Caucasian Mineral Waters

Major exploration and hydrogeological work has been done on the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the period 1949-1959 period. The works were authorized by the Council of Ministers of the USSR, and received solid financial support. General technical design of works taken up with the participation of the Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Geology and the Ministry of Health. The scale of a decade of research provides some insight into the amount of drilling operations. In 1949-55 years only in Kislovodsk was drilled 65 wells with depths ranging from 50 to 600 meters. Total footage amounted to 15,000 linear feet. In and around Essentuki drilled 21 deep wells, one of them to a depth of 1,000 meters.

Results a decade of work to be quite justified. Gave a clear picture about the hydrogeology of the area revealed the relationship between different fields, will predict the size of the shared resources of medical treatment. Have been solved and many theoretical issues related to the formation of water. No less important were the practical results. Greatly expanded boundaries of Kislovodsk deposits, increased total production rate of mineral water sources up to 1500 m3 per day. Exploration in the area of the village opened Novoblagodarnogo abundant carbonate horizon salt-alkaline waters like Essentuki number 17 and 4.

This solved the prospect of further development of this resort. As a result of work by 1959 Pyatigorsk received valuable new mineral water, including hot-water carbonate besserovodorodnuyu (hot seltzer), saline-alkaline type Essentuki and others. These findings have allowed to develop drinking water treatment and mineral waters to expand the resort's profile.

Successful Entrepreneur

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