Educational Games

Everyone was once a child who was interested in everything new and unusual. Perhaps each had toys that could have been a new and unusual to collect, such as cubes or designers. Such games have contributed to that emphasizes spatial imagination, gave the initial idea of the geometry and physics, simulated creative activities. These children's educational games were always held in high esteem among parents. And manufacturers are developing Games are not standing still. With the development of new technologies and materials and there are more children's educational games.

There was a lot of unusual designers that enjoy playing children. For example, the magnetic Designer Bornimago. This magnetic designer presents a collection of magnetic sticks and steel balls from which to gather the most fantastic designs. Play this magnetic designer can children from 3 years old, but he will be interesting to older children and even adults. Magnetic Designer Bornimago was recognized as the best toy in the category "Design of the creative toys' in 2004 in China. It is believed that the invention of magnetic designer in Switzerland. He is now available under the brand name Geomag. Due to the fact that the magnetic designer was very popular and popular toy it began to produce many manufacturers.

In addition Bornimago most famous of them Swiss Geomag, Italian Supermag, Canadian and Chinese Magnext Magnetic and Magnastix. There are other manufacturers, but their production in Russia is practically unknown. Of course, the products of European and North American producers of impeccable quality, but for Russian consumer prices is one of the key factors influencing the purchasing decision. A low-cost designers from Europe can not boast. Every manufacturer is trying in every possible way to diversify your Magnetic Designer. Now in set design includes colored panels and wheels, which allows you to create interesting models. In general, children's educational games are different, but the designer has a special magnetic place, recognized by many parents around the world.


It happens that the pike just a "lazy" and then it is called passive, to make a fish to grab your bait is much more complicated, it can swim a few meters behind her, and then turn around and disappear into the depths. In this case, to help speed entry with a stop, during which the cast and there will be, but it will not be strong and be on time posech. Pike does not like fast wiring. Active pike usually strikes missing from the ambush and bait across – on this basis, have the hooks in the middle and does a tail. Go ahead, no one, in fact, the pike in the river! New location: many sedges and water lilies near the shore – will be hard to pull out, so must pre-occupy the most advantageous position and to simulate the capture of fish, not forgetting about the course, coastal bush and awkward downhill – all of which can seriously interfere with vyvazhivanii.

Increasingly cast make against the current, but Imagine if you will fall fish, we'll have to drag her across the grass, so you should choose a more acceptable angle. Make a cast and concentrate all their attention on the moment when the bait will be held on border sedges. Here there is biting us by surprise do not take! Well, I knew! Eagle Eye frantically beating the pike. The main thing was not happy and not in a hurry. Fish, too tired, and it was then guided her to the bank: if the "pen" that can be pull as if fishing with a float rod, but if you are looking for their big podsachek. What is not taken? Of course, to hang in the woods with podsachekom not very comfortable, although it is possible.

I hope you do not forget to wear boots, if not then go into the water and right hands, carefully take the fish to take that up to you, but as you know, the most painful place in pike – the eyes. Well remember the place where the pike was caught and gatherings of all places, then to go back. Proved Ichthyology and checked me not once – ever pike caught the neighbor took the seats and can be, having more or less a decent memory, harvested specific points. And remember – we do not catch fish in order not to die hunger, and to commune with nature, which is so necessary to modern man, and he reported this often is not aware.