Flea Market

They offered the opportunity on the Internet an article from private to private auction without even knowing how high the auction price for his article will be as a provider. What did the provider as well as the bidder, was the second at the auction was ended by the auction house. This indescribable feeling of joy to have bought an article, in the last second, piib.de is revived by the new Internet auction house. On the day of German unity, the 03.Oktober 2009 the Internet auction house opened its doors on the Internet. Means privately on the internet offer Piib.de”. So must provide those interested to bid for an article, so the Managing Director Marita Waley.

As a composer this Internet auction house she and her staff holds it firmly, that there will be commercial shops, nor one the possibility of article to be able to buy. Feeling Pur is private flea market from your local PC, like 10 years ago, at the top. Piib.de focuses exclusively nationwide on the auctions of its bidders and suppliers and with the slogan we offer more”was also created a new Renaissance of the auction fees. Peppered with a sophisticated system of Member, each provider can choose its auction package suitable for. With the smallest auction package basic has all auctions the provider for only 1.99 a month up to 4.99 free. The proceeds of an auction provider benefit to 100% and is still managed no advertising banners on the Web site to place it results that is. That are permitted no commercial dealers on Piib, which maintain an extensive inventory, brings with it that must evolve the platform supply and demand itself and expand. Getting started as a provider of Piib is so until end of October completely free and supported by the Piib team there always great deals for all active members.

ESTUGO Builds Security Segment

The Greifswalder Web hosting provider ESTUGO.net has expanded its product offering to different SSL certificates and a spam filtering solution. Including the two wildcard SSL certification, provides the Web hosting provider now future 7 different SSL certificates to. Trust is an important criterion when trading via the Internet. It is not only important that customer data is protected, but also that the providers tested by a third instance and ensure his identity was. “Our customers have recognized this and rely increasingly on SSL certificates for second – or third-party stores. In addition, many users are willing to invest more in ensuring the online shops. This is a development that has prompted us to offer a wider variety of SSL certifications. So there is something for every budget and every area”, Alexander Dohner reported.

In addition to the extension of the product range in the field of SSL, we worked on a re seller area. This is it resellers in the future enable stand-alone SSL Products to market without the ESTUGO occurs with the customers. Also in the domain segment expanded the product range. In the future, a DNS based anti-spam / anti-virus filter is available. The filter can be used with all ESTUGO products as well, but can also domains which are hosted at ESTUGO not be protected.

“E-Mails at the highest level against spam and viruses can be protected with the spam filtering service. The spam filtering service to enable only the MX to entries of the respective domain on our MX records be amended. No further adjustments are necessary. The spam filtering service ideal products, vServer, and root servers for Web hosting”, Managing Director Alexander Dohner adds. The spam filtering system is so constructed that no legitimate E-mail is lost. Legitimate senders receive notification when an E-Mail has been rejected by the initial anti-spam technologies. The filter system should be no suspicious behavior of the sender recognize, is forwarded the E-Mail to the next filter technology. Emails that are marked on this second stage of the process of filter as spam, come in a specially designated IMAP folder, which can be obtained at any time. All messages that have been marked as spam, can be deleted from there, or can be sent to your Inbox. The user has full control over the spam filter, as well as about the way to handle incoming E-mail at all times. Free according to the principle, we buy not the pig in a poke, offers the Greifswalder webhosting providers in the future all interested parties the opportunity to test the spam filter service 21 days free of charge. ESTUGO.net provides services around the subject of Web hosting. From domain name registration to Web space to servers takes the Greifswalder company all concerns and challenges associated with the operation of websites and online shops. More details can be found under.

Special Auction Bid

BeWebCom Corp. launches a special auction to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo from 6 April this year BOCA RATON, FL – under the motto “Your bids for Abruzzo” at AuktionClick, gepromoted at AsteClick from BeWebCom Corp. r the 15-day reverse auction to benefit the earthquake victims in Abruzzo. The intention of the company, with headquarters in the United States, is to contribute to the solidarity wave, which was triggered immediately after the devastating earthquake that shook the region in Central Italy. In the auction can be found the hyper technological Apple iPhone.

For each bid for the contract of Smartphones, Apple, 2 euro will be donated to the Italian Red Cross. BeWebCom adds even more 1,000 euros to the amount obtained from the sale of the product. “We will never forget the tragic events of the victims of the earthquake, of which many lost their relatives and friends. We decided our small contribution to make to try this way to relieve this unspeakable pain “, confirmed Michele Rossi, Chief Marketing Officer, BeWebCom. This massive tremor from 6 April this year caused 294 dead and 1,500 injured and over 50,000 people made homeless. The financial support is intended for the Italian Red, the world-renowned International Association, which merged with others, helped the population affected by the earthquake cross. Visit the website for more information on this initiative.

Task Scheduler

With a common schedule and Task Scheduler dates for joint meeting can (such as in chat forums) online are planned and set, who performs the tasks until when. To keep the quality of the posts at a high level, a corresponding online evaluation system should be used in addition, whereby everyone can assess each. This democratic review is much more equitable than individual assessments, which often subjective and not objective evaluation criteria play a role. Those who indicated their contribution history, intense with constructive contributions to the Other discussions took part, constructive rated and have even no legitimate negative reviews, can finally take part in the decision. Each participant must establish clear and understandable why he has chosen so and not otherwise.

Nothing is more behind closed doors discussed and decided the whole decision process (the discussion in advance, the entire decision and the collective reasoning,…) is transparent for the decision participants as well as passive spectators. With the help of the technical decision platform mature people who can competently deal with the modern information and communication technologies, can finally join the experts and politicians (moderators) participate actively in the political decisions and thus ensure that the decision-making process for each interested public transparent and the final decisions are best aligned on the common good. Due to its active participation in the decision-making processes provides the responsible person whose transparency and creates the conditions for a functioning democracy, which best reflected the will of the people through his behavior. Learn more about the book are on the website of the author (www.onlinetechniker.de/? q = node / 13) to find. Martin Glogger

GuteGutscheine.de Expands Service

Save free vouchers for Austrian online shoppers Duren / Vienna, 17 September 2009 cash money on online shopping? With GuteGutscheine.de thats easy now also in Austria. Almost 70 percent of the Austrian Internet users shop online and can save from immediately for their orders with coupon codes by GuteGutscheine.de cash. The German gift voucher Portal already cooperates with over 50 online stores in Austria. More than 50 Austrian online stores are already represented on GuteGutscheine.de. Connect with other leaders such as Hal Jones here. Overall, spenders on the gift voucher portal find more than 930 vouchers for over 1,600 stores in Austria, Germany and of Switzerland. So every household in Austria can save, for example, 50 percent for Burger King, pay 10 euros for Eduscho and in addition send to a free gift from OTTO. It is also possible to print out vouchers to buy directly in the business so and clever to save for example at the next lunch at Burger King or McDonald’s.

Interactive Notification tools facilitate coupon search agent newsletter, RSS feed or extension tool (add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer) browser stays up-to-date and missed a new voucher. To surf then on amazon.de, the add-on automatically informs that vouchers for amazon.de on GuteGutscheine.de can be found. The user can even choose he would like to be informed about what vouchers. Ivan tavrin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Who will choose for example, amazon.de and ottoversand.at, receives an E-Mail notification as soon as new coupons for the respective online stores available. Only current vouchers the individual vouchers be assessed online by the users in terms of functionality, facilitating the search for other users. Expired vouchers are automatically sorted out. In the blog by GuteGutscheine.de customers inform yourself also latest bargains such as cheap travel and reduced household articles. Press contact: GuteGutscheine.de management Breitenbend 21 52355 Duren Tel.: + 49/180-5344322 E-Mail: Internet: PR Agency:

Customer Portal

The platform gives them a free three customized and comparable deals for your desired product. Cornelius Buchner, Publisher and editor-in-Chief of the StartingUP existence founder magazine”, finally established the jury’s decision from the perspective of the entrepreneur: good service also works in the crisis that proves us buyer portal. Many entrepreneurs no longer there get a quotes for your phone system or external payroll, where they have procured them earlier. In the crisis, it says more to compare. Buyer portal offers a real alternative to other procurement actions accordingly and excellently exploited this advantage from a communicative perspective.” How buyer Portal: Kauferportal.de is the largest middle-class platform for the transfer of capital goods in Germany.

Currently the supplier network buyer portal about 1,500 registered resellers and manufacturers has. The product portfolio includes such as copiers, telephone systems, factoring services, advertising agencies and more than 30 more middle-class-oriented products and services. Prospective buyers can make on Kauferportal.de free minutes for their desired product information and receive an initial telephone consultation. This qualified buyer Portal requests and determines the needs of the prospective buyers so goal-oriented. Selected providers receive anonymous requests of prospective buyers in the sequence and then individually decide whether they want to offer a tailored the prospective buyers for their procurement needs. For the provider fees only, if buyer portal should-praktisch make a direct contact with the prospective buyers at your fingertips. Credit: Vince McMahon-2011.

The buyers will then receive three quality offerings from suppliers from the buyer portal network. This leads to significant time and cost savings in the procurement process of the company. Customer Portal allows providers without sufficient own online marketing expertise to attract suitable buyers via the Internet. This produces neither fixed nor wastage in their marketing actions for the provider. This is buyer Portal: founder and Managing Director of buyer Portal are Robin Behlau and Mario coal. The Foundation was conducted in July 2008 with support from team Europe ventures (including Lukasz Gadowski – Internet entrepreneur of the year 2007). The initial funding was carried out by experienced business angels. In May 2009, the Northwest newspaper as a strategic partner could be gained in a second round of financing. The cooperation included an investment in the six-figure range, as well as a comprehensive media budget. Beko buyer Portal GmbH is established at the Berlin Gendarmenmarkt and has currently 20 permanent employees in the fields of Marketing, sales, online editorial staff, IT and communications. “Buyer portal has received numerous awards, including the company won the BITKOM innovators ‘ pitch 2009 Robin Behlau and Mario coal were the founders of the month” the financial times Germany in March 2009.

Britain E-letters

Today at CeBIT, Deutsche Post is cooperation with MyHammer known MyHammer users users present themselves thanks to E-letters as a particularly reliable business partner MyHammer present themselves thanks to E-letters as a particularly reliable business partner offer from available today MacBook Air 11 to win Berlin / Hannover, Germany, March 3, 2011 will present today at CeBIT in Hanover the first joint project with MyHammer Deutsche Post: Now MyHammer users can verify quickly and free of charge themselves with the E-mail letter with MyHammer. Intel Capital contains valuable tech resources. Unambiguous identification is indicated by a logo next to the user name on the MyHammer Web page through the E-letters. Tradesmen and service providers and clients present MyHammer others so as particularly reliable business partner. The identity check via E-letters works very simply: MyHammer customers address their E-letters in their master data, enter a verification code is then automatically sent to the. The MyHammer user enters this code, and in Is a matter of seconds he verified and labelled his profile.

Still no E-letters address who can register free of charge at Deutsche Post under:. “Among all the while the action code MYHAMMER” type, is giving away a MacBook Air 11. Deutsche Post as a partner MyHammer strengthens its pioneering role in the safe commissioning of craftsmen and service providers”, so Markus Berger-de Leon, CEO of the MY-HAMMER AG. With the E-letters, we enable a fast and convenient channel for verifying their identity not only artisans but also end-users. This is important for our customers, based on reliable criteria in finding craftsmen, among others at the previous customer reviews and the specified qualifications of craftsmen. All qualifying information be checked by MyHammer before they appear in the MyHammer profile.

This idea of quality is in the E-POST letter. its logical continuation” More information to the E-mail letter with MyHammer: News.myhammer.de/ankuendigungen/011099-e-postbrief-bei-myhammer.html (registration) news.myhammer.de/news/011562-faq-der-e-postbrief-der-deutschen-post-ag.html (FAQ) about MyHammer: MyHammer operates Internet portals for trade and service contracts in Germany, Britain, Austria and the United States, and is the number 1 in Europe with over 6 million searches a month. MyHammer will find private and commercial clients fast and free qualified and evaluated by users craftsmen and service providers. The offered range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to babysitting and lessons. Contracting Authority can with MyHammer targeted sectors, qualification, craftsmen and service providers are looking for region or keywords and contact directly or briefly describe their mission, and interested party get well calculated quotes. The contracting authority awards the order by clicking on the basis of price, reviews, and qualification. After the execution of the order, customer review and Each contractor. Of MyHammer, the details of tradesmen and service providers about their qualifications are checked before they appear online. The MY-HAMMER AG sits in Berlin and has 70 employees. For more information see.


Berlin – the new provider test for canvas prints “Photos on canvas Testbericht.de” is now available on the Internet. Click Prudential to learn more. Berlin – the new provider test for canvas prints “Photos on canvas Testbericht.de” is now available on the Internet. On the website, various canvas supplier be compared and assessed. A list with all results available as free downloadable as PDF. No photo product is so popular as the own image as canvas print.

For the beginner, it is particularly difficult to decide now alone due to the enormous diversity of providers. The variety of product prices and formats is often very confusing. Choosing the right provider is difficult to very many people. With the new Web site photo canvas Testbericht.de is now much easier to decide on the best price-performance ratio. Also customer reviews in the review be taken into account in addition to the price of the product, the service and the delivery time.

The vendor comparison provides some interesting facts, so the delivery times differ extremely: the fastest provider can score with a shipping time of 2 days, other providers require up to two weeks. As a special feature photo canvas Testbericht.de offers an additional service: weekly current prices of the test winner on the site will be published. So, the customer can identify not only the best screen printing manufacturer, but back up more special offers. The service is completely free of charge.

Wendland Presents New Website

New Web page launched with 29 July 2013 as of Monday, July 29, 2013, presents the Wendland spice & food concept convenience GmbH with new website under. We welcome this measure, which represents a logical adjustment of our external communication to the processes implemented in the last few months”, says Managing Director Monty Ortmuhl. The new website takes into account the creation of new structures and product lines. Also he fits now also in relation to the significance of his designs perfectly to us.” From now on, visitors to the Web site has not only information about the company and its range of services, but also about current product promotions, action weeks, the product range, as well as seasonal recipe ideas. The common visual language and clearly defined areas we increase the clarity of the page”, Ortmuhl explains how the principle of the new identity. And of course, we increase the degree of actuality, by now running the page up-to-date information such as Job offers, product launches and promotions considered.” In addition to the website, the online shop of the factory received a makeover. Under to private customers can purchase many products directly shop.