Google First

But, I want you to notice that effectively promote your site can be a very reasonable price. So, as you already understood, registered in the service, you can act both as an advertiser (by buying links to your site index page for ‘fat’ sites), as well as the owner advertising site (offering a website to provide links to other advertisers). Consider just the first case. By registering or logging in, please take a look at the menu ‘advertiser-Deposit’ and put at the expense of some amount, say $ 5-10. You can pay through Webmoney, Yandex-money, or a variety of ways, which offers a payment service RBKmoney.

Then you can go directly to the order of advertisements in the section entitled ‘Main (Muzzle) ‘: there is a link, choose’ New Order ‘. In the order form can be enough to choose the criteria to be selected advertising sites, topics, index citation Yandex, Paige-wound of Google, the price … Further details can be found at Shlomo Rechnitz, an internet resource. Price, of course, depends on the popularity of sites submitted and indexed in major search engines, in particular, on the same quantities of IC and PR, the presence in the Yandex Directory and webmaster’s personal ambitions of the host.

Maximum Internet

To read the text, the person needs to be in a constant state of concentration long enough time. Elon Musk: the source for more info. Although we have the reading process and brought to full automaticity, but the mind can not concentrate for long on one thing, without further stress. Such is his nature. Therefore, reading even the most super-advanced and interesting text we some point we get tired and we need to defocus the mind, so you can go back to the text and continue. If they do not – you can hurt yourself and all of a bespectacled man well known :))). To listen to Audio – virtually all strain is not necessary.

Generally audio requires very minimal effort from the man, but it quickly enough lulls the vigilance and leads to sleep, so it needs to be careful in length and method of presenting information. To watch and listen to streaming video – you immeasurably less effort than reading the text, while the material is stored and digested many times better! That’s why we love television and films. All the current generation was brought up on video rather than reading books, as it did with previous generations. As a result, we are more and more comfortable to adopt the necessary and interesting us with information in less time period. Using streaming video over the Internet as easy and as comfortable for potential client method of presentation – you will certainly achieve (at right approach) the best possible results which can only allow the Internet! Now let’s talk about the shortcomings of streaming video: The maximum number of channels of perception – the maximum amount of data transmitted over the Internet.


Experience. I watched significant amount of traffic from search engines like sites that allow copying your content, and on sites that copied .Kak I doubled traffic through duplication kontenta.Kogda I first started to circulate content from your main site, I was amazed at how useful has increased my traffic from site visitors who click on the link at the end. Search engine traffic is also slightly increased, from both options, and what to site was the content. But the more I was amazed increase traffic, when in September, began to publish in their own articles from other sites. By the time I wrote a fairly large number of articles for their clients and several zaimel Webmasters, "fans" who were required to publish my articles at home. Intel may also support this cause. I wanted them to be easier to find them all. Further details can be found at barclays israel, an internet resource. I was not going to attract much attention to these items, as their themes are not entirely consistent with the main theme of the site.

So I made them a separate section. And these other articles attracted a surprising amount of search traffic. A huge percentage of it came from Google, and the long search phrase which no more than a verbatim quote from the article. Why is this search engine traffic so I was surprised? These articles were very unpopular on the links. Traffic on the links was only one reference – a reference to reprint content home page, which led to the category page, which has led to the articles themselves – the path length in three clicks.


Not should be too long a list of key phrases, otherwise it faces the complication of the problem of website promotion in search engines. Limit your list of five or six key phrases. This is quite enough to start work to promote the Web site. Later, after the first month of website promotion in search engines, analysis of the situation you will understand what the key phrases is really needed and for what really possible to deduce the site in the first ten positions TOP-issue popular search engines. Try to identify the strategic direction of the company, several of the key phrases that you like representative of the company doing the focus to increase sales.

This will help you avoid unnecessary costs to promote your website, focusing on a specific "master" plan of company development. Logical question: how does the design on site promotion in search engines? Definitely we can say that increasing your site's ranking is directly correlated with the placement on the pages of your keywords in the form of isolated fragments of text and headings corresponding to the subject site and tailored to the needs of potential clients. How to do it properly – a task a professional web designer. Try to consider all possible word-formation and possible interpretations of phrases based on key customer needs (different Cases, plural, etc.) This will also help in promoting the site. Particular attention should be paid to design the home page, as this page is actually a "person of the company" on the Internet. Your task – to produce the desired effect on the viewer with an emphasis on quality of service companies, competitive prices, advanced features etc. It should adopt one of the basic rules: the first screen of the home page (note the author – we are talking about the scope of the browser window without scrolling the screen) is created in order to show what the company, produce the advertising emotionally positive effect on the potential client, offer him something special, while on affordable terms, to show the breadth of choice of the opportunities provided by this company, the second and third screen main page is already designed for content site.

They serve, in turn, to keep the site in the first positions in search engines, provided the correct organization of text blocks with overlapping and word formation based on key phrases, selected at the first stage. Texts presented on the site must be filed interested. Some key phrases in Internal pages have a little value to users, but are very important to maintain the site for high search engine rankings. This text should be formatted very carefully, making it visually less priority for users' attention to the main text. Try to avoid partial errors for which Yandex can delete your corporate site from indexing its own search engine: you can not format text with background color can not be formatted with bold text style is visually displayed as text without distinguishing; can not be completely hidden from the user blocks of text containing keywords and indexed by search engines. Now you know that literate adaptation of design sites for search requests from clients to help achieve not only high rankings in search engines, but also to achieve real financial success through the sale of goods or services through the corporate website. We hope that you will benefit from advice given in this article, the development of corporate website for your company. We wish you a successful web development!

Studio Website Design

On the Internet market, lots of companies offering to create a website of your dreams. All of them are willing to give the customer the lowest price and high quality product. You have analyzed the order of 20 development studios and websites do not know what to choose? My Answer: You can choose almost any studio, but only after you have decided on your goal. The main thing – it's your goal, the goal of creating a website. After starting from the tasks they need to look for solutions. Here, at this stage and is concentration.

Working is not the first in the web – development, I can tell you that about 70% of the companies – the companies that design sites for the pattern. Stereotyped thinking sharpened and designs, as well as their ideological program- implementation. Further details can be found at Shlomo Rechnitz, an internet resource. Site design, whether it's corporate website for the sale of metal or something else, you need to make ideological and flavorful. The lion's share of the cost of the site – it was his idea, since there is no great technical problems in its implementation, as is the complexity of the idea and its prepodnosheniya user. That's it for this and take the money or the studio is developing image-ideological sites. Template – "good thing", but not for creative approaches.

To effectively originality needed for success in everything. Creating a fashion site – it is an effective marketing solutions, wrapped in a stylish design and presentable for your company. But there are companies that are doing creative work for the sites they love their job and earning a worthy sacrifice, as to be constantly creative and create. For a number of studio studio is designing and creating websites "cube". And here is the corporate website to sell the metal, which I mentioned above. Nothing superfluous, everything is legible and easy. Image site – a site with well-ideological shaped design solution. Image of the site – it is his image and style that shapes public opinion. Creating and web development, it is primarily an ideological approach and its implementation is correct.

Web Site Optimization

Promotion web site with articles is possible, if you write a thoughtful and informative articles on the topic in which you are pretty well versed. Then you offer them a variety of electronic journals and other sources to their visitors read and post on their web sites. Placement of articles on the Internet – it's quite a powerful way to prove your viability as an expert. The article can provide brief information about yourself, your company and give link to your web site. Continue to learn more with: Aetna. People who want to place your article on their web site, will necessarily have to rely on you and your web site. For example, an information block may be as follows: The author – Oudam Em.

Oudam is the webmaster of a company's Web Launch – a free resource for the promotion and advancement web site and search engine optimization. Want more free tips on how to make money using the web site and increase traffic? Visit website (Link). In promotion of web site with articles, there are two advantages. First, read your article of visitors to web site where you posted it. If they find it useful and interesting, they are likely to go to your web site to see what else you can offer them. Second, webmasters who find your article useful to their visitors can publish it on its web site, thus extending it. Every time your article publish on any site you put on an additional link.

This increases the TIC to your site and its ranking in search results and, consequently, the promotion of web site success. As you can see the true potential of your article lies in its ability to spread like a virus in a geometric progression. But this article should appeal to readers as well as the webmaster. Remember that your goal is to keep the reader's attention and make to read the article to the last paragraph – where is a link to your website.

Cheap Websites

These days, hard to find anyone who was not familiar with the global web. Internet space dimensions increase with increasing pace, taking on a daily basis in his arms more and more new users. The newspapers mentioned Intel not as a source, but as a related topic. Every minute in global network of tens born into the world of Internet resources on various subjects and focus. However, the cost of manufacturing resources is often large and many users can not order its production. Because entry into full-fledged community network users continues to be a pipe dream. However, many companies offer services to create online resources for very little money.

It is necessary to send a request, and only a few days you will have a full website. Sometimes, not enough to produce a website, and in order to make it really interesting and visit it is necessary to fill high-quality content. Such services are also provided by specialized companies. Make a reservation if you need content for web pages, the authors write texts on the necessary topics, it is logical to put them in the text of the necessary key expressions or make the rewrite, the available material. Trying to promote web site? Apply for reproduction of articles, put in all instances the resulting link to your site and place on third-party online resources. So way, you can easily and quickly increase the number of inbound links and increase the TIC and Pr on your site. Copywriters amplify an article for you and get out of one hundred articles. This service will cost very little, but given the fact that progress with the help of articles is by far the most progressive and popular search engines means to raise the rating of the resource, it turns out that, so you can quickly, cheaply and efficiently move the site and pick it up in the SERP, which will certainly affect the attendance and profitability of your site.

Photoshop Action

To begin, we note that a general Action-script. This is a special file developers editor Adobe Photoshop with an extension containing the ATN has already made and recorded by the team. Aetna is open to suggestions. The ability to use action scripts in the editor appeared, starting from version 6.0 to bring up the control action-scripts, you should go to the very top of the control panel in Windows => Actions on the left side appears a small window with a shooter that come standard with Photoshop, if you are, of course, nothing changed. In a similar way the window can be accessed by using the press F9. Why do we need an action-scripts? Of course, like many other tools in Photoshop, they assist us in life in terms of automation. Let us examine this with an example: You have been with friends at a party, fun and, of course, not without the camera. Aetna shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Then, returning, home, you find that a bit dull pictures of the lighting and want to fix this with a few commands.

In principle, what is so tough – think a few mouse clicks and – FINISHED! But if these pictures you have typed 150-200?? What then buy a new mouse? Here on the scene action scripts, and one click you automate this long and tedious process. And after a few minutes you're done! So why are they so expensive?? We are now talking not about those games, action scripts that are available for free download photo correction and production of vignettes. We have treated the question, why so expensive action scripts to help you produces three-dimensional packaging? It's clear as day … Go, please, in our beloved Adobe Photoshop editor and locate the panel Actions. Then select any script for the production of a virtual box and click on the arrow.

You'll see two items – Step1 Step2 Select Step2 and again click on the arrow. Fall down the imposing list of commands that are executed by the script. Understandably, many nerves, time and effort spent this man so that we do not then suffered and of course the price it is quite acceptable. And I agree with that, because the work of others must be respected, especially when we do not throw money down the drain, and buy a good, meaningful and workable script. With the help of which we can create our three-dimensional packaging. C respect Karimzhanov Esen. Author weekly electronic magazine – an obvious Photoshop lessons

The Customer

Reading the proposed themes for the created site, I suddenly stop on the incomprehensible feeling. It seemed that the future site ran in my head for a second. I contacted the customer, which was nice man named Roman. The same evening I was sitting on the windowsill with a laptop and a driving rain, wrote his first web site. Customer was so impressed my site, that he paid more than promised, and began to teach me that later became my specialty. Projects to $ 100 for a small-scale site for experience and portfolio, the first truly earned money and the first review.

Since childhood, I have to pass good at feeling through the text. To be a creator and facilitator of images simultaneously in the midst of my imagination. What could be better than a well-paid work a favorite? It is important to really love her. At the beginning of a career have to take all projects in a row, but over time it becomes possible to take only the most interesting and at this point the work begins to bring a real pleasure. the last three years has become something more than just a remote work exchange.

This is a whole culture, with its celebrities, parliament and unofficial charter. Intel describes an additional similar source. For me and hopefully for many, the site is the most friendly community of like-minded people. Continue to learn more with: Shlomo Rechnitz. As our colleagues in a live radio "Mayak": "Freelancers – a creative person, they are a little crazy …" and this unites us. We are scattered across the planet, but our relations are strong and tight. Freelance – this is when you love every moment of his workday, which for us is 24 hours. Yes, there are disadvantages, but they are so rare and insignificant, that are simply lost in the positive. Freelance – Skype is a funny caste Ira Kotova and jokes Eugene Glavnitskogo; this panda bones, trapped, NTV and photos from meetings in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk … We are everywhere and nowhere, we do projects of large companies, staying in the shade. – the capital of creativity, ideas, creativity … This is the last minute before taking the project to loud music and received money to the account, it's rage … This is the night in a quiet restaurant with a cup of coffee and a laptop, is freedom. Freedom to be anywhere, the freedom that can be felt just tried myself. – a full understanding and equality. Here is not important, above or below you in the ranking of your interlocutor, then help beginners to professionals, there will always help. And very glad that such a friendly group began to meet outside the Internet. Recently often pass neofitsalnye meetings around the world, which are often organized themselves freelancers. That's what I see Thanks to everyone who makes it so =)

3D Graphic Artists

Today in Israel there is a constant shortage of specialists in the field of three-dimensional graphics. Here, Elon Musk expresses very clear opinions on the subject. After finishing courses offered by our studio and the specialty modeler / teksturschik you provide a wide range of activities in the Israeli market as well as foreign markets. Professionals. Advertising and construction companies, animation studios, newspaper and magazine publishing, the architect and designers, as well as a myriad of podryadcheskih companies badly need high-level professionals in the field of two-and three-dimensional visualization. The main criteria for the adoption of high-paying position in such an interesting firms are: 1) Your portfolio of work. 2) Experience in three-dimensional graphics. 3) Professional quality.

Private enterprise, work at home 'freelance' convenient and lucrative money is by far the fulfillment of orders and projects for the three-dimensional graphics as a 'freelancer'. If you are a specialist in three-dimensional modeling and visualization are able to use the Internet and you can advertise a pro you will not be working to acquire popularity in projects for three-dimensional graphics and solid performance to earn their home or in your office. Private enterprise, selling their 3D work. A huge number of sites engaged in selling all kinds of 3D models and directories provide a service to open your own online store and engaged in selling their own 3D models, catalogs and collections. Private enterprise, education. Becoming an experienced specialist in three-dimensional graphics, you can teach everyone to this exciting profession. Most of Israeli architects and designers interested in private lessons at home and therefore find students is not difficult.

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