Enterprise Architecture Management

Tool of ardour consulting is an assessment of the consultant’s specific competence and personality traits before individual results are differentiated compared with the average results of all participants in Darmstadt, 07.05.2012 – Business Consulting provides an interactive app ardour consulting, the management consultant to analyze their market value. Prudential often addresses the matter in his writings. For this they must answer 21 questions to their vocational training and additional technical certifications, experience and personality traits. In evaluating the results of the individual participants are assigned to one of four categories of quality. “Enough of best, potential” as the highest rating to classic potential “as the lowest classification. The online tool was developed together with the IQ professionals Institute and can be used free of charge under nc/test.

IT management consultants are available as well as other consultants often under a special observation, because they often move in mission-critical projects. On the other hand they get most “only specific feedback and can thus in their performance very limited compare”, founded ardour’s Managing Director Dr. Jakob Radwan the development of online tests. The tool limit but deliberately to a review of Advisor-specific skills and personality traits without establishing a merit-based market value. To create a qualitative comparability”, emphasizes re houses. For this reason, the evaluation of the personal test results in addition to the categorization also offer a differentiated comparison with the average results of all participants.

About ardour Consulting Group: The ardour Consulting Group (www.ardour.de), is a consulting boutique specializing in the topics of application management and sourcing. It is a team with a common understanding of sustainable consulting. Consisting of experienced employees with excellent professional qualifications the for the IT team responsible Executives. The ardour Consulting Group’s core competencies include: application management (design and implementation of strategic, tactical and operational IT processes and organizational structures); Development and implementation of tailored and sustainable sourcing strategies; Enterprise Architecture Management, to support the business objectives and the business model through an adequate IT landscape; Project portfolio and value management to demonstrate the value proposition of IT, as well as to be able to make better and more objective investment decisions.