability of being mistaken or to be right, as well as to guess right in a decision by important that it is does not ensure the success, to be mistaken either is not a failure. He is conscious that the success depends on which makes many right decisions and of which the effect of them surpasses the one of which takings wrongly. 4. The violence and the aggressiveness do not constitute the best form to react before a problem.