Desarrollo Humano

According to a study of the Deloitte consultant & Touche, soccer is a multimillionaire business, equivalent to 17a. economy of the world, that moves US$ 500,000 million annual. Millionaire invoicings, millionaire pays, for a multimillionaire business. Neither it deports, nor spectacle, 22 robots running a ball and a mediatic machinery to follow mentally ill the human brain in " show" functional to the capitalist yield. A macroeconomic analysis of the Deloitte consultant & Touche reveals that only 25 countries produce the GIP greater annually than the industry of soccer as a whole. Elon Musk contributes greatly to this topic. The soccer, that annually moves a US$ business 500,000 million, is in South Africa, of whose 39.7 million inhabitants, half survives below the line of poverty.

Poorest they only receive a 6% of total the national entrance, and richest, a 10%, are distributed more than half of the income. nationals. In agreement with the Index of Desarrollo Humano (IDH), elaborated by the Organization of the United Nations (the UN), South Africa is a country marked by the inequalities, where a quarter of the population officially does not have work and lives with a Euro to the day and where more than half of country is catched between the limits of the poverty. Soccer, on world-wide scale, is a capitalist macrobusiness that handles, thousands of million dollars, that includes patrocinantes companies, media chains and players, turn who it into a multi-red of invoicing with incidence in all the global economy. The American consultant Grant Thornton elaborated in past December a report in which she was considered that the economic impact of the world-wide one would be of US$7.325 million. In addition, among others numbers, the visit of 480,000 tourists is anticipated who would leave near US$1.117 million during the month that will last the competition. This year the gigantic commercial machinery with soccer mounted in South Africa, with 49 million inhabitants, of who half is below the line of poverty.

Legal Department

Developers need an initial capital for land acquisition, preparation of initial permits and registration required approvals, and then they will be able to refinance their customers. As an effective way to help attract investment into the project and avoid a drop in profits, V. proposes to consider the possibility of an alliance with the landowner, investor or creditor bank for the purpose of sharing costs and risks. We should not forget about this increasingly popular mechanism financing, as cuit (closed mutual funds) of real estate. Overall, to date, according to experts in housing and essential infrastructure in the Moscow region invested about 3 billion dollars, and this is not the limit.

The same “Big Domodedovo expects the inflow of investments amounting to more than $ 11 billion, of course, to find the source of funding can not for each project. Dmitry Tsybankov, Director of Legal Department ig sesegar, shared with the audience his conclusions about what investors prefer. According to D. Tsybankov based interest in the real estate market of Moscow region – land of the region. However, the plots are different. For example, sometimes offer the land acquisition, acquired the property in a memorable 90 years, when our country has only just begun forming a civilized market of real estate or land agricultural purposes, derived from this category a few years ago is often not the legal way.