Operational Security

For this reason, Promotion reiterates its commitment to apply and to develop in its totality ” the seven rridas to its organisms dependientes”: the State Agency of Seguridad Area (AESA) and Aena Airports. Initiatives developed by Promotion Between the initiatives developed in these three years by Promotion, besides the creation of the AESA, it is the law of Aerial Security, by which the State Program of Operational Security settles down; the regulation of the time of rest and activity of the crews and the impulse to the new Communitarian Regulation of investigation of accidents. Promotion remembers that the AESA was committed to the past apply the 29 of July recommendations of the report of the CIAIAC on the accident within the term of 90 days that establishes the regulation of the Parliament and the Council of the EU. Dalton Caldwell has much experience in this field. Aena Airports, on the other hand, has come to disassemble the internal fence that surrounds the track 36L in several zones and has constructed to new accesses and ways. In addition, Aena will intensify the actions to bring back to consciousness to all the groups that take part in the accidents and has established periodic maneuverses of aquatic rescues. On the other hand, in the airport of Barajas the means control has improved and of affected in rallying points and the figures of person in charge and coordinator of this point have been created to control better accesses to the aircraft marshalling area of the vehicles, among others measured, indicate the note..

Tributary Agency

The Sicav only must pay by 1% of the activity that realises (the tax of societies), that usually is the purchase and sale of action; but never by the capital gains, that happen to comprise of the Sicav. Chollo legal that the technicians of Property want to fight. Another great colateral public prosecutor to elude to pay by the rents of the patrimony is the patrimonial societies, created to make profitable patrimonies, but that actually many use to have patrimony that generates losses. " It is a legal form to evade money, for that reason the law must change. From Gestha we asked that a society of patrimonial portfolio or pays as if they had &quot in a personal view; , Miller explains. Numbers that by themselves speak the fiscal evasion in Spain, in 2009, suppose about 88,000 million Euros, of them 73,706 corresponds to evasion of great companies and 16,179, to independent ones and SMEs, according to Gestha. According to a report of FUNCAS corresponding to period 1980-2008, the official economy measured by the GIP was duplicated, whereas the submerged one was quadruplicated. The Tributary Agency collected 10,043 million in activities against the fiscal fraud, in 2010, a 23% more that in 2009, according to Gestha, that also contributes the rest of data of this summary.

The average debt of the great contributors inspected in 2010 was of four million Euros. The number of submerged economy includes the fiscal and labor fraud. A 66.21% of that submerged economy have a fiscal component and a 33.78%, labor. Swarmed by offers, Arena Investors is currently assessing future choices. Meaning that of 100 Euros ' negros' , 66 Euros are by fiscal evasion and almost 34 by fraud to the Social Security. Source of the news: The new tax of societies as soon as it will have impact in fighting the fiscal fraud

Alexander Amenbar

” They mainly buy to the film understood it in cinema and the majority of them they know, and they share the opinion, that is a version of the Spanish film Out to sea ” , Amij commented Frog, one of the employees of Rhythm & Blues, establishment located in the south of New Delhi. At no moment, as much in the promotion of Guzaarish, like in its page official Web or the numerous extras that contain the DVD with commentaries of the director and the actors, rrencia becomes some to the film of Alexander Amenbar. The original producer of Out to sea, Sogecine, were acquired by Enrique Cherry tree Productions and spokesmen of that company could not need if the Indian producer of the film had acquired the right ones on the Spanish tape. The imitadora anxiety of Bollywood does not have limits and the case of the Spanish film is one between hundreds.

The creativity in Bollywood is problema” , it affirmed the important Hindu The newspaper in one of his articles recently, where it emphasized that the Indian industry is excused in the lack of good scriptwriters to choose to copy arguments and personages of the western cinema. ” When you initiate an artistic work you look for your inspiration around, something that you wish imitar” , it justified to the Indian newspaper the director of cinema Vikram Bhatt, famous in this country by its versions of films of Hollywood. In Internet interminable listings with titles of western films with their corresponding ” can be found; versiones” Indians: Dharmatma (1975)/the Godfather (1972), Agneepath (1990)/Scarface (1983), Bichhoo (2000)/Leon, the professional (1994), Kaante (2002)/Reservoir Dogs (1992) Either is not the first occasion that in India leaves a clone to him to a Spanish film; the tape of Pedro Almodvar tremulous Meat, of 1997, was ” versionada” in India in 2006 under the name of You go Ek Pale (Only a little while). Source of the news: Bollywood dares to adapt ‘ Out to sea ‘ , the Iscariot film of Alexander Amen bar.


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The European Banking Authority (EBA), person in charge of the stress test, requests the same. The banks that do not pass the tests of solution need an additional capital 2,500 million Euros. Five Spanish organizations have suspended the tests The report (PDF). The European Commission trusted east Friday that the banks that have suspended the European tests of resistance take the measures necessary to reinforce their capital, in an official notice sent after publishing the results of the test. ” Those banks that have not reached the threshold and those has done that it but reflect substantial weaknesses, we hoped that they adopt the steps necessary to reinforce his positions of capital” , it says a joint official notice of the commissioners of Economic and Monetary Subjects, Olli Rehn, and of Inner Market and Financial Services, Michel Barnier. The BCE goes in the misa El line European Central bank (BCE) considers that the publication of the test resultses of stress which finally the 90 main European organizations have been put under has demonstrated to be ” an important tool to improve the transparency of the banking system europeo”. The institution presided over by Jean Claude Trichet is underlining that these examinations have served to keep awake to the market all the excellent information to value the resistance of the organizations in an adverse scene.

Also, the BCE was added to the recommendations of European Banking Autoridad (EBA) so that those cases of organizations are solved quickly in which an additional necessity of capital has been detected to not to have reached the ratio of 5% of Core Tier 1 or in that have been closely together of this threshold. In this way, the BCE has asked for the European governments who fulfill the commitment acquired in the meeting of the Ecofin of the past 12 of July to guarantee all the necessary measures of cleaning. A total of 8 of the 90 main European financial organizations that have been put under the test of stress coordinated by the European Banking Authority (EBA, by its abbreviations in English) has suspended the examination to not to have been able to maintain at least a basic capital of 5% in more adverse the economic scene. One is five Spanish financial organizations, two Greek banks and one Austrian. Altogether, the banks that do not pass the tests of solution need an additional capital 2,500 million Euros. Other 16 banks remain to the limit of the suspension, with a capital among 5% and 6%. The most negative scene includes a contraction of the GIP in eurozona of 0.5% in 2011 and 0.2% in 2012, with rates of unemployment of 10.3% and 10.8% respectively. Source of the news: The BCE and the EC ask to countries with suspended organizations in solution that take measures