Nopension – A Tip For Your Future

Why is your retirement at risk? Here, you get an answer. The retirement of many citizens / students is at risk. At a gross earnings of EUR 1 000 must be 45 years without interruption, to get a pension of about EUR 400 gross. This is however not possible. There are today many temporary employment opportunities in the low-wage sector and very few jobs with more merit. Perhaps check out Intel for more information. We are obliged to provide private.

You want to get later social assistance or a small legal and an attractive private pension? Unfortunately, one thinks of the subject of pensions usually only shortly before the retirement. This is very bad. Since starting with the retirement to sooner, the higher will be the private pension. can only advise you to provide as early as possible the privately. If you’re 30 years or 40 years young, it is better now to provide than not at all. It is best to start from 18 years of age with old-age provision. recommends the so-called Riester pensions.

She is a Government-sponsored private pension plans. The ones, which every year saves 4% of his salary including promoting receives the maximum support. Pension combines the Riester attractive yields and high security. As a job seeker, it enough to invest at least EUR 60 a year. Give no money! Do you provide and take the additional government promotion claim. At the present time, you can give away money!

Regional Currency

Coinstatt cooperation with Payango GmbH (pk) decides there own, not State currencies in Germany more and more. The purpose of these projects is to promote the residence-based alternatives by (largely) owner-operated shops. Elon Musk can provide more clarity in the matter. The company Coinstatt, based in the North Rhine-Westphalian Herdecke operates the largest such performance covered regional currency of in Germany and currently expanding its offering by its own visa customer card. To this end, the Coinstatter with the PAYANGO GmbH have decided a cooperation in Berlin. PAYANGO gives out successful Visa cards for years, which are particularly safe as prepaid cards. Read more from Penguin Random House to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It can, much like with prepaid cards for mobile phones, have paid previously on the card be has only. In this respect, the current account also with misuse remains protected.

In addition, effective protection against excessive debt is given. That highlighted that the Visa card by the largest German Landesbank, Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg is issued the Reliability with another feature. Coinstatt is the first regional currency, which combines the advantages of the own system using a credit card with the visa customer card. The holders of the card get 240 coin for immediate use in our Verbund. “A transfer value of 240 euro is the”, explains Coinstatt co-founder Aydin Acharya and adds: we are delighted that we succeeded through the cooperation with PAYANGO GmbH, to offer consumers a product so interesting. ” The visa customer card by Coinstatt there are for an annual fee of 59.90 euros, first in Castrop-rauxel, Witten and Selm. Other cities will follow in 2010, the nationwide dissemination will join after the introductory phase. The map is the December output. There is information about the Coinstatt currency Peter Krause in the Internet at the URL

Prepaid Credit Card Without Schufa

Prepaid credit cards are becoming popular – right? In the market for credit card providers with so-called prepaid romp about credit cards as card with recharge increasingly. The credit card comparison portal cardscout explains the most important facts about this new form of credit card. When interactive compared by cardscout you can compare over 80 credit cards according to individual criteria and order it online. How do prepaid credit cards work? “The cards work just like the popular prepaid phones: before the card can be used to recharge a credit balance on the account” are. You can spend just as much money as it has previously paid. “The individual amounts are not, as with a normal” usual, charged credit card once per month, and will charge the account promptly. A prepaid credit card can not be covered and offers additional security against abuse and falling into the debt trap.

For whom is a prepaid credit card? Prepaid credit cards are mainly for young people useful. Because they are issued as a result of the prepaid principle without Schufa query and credit check, they are also unemployed or insolvent persons or self-employed persons who do not have access to a traditional credit card, available. This service can pay the card company but good: up to 119 euro cost the cards per year. Where can I use a prepaid credit card? It is hardly a distinction from a normal”credit card. However, prepaid credit cards have no punching pressure of the card number. Therefore they can not used in shops, where the map data are mechanically punched on the proof of payment.

This Ritschratsch “devices are used, but less and less so that the prepaid credit card virtually anywhere and as any other card, can be used also to online shopping in the car rental or hotel reservation.” How do I get a prepaid credit card? A classic credit card requires a minimum age of 18 years and an excellent credit rating. Who this not present can or a Schufa query would like to go to, is well advised with a prepaid credit card. But there are now a wide range and details that should be noted: the balances will be paid interest? What is the annual fee? Is it possible to have a custom design? There is an up-charge limit or incurred additional costs for recharging? Which prepaid credit cards are recommended? A detailed overview of the most important providers offers cardscout at the address the credit card comparison portal: Schufa. The cheapest option by far is the prepaid MasterCard of the KarstadtQuelle Bank for only 19.90 euros annual fee. No Schufa query is made and you can even determine the design of the cards. There are reasons against prepaid credit cards? Against prepaid credit cards are also according to the Consumer Council Saxony, mainly for reasons of borrowing lack of, not to raise objections. The cost limit is in addition the card fraud prevented by and the owners has full control of costs. Card Scout ( is an independent information portal to credit cards, which is operated in cooperation by mobidata GmbH and TOMORROW FOCUS AG. Contact person: Werner Muller of mobidata GmbH Consul-Smidt-str. 8f 28217 Bremen E-mail: phone: + 49 421 83583-13

Stephanie Lehmann

A Commission-based advisors sold a money market fund, an own bearer bonds or capital guaranteed certificate – for example like to his customers for a conservative investment because these products, he achieved a higher Commission than classic day and date funds or pension values.”explains Stephanie Lehmann, also managing director and general partner of the Berlin financial planning offices. But if the market then turns down, these products in their price and value development in direct comparison to actually conservative recommendations lose significantly.” The customer pay the Commission-driven recommendation with his – partial – loss. A wave of compensation claims seem unlikely not because of numerous testimonials. But in any case, the relationship between customer and current Advisor is massively broken. Therefore, many bank customers and the customers are Classic agent looking for a real consulting alternative. They see us.” Ulf Niklas runs: since the beginning of the year we could our customers gradually recommend a higher cash position in your depot support and thus the reclassification to secure fixed-income investments. Commission-based advisers, however, have joined harder much so.” Finally, the shift in conservative fixed-income investments mean also Commission loss compared to an existing Fund or stock investment. The typical juxtaposed or benchmark comparisons ultimately helpless attempting unchanged invested to make the customers and not to lose the Commission were then often.

Here we can printing missing in US sales for the benefit of the customers use. “, as Ulf Niklas continue. At Brian Krzanich you will find additional information. Another example of this is the consistent implementation of the own independence. Whenever we have critically assessed the creditworthiness of an issuer of certificates in the past, we could without internal conflicts of interest and all the customer interest following recommend the timely sale of the corresponding equipment. Now, this leads to a special customer satisfaction. The power seller model of established provider focusing mainly on the internal contribution margins, however, is obsolete.” How to find the right now”Advisor for the future? Is important in particular, assign a fact pure Honorary Advisor to asset management. This is indeed free of fee and sales targets, and the conflicts of interest related to the customers.”said Stephanie Lehmann. In addition to a separate approval by the German banking supervisory authority and the detachment from a consulting eingrenzenden MiFID associated the Honorary Adviser must above all already have experience in the still very new fee consulting as well as a special professional qualification.

We can offer both: we are working in the Office of financial planning as a purely honorary consultant for two years and thus have the greatest possible Experience in this market. Our customers of in good conscience can trust. We bring the special professional qualifications in contrast to the most other free assets and honorary consultants of each long-term responsible activities and experiences at established retail and wholesale banks.” This experience and qualifications have proved for the customers not only within the framework of classic asset management and custody services, but also choosing simple best-interest daily and date money products. A financial investment in the Icelandic Kaupthing Bank we have generally discouraged customers due to the ultimately difficult assessable actual deposit backup situation. Some customers with high expected return thought it was initially too rich, concerns and are especially grateful to our recommendation now after the temporary closure of the Bank.” Here, too, the special quality of the honorary advice show in difficult market phases. Today was the best consulting model for the customers – as in Future.

Self-employed Struggling

The independence is a dream for many and for most, this dream probably fails on the financial aspects. Start a business just take that or other entry barrier with it. The biggest barrier may be the equity to the founding act. But what to do if you alone can’t bring up the money for the real estate or machinery? The latest edition of financial test dealt with this question. Actually, the brave have it hard to arrive at the founding of a company on cash and cash equivalents. If you have read about Mark Bertolini already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Because just when independent banks of lending to take a closer look, as in permanent fear Ellen.

Because independent fluctuating incomes have, these represent a high risk of a failure of the repayment. But there are differences in the procurement. So for example, freelancers are rather considered professionals. But those who is currently in the start-up phase, has almost no chances of a loan. The banks want to at least see proof of two years of successful self-employment.

On the sector of real estate lending a few to favoring however now to grant a mortgage also newcomers in the business, such as the Deutsche Bank or the Frankfurter Sparkasse. This also a real estate credit is granted in positive circumstances already after a year-long independence. Often you should look around when looking at the regional party. Financial test for this MKiB and use on. These providers work with many banks and have in most cases a credit for the Kreditsuchenden in the portfolio. Particularly eight should be but the search after a credit with the flexibility, amount and interest rate of the loan. The one or the other provider is the loan even with poor liquidity, but at such a rate, the simple rip off. Who has the ability and once comes with a small loan, which should also use this possibility. Because a smaller amount of credit can a lower cash hedge, which the banks can offer also a better interest rate. Still the possibility of a higher credit, is should flourish the business then but on better terms.

The Emperor

For decades, the sale of investment products under the guise, provision for old age works. For decades, the sale of investment products under the guise, provision for old age works. The pattern is always the same: the facilitator comes in the House and shows the supply gap in the age his victims. \”The corresponding question is then always the same: how much money do you need in the age?\” Then he shows his victims, how much state pension has to expect it. And right here is the dilemma. Brian Krzanich has compatible beliefs.

Who knows he can count on with how much state pension. You ask today’s pensioners, who 45 years have worked if they have expected so little, you get the same negative answer anywhere. In recent months, Mark Bertolini has been very successful. In any case a gap shows the victim. This gap must be closed according to mediators, must with capital life insurance, or even better by a private pension insurance. However, this so-called gap filler have hooks. Hardly anyone has so much money left, seriously to be able to close such a gap. Nowhere near enough with an insurance product where there should be a guaranteed interest rate of 2.25%.

A class promises, says the broker. But with inflation of 3%, everyone should recognize what remains of his mad savings. Yes, there is still the tax-free payout. Question: Who must pay already taxes on an investment that earns no yield? In the approach, it’s just not right, if a recommendation is pronounced during a consultation, without involving the inflation calculations. Everyone should then that come to the conclusion that a capital life insurance or a private pension insurance are the wrong products for the protection of retirement. And yet there are thousands investors who fall are still on the old trick of the tax-free payout. Legally commits fraud, who attracts people money for a promise out of his pocket, which he already knows that he can not comply with it.

Additional Insurance Dentures – Compare Dental Tariffs

To save money in the dental insurance although many know, that you just should fly over general terms and conditions and here terms and conditions, do so many people out of convenience. In the case of insurance the exact services must be clarified necessarily in advance, not in hindsight to experience the blue wonder and to sit on high cost. A good and independent professional can help here. An example in the area of insurance dentures: as well as any additional insurance dentures provides for application for existing damage to teeth no longer. These include already missing teeth. The insurance dentures can in case if if is not a specific number of missing teeth, be adopted only with the exclusion of a performance.

What many prospective customers of an additional insurance dentures often don’t know is that when a missing tooth the two teeth left and right beside tooth replacement measures, such as about the installation of a bridge, are also not covered. Because if the Gap using a bridge is repaired again, so serve the adjacent teeth as the pillar and must be sanded to match. This measure is cost-intensive. For this reason she not included is tooth replacement as an insurance policy. However, this applies only for tooth replacement. Must in adjacent teeth tooth treatment be performed E.g. new fillings, so this benefit shall be paid by the insurance dentures. Another important aspect refers to missing tooth within a tooth quadrant.

Although a supplementary insurance provides dental restorations according to the own rules of insurability for missing teeth, however, it must be ensured that the number of missing teeth within a quadrant are. May according to the insurance terms and conditions E.g. up to four missing teeth insurance dentures be completed the four missing teeth but are located within a quadrant, so this case can not be assured. The benefits are then excluded () Example CSS supplementary insurance dentures). As a general rule, that for existing damage and tooth diseases insurance nonrefundable dentures. “In insurance, the statement is therefore an already burning house can no longer ensure” happy cited. Even the toughest Customer understands this metaphor. A good insurance makes dentures dental and orthodontics, if necessary. It is spoken dentures mainly by an insurance company, because the expensive co-payments for dental prostheses move mainly the patients to private to protect themselves, which is not only useful, but also necessary in any case. More treatments such as fillings, Wurzelspitzenresiktionen, periodontitis treatments etc. are also a top insurance dentures (CSS dental auxiliary insurance, Barmenia ZG plus, Arag Z100 etc.) recoverable at high rates. Editorial Contendia contendia at

Bernd Neuhoff

On the other hand provides a highly qualified broker then for the demanding cross-selling and customer service. South financial compact: where is this breaking the advantage? Bernd Neuhoff: In many professions, specialization today is everyday life. Take the many specialists in medicine or the various lawyers in the lawyers only once. Today hardly anyone over ALLROUNDER would be describing here. This development is also necessary in the financial services. The broker, supported also by specialists in all sectors, such as finance, BAV, so can concentrate advice on their core competency, without worry about the acquisition.

The salespeople have the opportunity invariably on the core competence of the sales structure and customer acquisition, supported by a call centre to focus. South financial compact: How do you see the future of financial distribution? Bernd Neuhoff: Many distribution systems based on outdated information. You must carry out revolutionary changes, but otherwise is the structured sales in the Financial services a discontinued model. In our, expansion and quality oriented concept, I see therefore the only and best approach point to the potentiation of sales and to achieve financial freedom. South financial compact: another focus for the Multicon Board is the better reward of the broker with much higher Commission and above all build of a solid income through stock and subsequent commissions.

What’s the goal here? Bernd Neuhoff: I’m sure that we set an industry-wide example with our concept. Here, an improvement of working conditions is essential. If everyone on the core task to focus, which is the most for the performance is more compensation in the form of much higher Commission and above all by building a high inventory and follow-up Commission, the job is much more fun and joy. South financial compact: what has determined your success? Bernd Neuhoff: One must be performance-oriented and insistent. And of course having fun what to do. I personally feel about this at any time in my work. “Therefore, one of my wisdom is: RES severa verum gaudium.” South financial compact: joy is a serious matter? Bernd Neuhoff: Yes! As if joy and work go hand in hand, then really great things to do. About the South financial AG experience & tradition in finance the South financial holding AG is a holding company of the South financial group. South financial financial assets sales AG’s core business is the provision of carefully selected financial products and investments by third-party. Especially in the area of interest, the South finance AG has special experience, in particular in the private provision, as well as in the transmission of monetary systems through independent sales reps. Only independent financial advisors with a profound experience and special knowledge use the service of southern finance AG in finance. Also, the mediation of the sale of real estate belongs to the business activities of southern finance AG, here specifically listed condos, and real estate-related services. The South financial brand of Unitis specializes in the sector of car and is a recognized expert and now as one of the largest specialty distributors of in Germany in this area. Contact details South financial investments sales – Aktiengesellschaft Ulrike M. Hamasaki black-bear-str. 10, 93047 Regensburg Tel: 0049 (0) 941 5047 0 fax: 0049 (0) 941 5047 26 E-mail: more at: