The System

Regardless of whether it is that it has actually understood it, if the has internalized, yours has done it. And you can repeat it using your own words. This happens at every step. If we understand that intelligence is the ability to be able to discover the internal connections of phenomena and processes that we studied, i.e. finding the relationships of cause and effect; fenomeno-esencia; particular-universal, etc. We can realize of it that far are our students able to find or discover such relationships in subjects who study.

Multiplication learned in the traditional way is the mere repetition of a table, so that it becomes like a litany: mechanical and boring. Brian Krzanich addresses the importance of the matter here. Without finding you significance and meaning to what we do. Imagine for a moment the reader that order you learn a series of results from an incomprehensible table, and having them be repeated every day. Simply would take him to crash and end up hating this practice. This is the rationale of the poorest results obtained in the traditional way is taught how to multiply.

Objective. of the project-the goal of our system is that any child of normal intelligence from 7 years of age can learn to multiply until the 20 table (not only through 12 as it is done with the traditional system) in a single week. And you can learn it so that never again forget as you must multiply. By that the system carries within itself the feature that if the child forgets and or make a mistake can be corrected the same. We are convinced that implemented system will enable a small revolution in teaching and learning. If we consider the enormous saving of horas-profesor involving. Besides that children will achieve a fabulous domain of mental calculation and all the benefits that brings rigged this system, while considering that Moreover such virtues (as it has been shown in countless pilots carried out) move even to the learning of other subjects (more mental agility, greater concentration (, etc.) And if that were not enough that the child raises their self-esteem to unsuspected levels.


Obesity is a chronic problem in the United States. UU. Since one-third of the adult population is overweight. Obesity reduces quality of life and is the main cause of other complications to the health. Most of the time trying to desperately lose weight without finding any result.

Sometimes you get to use risky methods, such as diets, pills and even envelope exercise that often can be more harmful than cash. In addition, some persons as those who suffer from diabetes, arthritis or sleep apnea cannot perform common programs to lose weight. If you are in one of these categories and you have lost the hopes, the obesity surgery may be a good option for weight loss. How does the gastric balloon procedure? A soft and inflatable silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth to reduce the amount of food that can be in the stomach. The placement of the balloon is made by means of a guide Endoscopic, having accommodated data the balloon in the stomach is filled with a solution of saline water. Due to the space occupied by the gastric balloon in the stomach, the patient feels packed with low intake of food. The result is a lower calorie intake and more utilization of accumulated fat.

The gastric balloon can be inside the stomach for a period of six months. Following a healthy diet and a lifestyle that includes exercise, the gastric balloon can be a great ally to achieve remarkable results. In addition, the doctor shall monitor and guide the results to increase your chances of success. Are there any other benefits? Gastric balloon surgery can help to control type II diabetes. The hormonal changes that occur due to gastric adjustment, stimulate the secretion of insulin in the pancreas and reduce intolerance of the cells to insulin. This means that one smaller amount of sugar enters the bloodstream and the available sugar is more quickly used by cells to reach the daily requirement of energy. The gastric balloon is a safe and rapid recovery procedure since the patient can leave the hospital two or three hours after the surgery. Rarely the ball might leak or break, but as a precaution, it is padded with a stain (methylene blue) may be noticed in the evacuation of urine. If the balloon will deflate it can be easily removed from the body in the same manner in which it was introduced. In addition, the ball can pass through bowel and be expelled with stool without causing minor damage. Sometimes the presence of the balloon does cause nausea and vomiting at the beginning of treatment but these symptoms are easily treated with medication and soon the body adjusts to the changes. If you these disillusioned that you’ve tried everything to lose weight, this is your chance. Find out by yourself, feel and view the results that you’ve longed for so much. Amazed at what you can achieve with the help of the gastric balloon.

Business and Social Media

Has your business grown thanks to your facebook page? or perhaps your growth has stagnated despite your efforts in the social network. If you still don’t see the results that you are expecting in terms of advertising on social networks get in action. You’ve what actions undertaken in social networks? The most important thing of having a page on facebook is that you approaches your efforts solely on promoting your company and its products. You cannot design a combination personal & professional and much less you involucres to your business with friends, i.e. keep a line depending on the account type. It is clear that your first experience in social networks has been through personal relationships; But if you now use this medium to promote your business, what types of messages listing on the network to speak of your brand, your service or product? In our experience, we have seen how people lose credibility through inappropriate content, as well as the publication of photos in your site staff.

Basic thing is to keep the role of business staff divided into the network. In your account you can say what you think, voice your concerns, talk about the climate, your family, but your business account should always have a professional appearance according to what you preach. If you don’t take into account this Miss presence in the Middle, because you mostraras an image to not interested users who finally are your potential consumers. Social media is an effective tool to get customers, but it is important to have clear objectives and a plan of action. You’ve probably seen pages on facebook for companies which are not respecting the line between the personal and professional. What do you think of this? They seem reliable business? Does it seem appropriate to interact with your customers through a more personal facebook? Make sure you have an image according to which your company promotes. Social networks have proven to be effective when advertising, do not miss this opportunity and used the network of a professional manner.


It is true that current human being leads a life more complicated and more accelerated, that we talked about that we’d like to do exercises to lose belly and have no time seems crazy, carried strictly a busy schedule of work, social, family obligations, etc., which is not a niche to be filled with the words physical well-being. Healthy exercise is not a high performance sport. A routine to lose the fat that accumulates in the abdomen only requires constancy and repetition, not two hours of agony. Give yourself 45 minutes a day. We are sure that you can adjust your agenda:-the first of the exercises to lose belly is mental. Your body should reabsorb the fat from your abdomen and that can only be achieved eating less, but feeding you well. -Learn to locate where your abdominal muscles groups are, some may be exercised sitting! -Ve walking at a good pace to everything you can: to make the purchase on the market, to the Office, to pick up children, uses stairs – if you’re not capable of forcing yourself, do not do exercise only.

Sports in the company such as tennis, volley ball, etc. make you employ Fund to win and you can burn many calories without realizing it, because you’re playing. It tries to find a couple of openings a week. -When have you locked your moments of training at your pace of life, ensures that are immovable.Belly changes by dint of habit. Not appeared overnight overnight and will not disappear with sporadic year. That discipline is your maximum. -To abdominal fat go downhill, the burden of exercises to lose belly increase. More intensity with the same duration, to define what they’ve accomplished.

And then the question will be: but where you have got time? I found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.

Tips For Choosing A Web Page

In order to choose the design or website, it is of utmost importance to advise on the topic, its publication by this route is to be effective and achieve the objective proposed or desired. There are several factors why you employer or institution should know in order to have a good decision at the time of choosing a web page, and this suits their needs and does not fall into the error of accepting what the seller wants you to buy. For this a web page is developed mainly by 3 types: Web page with (CMS) content management systems: this type of systems are normally used for needs of high information content such as news, videos, galleries, articles, blogs, among others. The advantages is that web design is already pre-installed and there are a myriad of templates that can change with just a few clicks, are programmed and only there to adapt it to the content you need, you have your web site in a very short time. The disadvantages is that the structure cannot be so easily modified, fits the probability your design be equal that of another person, if you change the web service provider not can be your Web site since they are stored in a database that is very difficult to adapt to the new hosting. Custom web page: in this type of portals are used for any type of information and will be made to the customer’s taste. The advantages are that your web design will be unique so you can create its own identity on the internet, you can modify in its entirety by what if no one likes can be make from scratch. The disadvantages are usually a little more tardadas develop requiring the of content managers, programmer I think it to be able to modify it.

Development with predesigned templates: are portals that are drawn up by anyone, and only there to modify its contents. The advantages which like content managers are quick to use and your design already is elaborated. The disadvantages on the other hand are limited growth because they are difficult to modify in your structure. ** These types of web pages at the same time are classified as static and dynamic. Static pages are showing your information without movement. Dynamic pages are showing your information with movement such as videos, animations and multimedia work. Then I select which type of website? It will depend heavily on the requirements which deal with display on its web portal, if you have much information flow and is not so important that someone may have installed then design the ideal is a type of content (CMS) Manager. If you only want to upload moderate information of your product or service in a fast way and occupies do not make modifications to the structure then use pages with predesigned templates.

If you care about the exclusivity of the appearance of your page and wants her to your liking then I recommend tailored pages. I hope that this information will be very useful to choose from upon your web page, no doubt now you may already have your own business in Internet. If you want to have internet pages do not hesitate in contacting us, advise you free of charge and without obligation. Thanks for your time having a great day. Original author and source of the article.

Eurojuris Spain Article

Transcendence which in practice can have such a provision is clear: do you want to this say that if, as collateral for a debt, I get an endorsement of a company of which I am partner (or group of companies) and this is declared in competition, I will lose my endorsement? Will I lose it also if I am Managing Director (general representative) of a company that owed me several concepts that I are secured by bank guarantee? A restrictive reading of the text of article 97.2 would harm the creditor with aval particularly related with the debtor, since it would mean that in any case the judge of the competition without further formalities issue an order declaring extinguished the guarantee granted in his favor. Some authors have criticized that there is a propensity of judges in mercantile to such strict interpretations and argue that, as regards article 97.2, the judge must ponder the circumstances of the case before applying the drastic measure of extinguishing the endorsement. In this sense, cite Martin Aresti considerations: the breadth of situations covered by article 97.2 LC allows you to imagine cases in which its application will put just brake to fraudulent manoeuvres, particularly where the bankrupt is a legal person. Should be avoided, for example, the administrator who has granted loans to the society declared in competition circumvents the consequences which can cause the crisis facing the society about his personal wealth (and in this regard, of which, from their administrator status, is no stranger) demanding that the guarantors of the obligation of refund the fulfillment of the guarantee, thus regaining the credit which holds against the company apart from the competition. But the application of the rule to cases in which there is no appreciating this elusive spirit will lead also to, for example, professional guarantor is released against the partner of good faith who tried to avail themselves of the business by concluding an onerous warranty on the obligation of restitution of the loan granted to the company for this. Unfortunately, the current wording of the quoted article 97.2 not gives rise to one such ponderadora work of the judge, so there is a high risk that this without further annul the guarantee in question. Mariano Jimenez RenedoMariscal & Asociados, AbogadosMiembro of Eurojuris Spain original author and source of the article.


Greetings Sanchez, let me explain something, the first 3 steps 1 – establish the need of information 2 – specify research objectives and the needs of information 3 – determining sources of data are strictly information gathering is impossible to launch a product without the remaining steps, I explain in a simple way, then these 3 steps continue with the ND 4 th which is the compilation; observation, surveys and interviews to name the most common while there is a varied amount of tools that detallare them in future articles. Without this step (as VAS namely know to that segment or TARGET are going to launch launch the product) continue with the 5th design the sample; You need a clear definition on the population that is going to take the sample. If you do not realize this step does LANZARIAS the product to TODA LA population? IMPOSSIBLE is indispensable to this step (unless that is a product of first necessity as some basic basket con some excepciones let’s 6th collect data; The selection, training and control of the interviewers are essential in effective market research studies. These are the most expensive and which some company wants to ignore without knowing that these staff depends on a large percentage of the th product launch success continue with the 7th process data; imagine that data are not processed and we tabulemos and we codify randomly do you think that the result is reliable?, consumer becomes more intelligent and more adapted to technology already up to know of these advertising tricks that were previously unaware continue with the 8 th analyze data; remains indispensable because it is here where your. as marketer or Publisher analyze the pros and cons of this result and finally the 9th since you are going to ignore the present results; There is where explain in detail the steps you followed to get to the final conclusion. Only imagine that some accounts assign you launch or re-launch of a product through its lifecycle and don’t give them these details. I end with this friend Sanchez commenting you that almost 100% of the publicist not likes the marketing by the statistical calculations and analysis, but is one of my goals to create the culture that this tool targets have a higher chance of generating results 100% effective but that creative ability and dedication by which is known to the Publisher. There is something for which I have fought with my students and from what I see in Colombia is equal. (The research syndrome) this without wanting to sound clinical but according to the population of students with whom I have interacted suffer from that. You explain that your concern is for a job which you assigned your teacher wins prestigious (a), do not know the details of this evaluation all this you’ve tried transmit is a personal opinion which I defend, I respect my colleagues from the neighboring country strategies and you I confirm you write I am a marketer greetings, stay in contact original author and source of the article.

The Initial

Lifting a foot and extend it behind you, together on the floor. Contract your glutes, strengthens your abdominal, and keep the spine, naturally arched column. Centrate on balance, and descends until your torso is parallel to the ground. Starts the movement by pushing hips back. Push up to the starting position. Image: 7. glued to the paredNo be fooled by this simple exercise: if done correctly, with the shoulders, elbows, wrists and in constant contact with the wall is an exercise for the back that defies your central nervous system to burn extra calories. How to do it? Stand with your back against a wall and your feet to 15 inches away from the wall.

Put your hands above your head. Keeping wrists, elbows and shoulders in contact with the wall, slide your arms down the wall, placing elbows on the sides. It returns to the initial position. Image: 8. iron T this version of lizard or lizard includes rotation and stabilizing your core, both aiming to sculpt your abdominals. How to do it? With the hands to the width of your shoulders on the floor, make a plate or lizard. When the arms are straight, raise your right hand and turn so that you lift up right arm over your shoulder and that your body forms a T.

puts the hand back to the ground. Make another iron, working the left side. Image: 9. position V this motion gives you a full extension of the exercises to lose weight in one of the more complicated areas of your body. The typical abdominal don’t work so well. Variations such as the following, reduce the stress on your back and use more muscles. How to do it? Lie face up with legs straight. Keep the arms stretched above your chest, with your fingers pointing towards the wall behind you. Contracting the abdominal muscles, bent body upward, lifting the legs from the floor and stretch your arms towards your pes. Keep your back straight. Pause, and then returns to the starting position. Image: 10. Press shoulders with lizards or plates. Many exercises are reduced to one thing: lift anything heavy over your head. But many times you don’t need weights to get the same benefit, your own body weight gives you a good resistance. Through the use of a bench (or Chair) this variation on the Grill will give you results similar to the normal shoulder press of gyms. How to do it? Place your feet on a bench and hands on the floor slightly wider at the shoulders. With your hips in the air with a vertical angle to as you can, lowering his head to the ground. Pause, and pushes with the shoulders and triceps back to the initial position. Image: More exercise? All this I found on a website that will guide you through step by step, all these exercises and more: free of grease. Download the guide of exercises here don’t wait any longer, the answer to all your questions and all the exercises to lose weight just a click away. Original author and source of the article.

Fantastic Trip

A trip through the medieval Occitan, is always a rewarding trip, but if you also have a calendar of major activities carried out in Pays Cathare, as they call it, can be an amazing, amazing journey and at the same time, full of great sensations. For starters, we can esciribir on the summer agenda of the Group OC, a creative group of fantastic spectacles, with totally innovative techniques. This group, born in 1999, the hand of Christian Sales and under his direction, has with musicians, dancers, acrobats and a large assortment of specialists of the image and the sound, which achieved a spectacular set of effects with natural and magical scenarios. In his repertoire have a show called Cathares that throughout the summer interpreted in different scenarios and whose agenda is as follows: Friday, July 3 at Mazeres (La Halle) (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 5 61 69 42 04) Sunday, July 12 at the castle of Puilaurens (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 4 68 20) (65 26) Friday, July 17 at gorges (Gorges) of Minerva (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 4 68 91 31 75) Tuesday July 28 in the walls of Nebian (reserves anticipated to the Tel. ++ 33 6 61 18 01 87) from 6th to August 16, at the Cite de Carcassonne (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 4 68 11 59 15) on the other handin many cities and towns of the Pays Cathare, medieval festivals during the summer, including worthy to be witnessed espedtaculos are performed. But it is also this year 2009 it coincides with the 8th centenary of the beginning of the crusade against the Cathars and the country, and this fact is exploited to enhance all acts and activities. Some of the most important are: Carcassonne, the place that everyone should visit, his Cite, declared World Heritage site by UNESCO, is an impressive place for its grandeur and magnificence.


5.0 and so on, and if any are assigned their corresponding minor modifications. Now well, with respect to the emergence of the Internet, We can see two very clear moments in its evolution. Here it is important to bear in mind that these changes have not been strictly technological but also cultural, which demonstrates step technology is ultimately a cultural phenomenon since what remains, it is substantial to it, is that it is a resource, a tool, and the tools a community uses them to solve needs. So, returning to the idea of versions, the first moment or chapter of the Internet would call it Internet 1.0 and in which we named it Internet or Web 2.0. The irruption in anything distant from the era Web 3.0 future is in fact already raised, but that is a topic for another time.

In very simple terms what are the traits important for each one of these stages? In Web 1.0 web pages, sites, were more static. This means that information, or more importantly, the contents, it was not updated so rapidly and almost exclusively dependent on a webmaster to update it. Somehow the visitors to these pages had a more passive participation. They were rather than readers. There was no way to write comments or have immediate communication of back and forth with the site. There was only a guest book or a contact via email form. On very few occasions, and above all in its infancy, it could download any content, any information relevant to the visitor, it was more likely that he just saw. A feature that I think is very important is that it can be that the site could provide important information but there was probably no reason to return to elpuesto which almost did not change.

In Web 2.0 site is not an enclosed space.Information can get or download easily. It is a much more dynamic space. It is expected that new content always appear. A very important and powerful feature, from my point of view, is that the user is in control of their own information. Is based solely on the network. There are many controversial aspects of this issue because the border between the two on many occasions may not be very clear. It does not mean that the page 1.0 model has disappeared; on the contrary, in our days coexist both types. I want to emphasize what I think is relevant: the use that can be given. Speaking of the Web I don’t mean two geological eras of technology, but that our choices were expanded, and therefore our chances. In summary: we are talking about the Internet’s social networks of people with interests or needs in common, which are and interact in cyberspace somewhere. So that an entrepreneur who turn to this resource may leave to meet that community that are looking for it: that would be an entrepreneur 2.0. Original author and source of the article.

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