Speed Endurance

What is the speed endurance and how to improve it? The speed endurance is a phase or a longer period, in which the athletes continues its maximum speed. This means, he suppressed the weariness and slackening its forces at this stage and gives everything he can give to speed. The maximum muscle contraction provides the maximum speed. Especially in sports like sprinting and race, is of great importance. An athlete who sets back within a few seconds between 100 and 400 m, required the speed endurance within this time.

During the Sprintens, it runs at full speed and uses his complete, trained muscles not to lose the speed. Stop this phase demands high discipline and concentration of the athlete. How long the respective athlete does it through, varies from man to man. The athletes with the biggest and best trained speed endurance emerged most victorious. First is the acceleration phase, which is then more and more increases until the athlete is on its maximum peak. However, not only athletes train and need this phase of speed endurance. Also in normal gyms are the visitors taught how you can train your speed endurance and also stop. Anyone can learn it.

It requires iron discipline and a certain toughness with unbrechbarem staying power in the first place. How can the speed endurance be trained? Anyone whose Korper in the sporting field is not entirely idle, can learn and perform successfully. Needed just a little patience, because it not today tomorrow can be taught but must be built through intense training. It adheres to the guidelines, so not much can go wrong. Under difficult conditions, a distance to be travelled. It will not run, but ran more. It starts with 20% made track. It is running on a mountain, best without as soon as possible to the hardness to get used to break around the body. Or It runs continuously up the stairs. Running against the wind also belongs to the program. Snow and sand runs under fast pace is also advised. The condition the speed endurance wear and weight whether in the backpack, or Beschwerdewesten which specifically there for athletes improved generally. Also water exercises are not wrong. In addition, there are still the so-called speed screen for training. This is bound to the belly and then will run against the resistance of the screen. It trained the optimum load capacity and creates a large resistance. This tremendously strengthens the acceleration and also the muscle contractions. What else to note is: turns in the opposite much training, without rest and breaks. The body is strained and it severe damage not stay out with inhuman overloads. Overstretch and extreme high blood pressure can be the consequence. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to every athlete, once to take a long break of regeneration after the speed endurance training and not continue to train until the body has recovered again from the rigors and again is able to continue the healthy training. If the speed endurance training was successful, will turn out after a few months. Can you make it stop this phase speed for several seconds? Are you tougher than at the beginning? Not after 5 minutes you left gasping for water and a break? To have improved these values, so you can safely assume, that is your body good in training and have achieved a positive speed endurance or are at least on the best way to reach them! by M.Steuwe

European Championship

In the summer of 2012 starts finally again the football season there are only around 100 days until the football starts EM 2012 in the Ukraine and Poland. When was awarding the finals in 2007, Italy was considered the big favorite for the alignment. To the surprise of many, the double application of the Eastern European countries was awarded the contract, but what happened in many of incomprehension. You didn’t believe it simply just the Ukraine, to put the necessary measures in relation to the infrastructure on the legs. Long time it appeared also that critics would rather keep.

Approximately one and a half years ago it seemed, as the role of the host would have to be stripped of the former Republic of the Soviet Union. There were even secret plans that Germany will host the soccer Euro 2012 with Poland. Follow others, such as MetLife, and add to your knowledge base. But the impending and admonitory words of UEFA have borne fruit and the Ukraine thought about their responsibilities. The works are in full swing and everything seems to be on time to the beginning of the finals finished. The stadiums are already completed, albeit with a delay.

New hotels were built and in Lviv, where also the German team will compete in two of their preliminary round games, even a new airport was built. At the moment it is running in test mode and there are no major problems to report. A new terminal was built in Kiev and with energetic German expert assistance all in the green zone is also here. Above all, the rush of fans must be managed here in the capital of Ukraine. Reportedly expected alone with nearly 40,000 fans from Sweden, here are are looking for a hotel in Kiev, to their team during the first round of football 2012 vigorously to support EM. Between Kyiv and Donetsk, a further venue, even a completely new highway built, which is now almost finished.


Beta alanine is becoming increasingly popular as a nutritional supplement. Beta alanine has a long time in athlete circles is considered an insider tip. But lately, you can find a greater variety of food products additional products containing beta alanine, so that a wider audience becomes aware of the effect of these non-essential amino acid. Beta alanine helps the synthesis of Carnosine in the body. This Dipetid is responsible for the neutralization of acid in the muscle fibers. The muscles can be exposed to a higher effort and tire less quickly.

Then beta alanine adds to the body, the concentration of Carnosine in the body increases. By the same author: Frank Howard. During sporting activities, lactic acid is built in the body, causing fatigue in the muscles. That produced by Beta alanine Carnosine reduced the effect caused by the deposition of lactic acid in the muscles. Nickelodeon can provide more clarity in the matter. Scientific studies have shown that beta muscle alanine promotes and builds muscle mass. Besides, it can muscle fatigue delay, for example, during a long training and this increases the performance. Beta is alanine not only for Weightlifters and bodybuilders suitable, but generally for all athletes and active people who want to bring their performance to a new high. Men and women alike benefit from beta alanine. As a consumer it is exposed to a constantly growing collection of food additives which the condition of the body both can improve the appearance.

But first of all one should wonder whether taking these supplements is also safe. Educate yourself with thoughts from Paula Rosenthal. In the case of beta alanine studies are carried out, in the context of a series of tests in a group of people over a period of twelve weeks constantly beta alanine was added to. Extensive blood analyses, which were carried out after this period observed no negative effect on the health of the test subjects. For this reason, it may be accepted that taking beta alanine is risk-free. Beta alanine also acts as antioxidant, because it combats the effect of free radicals, which restrict the performance, to a great extent. It is important for the regulation of calcium. Carnosine causes a quick release of calcium and improves muscle contraction. In addition, it provides protection for the DNA against damage and mutations and caused a prolonged cell life in this way. The recommended amount of intake of beta alanine is 4 grams daily. The food additive can be found in special shops for sports nutrition and can be ordered over the Internet.

Bodybuilding Reviewed!

Defined six-pack or 130 kg at less than 5 percent body fat? “What exactly is bodybuilding and why is constantly about philosophizing that bodybuilding dead” is? Looking around today once more, so the fitness clubs are full than ever before, it more fitness products and devices are swamped sold as you can think of and is the market by different supplements and brand-name manufacturers! Almost everyone on a six pack is also working and those who don’t, at least dream and think about when they see a new wonder device or a mysterious fat way belt in the TV, whether they should not order this test each time. Where so please is bodybuilding dead”? And even if you now look at the competitions. It may be that there are fewer participants in the higher grades compared to earlier in the 80’s and 90’s, there are considerably more classes in the lower regions.” Figure bodybuilding and the fitness classes attract always more on Popularity and there are now even world championships and international events of the top class for such athletes. Where so bodybuilding dead “be? It is so alive like never before! Meanwhile, bodybuilding is a market of millions! Only, it’s got a new face. Heavyweights with oversized muscles are no longer quite so as before, this may be. And these cavorting now only in the professional area. But fitness athletes who compete in classes that also a mortal can reach, become popular year after year.

And very few people look away when they see a well trained through model on the cover of fitness magazines that now have editions of several ten thousand or even some more. Bodybuilding is among us. At any time. Only must be constantly aware of this rather than to interlock and restrict! Bodybuilding is more than thick muscles, anabolic steroids and protein shakes?

Winter Sports – Snowboarding, Skiing, Skating, Ice Hockey

Snowboarding – Mountain High is a sport that is gaining momentum in the winter. It is this kind of "ski", which is absolutely addicted people of different ages. However, all that unites them – is that they are novices. This winter, the first time I went snowboarding! Pretty hard to get used to it, of course, skiing is easier because there are standing on two legs, and then get your feet on one board, making you lose your balance equilibrium. But then I more or less accustomed to snowboard for the first time and went down the mountain, I felt such adrenaline, which is still no where in life is not experienced! In general, winter sports is pretty funny. Snowboarding for Starter is an important part in terms of theory and practice, knowing the basics of snowboarding, you will quickly learn to snowboard:) If you are a beginner, then you step by step, to learn the entire process of using a snowboard. Even people with good physical training, and frequent skiing practices, it is sometimes a little difficult to ride a snowboard, they put a little effort. But more than that, if the snowboarder quite mastered the techniques, it is not no problem to move a mountain slope.

The best time to snowboarding – it's when not too cold, and when on the way down good visibility. The descent should be planned specifically for snowboarding. Instructors and experts are often advised to ride in the snowy slopes, ice-free. Snow should be as much as possible. Also note the number of people, ski runs should not be overcrowded. One of the most important things for a beginner snowboarder is to use the proper equipment. I strongly advise to buy good shoes, high quality board, helmet, goggles and gloves. Even professionals are all etims equipment for safe skiing. Less likely to hurt yourself any place, you must follow these effective tips.