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Editor’s Note: Lula in Brazil, has decided to cut public spending by more than $11 billion. The Congress of that country did not approve a tax, and Lula, appealing to fiscal sanity, decided to spend less. Is this good or bad? Can send me your feedback a: Lula spends less for the sake of Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 9, 2008 who had said it at the start of his term! Who imagined Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva decide a cut in public spending to keep fiscal accounts in order? perhaps, the Brazilians would have to be grateful for this decision, some will think by what Brazilians should take with pleasure the decision of Lula reduce fiscal expenditure in USD 11.411 million? No doubt that any direct or indirect beneficiary of public expenditure must be liking such decisions. I guess companies construction companies that participate in tenders for public works I do not think that they are very you happy clear that do not. It is that Lula’s Government should solve the problem that arose as a result of non-approval by Congress of the extension of the tax to the transactions, which took away the Government revenue by $23,000 million. Beyond the discontent that many Brazilians might have by this decision, the truth is that I understand that it is an accurate measure.

Why I think that it is a good decision? let’s see: first of all is a clear sign of the continuity of the line of economic policy that Lula’s Government has put forward. It shows you the markets beyond the circumstances, there is a concrete commitment to the maintenance of fiscal discipline. In many opportunities to countries in the region have enjoyed fiscal surpluses, but before the minor variation of the economic context, the same faded against the little decision to hold (and Governments take care of it), and it was shown that fiscal discipline was not one of the objectives of These Governments, but circumstantial situations go to know one why (product of privatizations? from extraordinary recoveries in revenue?, etc, etc). It is not something Brian Kzanich would like to discuss.

The Simplicity

It is possible that I said either verbal or indirect through ads if you have no power over food, not any power at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each person is beautiful, and everyone has emotional competencies, social skills and physical abilities waiting to be exploited. To heal the wounds of the past, and recognize and reinforce the power within him was born the foundation of permanent weight loss. If a diet for weight loss is inadequate, it will never succeed in achieving their goals.

On the other hand, if you have a preferred program followed by a specialist, who is also practical and varied, you have the keys to success. In fact, even it can be smaller in a total of two weeks. The secret if you want to call it is to adopt a programme of well proven exercises that can instantly adapt to your lifestyle. Remember that success lies in the simplicity, clarity and practicality. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a plan for healthy eating that works synergistically with your exercise plan to build upon this foundation of a healthy and lasting that will not only help you enjoy better, but also It will help to develop their skills to embrace your personal power. Remember that with a guide to good food adapted to their lifestyle that you can do more than go to another diet to try to lose weight, and really can win in all areas of your life and achieve outer beauty matches her inner beauty.Recuerdelo denuevo not try diets to lose weight quickly, simply doesn’t work, best fence by el camino real and ever more rapid its Link target recommended for advanced power program healthy and exercises, conoscalo here original author and source of the article.

Raise Healthy Weight

While overweight and obesity are diseases that affect more people in the world increasingly, there are also people which costs much gain weight, they feel that they are too thin and find a way to upload a few extra pounds. Many kids also want to stop being the skinny and gain weight and muscle. But there are two ways to gain weight, the first, it is accumulating fatty tissue. This could be unhealthy, since the increase in fatty tissue in the body increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among other diseases. The second way, and the healthier is eating healthy foods for weight gain, and leverage these calories to increase muscle mass. This is accomplished by incorporating into your diet to gain weight, some specific foods, and attaching to this eating plan, strength training exercises. Within the food that you must add to your plan to gain weight, we have the following:-raisins: two or three daily handfuls.

They provide good amount of calories. -Bananas, papaya, figs: three servings per day. They are fruits with higher sugar content. -Nuts: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts. They provide calories, vitamins and minerals. -Smoothies containing milk, yogurt or ice cream, more fruit, more protein whey powder. These Smoothies are ideal to recharge your batteries after the exercises.

-Don’t forget to incorporate extra servings of protein throughout the day: in forms of clear of egg, meat, fish, ham, cheese or dairy products. The exercises you must do to gain muscle mass and gain weight in a healthy way, are exercises in bodybuilding, particularly with weights. The machines are not so efficient. To see which is the plans checked so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase muscle mass, please click here.

The Protection

This index must be marked on all products marketed as sunscreens. Common is that we find two types of abbreviations to indicate the protection index: IP (assigned to Europe) and SPF (assigned to America). But, do we know what this sun protection index is based on? Sun protection index is the relationship that exists between two types of skins: a protected and the other not. This relationship is expressed with the acronym DEM which is the minimal eritematogena dose, i.e., the time that has to pass the exposed skin to show erythema. The relationship, therefore, will remain this way: with no sunscreen sunscreen/DEM DEM = IP, or SPF. For example, 150 minutes / 10 minutes = 15. The IP of the product would be 15. Check out New York Life for additional information. Now however, it is important to educate people about the solar protective term.

The protection is not permanent. This IP only tells us that if the person takes 10 minutes to develop the rash after exposure, if the product is applied it will protected 15 times more time (150 minutes), with what after that time the person remains unprotected and solar Erythema is effective. The general conclusion to all this is that the IP is a multiplier factor of natural protection that gives us our own skin. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry has developed powerful protectors with IP very superior as the + 50 or 90. This in theory, leave protected the individual for many hours without having that concerned by the application of a new dose, but in practice this is not the case and prolonged exposure should be avoided. This is because each company bases its IP in their own products or clinical studies presented by what the final results will be highly variable between each other. There are brands that can be + 25 but the real IP of the product is + 15, for example.

The Desired

Once defined the objectives it is necessary to harmonize them. I.e. check if what the client wants or seeks is in the same line of what we seek. If at the end of this stage is that the objectives of both parties not they are compatible, it is best to leave the negotiation before arriving to give everything for nothing. For this reason it is very important to have a BATNA. In step 3 will talk in detail about what this term means and its applications. To reach favorable results for both parties, the following instructions will be of great utility: uses open-ended questions to find out what your customer wants and when you think that you understand what you want to get a summary and question whether it agrees with your perception. Ask your customer what they get to achieve your goal (goal, the desired benefit).

At this point verify if its end is compatible with yours. Find a common goal to achieve for each of the two parties may agree when it reformulated: then, we both want is formulated once the common, mutually accepted goal, both parties are looking for all acceptable means for each one, to achieve that goal within a framework of cooperation. Step 2. Guide to negotiation once established the common framework the following step is to make the propositions that will guide negotiations. Everytime we make a proposition must be one step ahead of the common objectives.

Its content makes reference to the objectives and elements of the common framework; We could say that a good proposition is formulated according to the following guidelines: use of the first person: I suggest I desire indicative of involvement in the desired action. Formulated in direct style. Thus, the request is expressed clearly and the caller must not guess it, let’s essentials and avoid ambiguities which only sow doubt in the minds of the interlocutor.


If you want to gain muscle, you have to do is do bodybuilding exercises, and also choose foods that provide what is necessary to increase muscle mass. It is very important that you do not neglect any of the two aspects, because if you exercise but you don’t feed properly, you will not have enough energy to train, you will feel exhausted and you will not gain muscle. If you do a good diet, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, but you do not bodybuilding exercises, acumularas only tissue fatty, which, besides being unhealthy, is very unsightly. Then, the food that you need to be able to train and increase muscle mass are as follows:-carbohydrates. They are those that provide the energy required so the muscle can exercise and grow. You must choose the carbohydrates of low glycaemic index, which are those that provide energy for a longer time and also have no tendency to accumulate in the form of adipose tissue. New York Life is often quoted as being for or against this. They are: all kinds of fruits (especially banana, grapes, papaya, Orange) dairy (cream, whole milk, yogurt) and whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread).

High index carbohydrates glycaemic (white bread, white rice, potatoes, table sugar) are not so recommended, since they provide energy for a short period and tend to form fatty tissue. -Proteins. They are fundamental for muscle tissue can grow. You can also find them in red meat, chicken, Turkey, fish, ham, cheese, milk, yogurt and egg whites. An example of a protein-rich meal: omelette with ham and cheese. -Vitamins.

Vitamins and C have a powerful effect antirust, ideal to eliminate free radicals generated during the exercise. -Minerals. Calcium and magnesium are some of the important minerals for metabolism of the body, which is what allows the muscle growth. To see which is the proven plan for any naturally skinny man can finally increase muscle mass, please click here. Original author and source of the article.

Almendares River

Dug at the bottom of the channel of the Bay a trench about 80 feet deep to place the tubes or tunnel boxes and to protect them were covered with a layer of five feet of Rocky material. An iron curtain, which closes its entry, hermetic mode resguardaria to the path of floods which could result in a hurricane. Carefully studied the oxygenation and lighting systems, as well as the lining of the interior walls that gave a special tile that would break the echo that will cause the noise of vehicles running. Impermeability was treated with great care. Up to September 1957 served in the play 60 000 cubic metres of concrete of high factor.

Many years later the engineer Menendez would remember that the construction of the tunnel gave employment to more than a thousand Cuban workers who in their vast majority already had experience to have participated in the construction of the tunnel that links below the Almendares River, the street line and the 31 Avenue in the Marianao of then. The work, scheduled to be executed in 30 months, actually delayed 32 because of the rain that crippled by long days work. But not only was the access fast to the beaches of the East what did arouse the necessary wills that he agreed to the construction of the tunnel. If the tunnel which was then projected between the Brazilian cities of Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro across Guanabara Bay, was due to growing between both cities transit, stated in 1956 in the journal architecture, Havana, the of here would be to urge to habaneros to to make their homes and live there side because its main purpose is to facilitate the development of the city to the East. Really the main interest that catalyzed the construction project had to do with a claim to extend far beyond the city limits where were situated in those moments.The Ciudad del Este, the city of the future, with those names began to be renamed what was planned.

And Now Who Can Defend Us

AND NOW; WHO can defend ourselves by: Tania D. Felix Perez society today is part of an era full of differences. Which often arise from injustices, which as defined by some authors or philosophers are necessary for good organization. The political elite is part of the large corporations that dominate the world in general since they exist although it is represented differently in every place, peoples, countries, States, ranches, etc. all have one of their own. However most of these are written by people who had or has one of the most common terms of our times; capital, which can be defined as money, culture, force, influences etc. Those who lead us to the cherished power.

But why only they have opportunities to Excel?, Sera that are unique with their intelligence?, what makes us totally back us conformists?. Currently the society According to their opinions and acts is totally unhappy but at the same time, you can not prove it, since we are victims of the already so common favors chains linked by those who have the power; media, politicians, drug traffickers, etc already using fear as a main strategy speech l violence. I.e. you have, can and is the only one that is worth. The father gives you the post to their children and these who should be, leaving the interests General (of citizens) as a hook to what you personally want to get. We are always comparing ourselves with those who have more, forgetting those who every day suffer from working, eating or sleeping with dignity and who dream to have opportunity to attend school. Far reach?, where are the values?, will be arriving to become extinct? , When we will stop thinking in power, if most of us? It is acting according to their convenience?, and now who can defend us?. Original author and source of the article.