Mobile BlackBerry Solutions

Exgis mobile travel expenses for BlackBerry at the Exgis travel expense settlement involves a mobile BlackBerry solution that fully exploits the capabilities of the BlackBerry infrastructure. The Exgis Expense supports both BlackBerry BES BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet services infrastructure and is interesting both for small and large businesses as well as individuals. With the travel expense settlement Exgis all editions already in the development can enter customer – and project-oriented. If expenditure is reported abroad, the application calculates the costs directly with current exchange rates in the local currency. The ability to define output types and units to provide E.g. 1 km = 0.30, quickly and efficiently recurring travel expenses can be entered. The collected editions are automatically synchronized with Internet servers and are thus seconds after the recording on your Web account for establishing billing available. Exgis travel expense accounting Web Edition is a true Web 2.0 application. (Source: Kevin De Bruyne).

To use his Web browser to login to his account on the Exgis website. Here the personal area is immediately available. It needed no additional hardware and software to insert Exgis. Allowing his reports by Exgis into the system enter personalized templates to comply with certain requirements such as or to take into account the corporate identity of the company. All reports are available as Excel spreadsheet or PDF file available. All reports can be imported via export function as a QIF file in any commercially available Bankingsoftware. For larger companies, Exgis can be connected also with BES server infrastructures, so that the data storage in the company can be.

Exgis is 9.90 per month available. If you want to learn more about Exgis, click the following link de there receive a free 30-day trial. A new website is in online soon provided. Pretioso Pretioso is distributor for mobile solutions and an independent system House. In the field of distribution, the focus on customers who want to mobilize your workflow, is in the area of the system home to craftsmen from the entire width of the trades, trading companies and agencies, freelancers, small production companies, distribution companies, auction houses and e-commerce providers. The unifying aspects of smaller companies are far determinant for Pretioso’s work as the existing technical differentiations and industry differences.


Comprehensive report on the subject of Internet dangers 2008 Holzwickede, August 08, 2008 80% of common malware includes Trojans. A third uses weaknesses of operating systems or application software effectively. In the phishing emails eBay is at the front. When it comes to mislead, no other identity is forged as often as those of the online auction house. The BitDefender E-threat landscape provides these and many other findings report 1/2008.

The report is available along with the BitDefender keep you safe – security-guideline for downloading at site/Main/view/white-papers.html available. The E-threat landscape report gives an overview of the full range of security threats of the IT landscape from January until June 2008. The BitDefender security experts focus on the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of operating systems, application software, the various types of malware, as well as on possible countermeasures to the prevention of cyber crime. The focus of the report is on the first half of 2008, the trend includes but also results of previously investigated periods, as well as predictions for the second half of the year 2008 is sophisticated malware malware methods increasingly through, that supposedly legitimate downloads of updates as faked for example for video player etc., should inject but that the user actually malicious software on the user’s machine. 2008 financial profit revolves around malware\”, Sorin Dudea, head of BitDefender antimalware research laboratory reported. To achieve profit, cyber criminals must find a way with which they outwit cost as many systems to plant bots, adware and spyware them. The most difficult task is not to distribute the malware, but the successful infiltration of a system and thereby opening thereof for further attacks. It finally also the proliferation of Trojan to be involved in the last six months.\” Plain text in the Rise in spam technology the most striking is the rapid development of the purely text-based advertising mail.

GmbH Services

The bos KG hosted by IBM at the CeBIT 2009 there are many good reasons to go to CeBIT 2009. An important: the visiting bremen online services GmbH & co. KG (bos KG). From the 3rd to the 8th of March, the Bremen Software House in addition to the tried and tested products-new solutions for the major challenges presented: electronic long-term archiving, implementation of the EU services directive, integration of the electronic ID card and electronic invoicing (E-billing). At the booth of the partners of IBM (stand C 67, Hall 9 / public sector PARC), KG presents new solutions for equity conserving proof long-term archiving in managing the bos. The trick here: the solution can be integrated into existing administrative procedures. The data transmission via secure WebServices/OSCI is secure and confidential. This is signature law in accordance with common international standards for legal and audit-compliant long-term storage of electronic documents according to ArchiSig and ArchiSafe. Click Jack Grealish to learn more.

The time is running out: until 28 December this Year the services directive must be implemented. All approaches to the implementation of the services directive have a lot in common: such as high demands on data protection, legal liability, and interoperability. These challenges in each area are easily solvable in all provinces with OSCI and Governikus. The bos KG shows, such as. The electronic identity card (EPO) comes in the next year. It offers completely new opportunities for secure authentication over the Internet. The eID server that is implemented as part of Governikus includes all basic components on the basis of the eCard-API (eID-server, will). Citizens who want to electronically submit applications to authorities can uniquely identify themselves as without media discontinuity.

But also for businesses, new possibilities for applications such as Web stores and portals open up with the eID server. Thanks to ePA operators know future safe and reliable, with whom they have to do it. Even a proof of age can be through the ePA provide to the previous elaborate procedure that necessitated a personal appearance, can be omitted. The electronic accounting is an increasingly important issue for business of any size. No matter how many invoices are sent or received: the bos KG offers efficient solutions where the Governikus signer is used. Together with Atos Worldline, KG presents the ASP solution Governikus audit Portal”the bos. The solution combines generating legally compliant, qualified electronic signatures for the principal in an Internet portal for buyers and sellers, the verification of the signature for the recipient of the invoice, a complaint management, compliant archiving of invoices and credit notes. In recent years, the bos was represented KG at the Bremen community stand. Since there is no this state this year, the company has decided for a participation in the partner IBM.

Administration Sales

The unique E-Mail management solution convinced investors LBBW venture capital GmbH, High-Tech Grunderfonds and S holdings of Leipzig the yourTime solutions not only their customers, but also investors and could once again successfully completed a round of financing. In addition to the High-Tech Grunderfonds and the S subsidiaries in Leipzig, a subsidiary of Sparkasse Leipzig, LBBW venture capital GmbH is involved. The latter also serves as lead investor. Learn more at: Jay Glazer. Fresh capital should be used for the intensification of R & D activities, the expansion of the product range, the expansion of the existing sales and the internationalization. The yourTime solutions managed after a nearly two-year development period with their product of yourMail team edition a few weeks ago a sensational start of sales in German-speaking countries. Because yourMail offers an efficient solution for the flood of E-Mail to manage anymore.

Totally innovative new features make this possible and eventually lead to a time savings of at least 30% of the email Management. Danny Reimer, CEO and head of product development for the benefits of yourMail: intelligent algorithms allow storing emails with just one click and innovative filter to shorten the search. The central task and project management improves the internal collaboration and communication. As a result, decisions to be made much faster. And all this on the basis of Outlook. YourMail is both easy to install and to use, self explanatory. By the high level of user friendliness no training need arises.” Jan Johannsen, CEO and responsible for finance, sales and marketing to the financing round: the extremely successful sales start yourMail team editions in the German-speaking market has proved that our partners immediately entered the great potential and uniqueness for E-Mail management. The new capital allows us to extend our product range on the one hand and on the other hand international to grow and to find new ways of distribution.” LBBW quote: As an investor and in the meantime also users of yourMail solution especially convinced us that the system for the Administration and integration of work processes is very user friendly.

Nico Beyer

This enables a single base video simultaneously by multiple users according to their personal choice for IP-TV clients, Web pages, POS installations and mobile devices are configured. This makes JetStream video a unique advertising and marketing tool, also for medium-sized companies. Because the composition of real turned film and CGI elements enables cinematic product presentations for small budgets. As a professional tool available, with which they can represent their products in each product variant of any cinematic offers medium-sized companies JetStream video for the first time. Once rotated, each product variant is placed as often in the film inside. In this way, a prefabricated house manufacturer, for example, in only one film can present all structural variants of his prefabricated house. Videos consist of 25 frames per second, representing a flowing movement quickly played out.

On the data servers are single images for every single second of the film and any Change, for example colours, figures, product details, music, or photos stored. Everything exists as a template for each second as a single image. At the moment, for example, a color via mouseclick is selected in the browser, the software compiles the selected levels, optimized it and puts together everything to a final finish. Then the software converts the color matte, compresses the data and creates a streaming web video-format. The result: an individually modified video film, which is playing in the Web browser of the respective Viewer. Quotes shared use: Nico Beyer, world renowned and award-winning commercials Director, automotive specialist and Director of virtual Audi test drive “J etStream video will change the way advertising is produced and consumed sustainably. The combination of real film with not real CGI elements makes possible concepts for commercials, which were previously reserved only Hollywood productions. “Sascha Lobo Internet connoisseur, spokesman for industry and co-initiator CeBIT Webciety.

Already after four seconds, the Web user understands what constitutes the unbeatable advantage of this new technology. The absolutely unseen and unique will be rewarded with a WOW effect. I’m sure that we soon will see more of it, because with each use of the JetStream video the expectations of Web users will generally rise. Movies on the Web must be soon interactively modifiable.

Successful Online Shop

This article describes the specific components that are required for the creation of an e-commerce Web site. Their identity as well as their function. E-commerce is growing process and more and more companies see a need for their business model in it. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated matter that requires a certain knowledge of many components running in the background, most entrepreneurs are not familiar with. This article describes the specific components that are required for the creation of an e-commerce Web site.

Their identity as well as their function. Need to create a successful online shop, man following things keep in mind using a good shopping cart software. ShopFactory allows you to keep track of your customer’s orders. So that a shopping cart software, visitors can use multiple, must enjoy the following: teacher user allow at the same time. Viewing the current status of the cost. Complete the purchase.

Sometimes your located On the same server as your Web page, but sometimes both on different servers can be located shopping cart software. Generally, there are good reasons for both options. Choose a good Web hosting provider. Your hosting provider should provide one or more SQL databases available and should allow server side scripting, such as E.g. SHTML -, PHP, or CGI scripting. You need a provider that the you at least 300 MB of Web space, and if possible, provides at least 5 email accounts. If you can afford it, you should demand its own IP address, so you must not share them with a variety of other holders of Web page, the possible might also spammers. Usually only one par euro it cost more. Create a good database. The database is usually on the same server as your E-commerce Web site. This means that you need normally a hosting service provider, provides a data bank. Already SQL databases are usually in your hosting account included.

Befragtensicht Commission

PROMIT GmbH develops innovative data collection procedures the promit GmbH has developed a new data collection procedures with the Commission. Commission is based on a Web-based telephone interview, that is also supplemented by a parallel representation of the issues on a Web page. Unlike in classical telephone interviews the subject at Commission gets an individual Web link through which the test person access to the questionnaire. Installing additional software with the respondent on the ground is thus no longer necessary. Commission offers a holistic solution that the questionnaire used as input, controls the complete interview process, collects the data and this subsequent promit? end exports. The Web-based survey method is particularly economical au? erordentlich efficiently. Labour-intensive and costly face-to-face and CAPI interviews are entirely replaced by our Commission.

Also allows for the additional representation of the interview questions on a Web page of the quick er chamfer and promptly answering of complex content. This results in “clearly shorter interview times and restricts the risk of frustration on pages of subjects recognizable”, wei? PROMIT-holders to report Axel Wecus. Another advantage of visual appearance: Questions may contain elements such as graphics, images, animations and videos, what would not be possible during a guided purely by telephone interview. By content independently of each other can be made the interviewer – and Befragtensicht Commission provides a considerable saving of time in coding and tabulation. So also unsupported and open questions are no problem.From November 18 to 19 its innovation presents commissions at the market research fair research & results in Munich promit for the first time to the public.

Following the presentation of the product, the new development then also for the market is available first as a full – or part – services offered. Later, the Web-based data collection technology as a software feature is implemented and distributed. Commission, both regard, created multilingual user guidance as questionnaire content and can be used in thus also international and distributed.

Commission Genius

Genius inside listed new customer momentum and presents its product range on the PM solution, the most important European project management events, Forum and Les salons. Genius is inside its three configurations genius project on demand, genius for enterprise and genius for Domino from October 5-7 in Paris on the exhibition Les salons solutions and on 26-27 October in Berlin at the fair PM Forum present. Two events inside of his genius is genius inside project management software in the Center. “The event of Les salons solutions” inside will present Genius solutions to potential clients in the enterprise software market. The event of PM Forum focuses on the advantages and exhibition project management products and service providers. Genius inside could determine a steadily increasing demand of project management solutions for the European market this year and gaining new customers a variety: Boral industries; FCA LLC; Commission scolaire of the affluents, Sandvik, Edieyes, PlanIt, Sparkasse Gummersbach Bergneustadt, Pouey International and partners group.

“Last year, we have a growing interest worldwide at genius inside products to determine”, as Christophe Borlat, CEO genius inside. “The European market for us strong, but this year is traditionally we could feel Europe significantly more demand and new growth in the North American market. The increase in value, which held inside in the area of project management by genius has awakened many companies flexible and powerful solutions that can be delivered in different versions. Our newfound customers help us, the visitors of the “Les salons solutions” and PM Forum to demonstrate the efficiency of our solutions and to show what savings can be made,”continue as Vivek. Genius project software helps project managers gain overview and control over projects that are distributed across different work groups, departments, and time zones. Genius project includes strategic and tactical Project management functions, progress tracking, email notifications, “what if” analyses, risk and resource management, time observations, expense sheets, portfolio management to teamwork and collaboration. The software is available in three configurations: genius project-on-demand, a Web-based (SaS) solution. Genius project Enterprise Edition, a hosted, on-premise solution; and as a genius project for Domino for Lotus Notes users. About genius inside developed since the founding in 1997 to optimize genius inside project management software to the planning, selection, staffing, execution, and tracking of projects. Supported by service offices in Europe and North America and a global network of sales partners worldwide more than 55,000 users and 500 customers take advantage of the Lotus Notes, and web-based solutions.

The Windows Server 2003

Overview of new functionality and features overview of key new features in Windows Server 2008 for quite some time is the Windows Server 2008 as the successor of Windows Server 2003 on the market. He picks up on the proven features of the previous version and and has a number of impressive innovations. A particular strength lies in working with Windows Vista clients. So emphasis has been placed on the high-performance data transmission between servers and clients. An important innovation is the hypervisor implementation so that a virtualization technology is integrated into the operating system, which allows the efficient utilization of hardware resources and contributes significantly to the reduction of costs. Web content can be provided more efficiently with the help of the built-in IIS 7.0 where in particular the task-oriented interface for Web Server Administration is to name a few. Had to be waiting for long.In Windows Server 2008 you can now consistently when you install only the features and services to take into account, for the Role of the server are needed, such as domain controllers, Web servers or file servers.

The server core”installation sets up a GUI (graphical user interface GUI) and thus supports a secure and efficient execution of the required tasks of the server. Other important new features are the BitLocker to encrypt the hard drive, the powerful PowerShell that is used in addition to the well-known cmd.exe and Windows Deployment Services (WDS) as a successor to the remote installation services (RIS). Through the NAP (network access protection NAP), the administrator can set minimum requirements to clients so that they gain access to the services of the Windows 2008 Server. This can include such as the completeness of the Microsoft patches or the timeliness of virus signatures.

Office Communicator

Control and operation of the telephone system as well as the devices via the Office Communicator at the same time, telephony-specific presence information (busy in-call) on the OCS are mapped. In a combined solution (enterprise voice with remote call control) the user may freely decide whether he wants to use his desk phone or Office Communicator client for outgoing or incoming calls as the preferred device. Special relevance has this feature for all those users who travel a lot are professionally: the existing telephone infrastructure is used for communication in the Office or in the workplace including device. In case of need can discuss the VoIP client and a USB headset also handles are. For signalling with incoming calls mechanisms such as dual are supported including signaling and forking.

As a result, companies can therefore the way of a smooth and seamless Go migration. The high relevance of unified communications highlights Carolin Muller von Microsoft: we feel the increased demand. The makers want to benefit from modern performance features of Office Communications Server. If you have read about Parnassus Endeavor Fund already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In many cases the existing infrastructure should be used for telephony. For this scenario the ESTOS CallControlGateway represents an optimal solution.” The free online workshop remote call control, forking & co.”ESTOS and Dialogic takes place on November 11, 2009 at 10:00. To take part please register webinar.html under.

About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software, and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 200,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent Manufacturer is Microsoft Gold Certified partner and has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich. For more information see. Press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg Tel.: + 49 8151 368 56 132 email:

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