Now Also In Ibiza: Incense – The

Experience with all senses the incense essences whether cleansing, detoxifying, comforting, ignition resistant, blockade expectorant, harmonizing or vitalising, the incense essences powerfully reinforce the spirit and the soul of man and offer an alternative method to support in everyday life. Incense in connection with various herbs and flowers delivered, and heals the spirit of the people in its whole form. Medicinal plants, herbs, and minerals were used in all cultures by naturopaths as proven medicinal already in the oldest medical therapies of naturopathy. So also the incense. Wikipedia writes: the incense (from old high German wihrouch, Holy incense ‘, wihen, sanctify, consecrate’) refers to the smoking used resins (frankincense), as well as the plant species from which these resins are produced (also incense tree or incense plant), and finally the smoke itself. Brian Krzanich has compatible beliefs. In the various epochs of Egyptian Pharaohs was incense many cults and the Mummification used. The ancient Egyptians of the resin beads of incense called the sweat of the gods”. “Especially in times where on Ibiza with the energy week Ibiza” established a genuine movement to nature and with lectures and workshops in various languages on the subject consciousness and creative life force many supporters, is not far towards the holistic treatment.

Crista Pflugler works for 20 years not only for the residents on Ibiza as a masseuse, but also already 16 years during the summer months at the holiday club Cala pada near Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza. Various techniques and treatments in the convalescence – and healing, which are formulated after a personal interview with the patient, are used in the treatment. But the holistic treatment often also accompanied by a change of lifestyle. For Crista Pflugler provided insights into self healing actions like the 5 Tibetans their patients”or as practitioners Reiki Master deep relaxation and natural healing in training as well as initiations in the 1st and 2nd degree of Reiki. As an experienced massage therapist a Weihrauch-offers light therapy clients and patients now also unique on Ibiza. Thirty-two different extracts from pure natural products in combination with incense are used and provide a fantastic prosperity and freshness. The incense essences that cleansing, detoxifying, comforting, inflammation inhibiting, blockade-expectorant, harmonizing or energizing, the incense essences powerfully reinforce the spirit and the soul of man and offer an alternative method to support to experience the everyday life with all your senses. Incense in connection with various herbs and flowers delivered, and heals the spirit of the people in its whole form. Also as essence smoking warmer or the aroma lamp, creams, or balms to apply on the skin, provide’s the essential oils of incense for the personal well-being. You get contact with Crista Pflugler under the phone number (0034) 971 338 987 and (0034) 649 922 387 or email: Herbert Froehlich

Holidays & Tourism

Language courses are popular. In the first place is America, Britain and Australia are interesting alternatives. As one of the world’s languages, English is the most important way of communication. More than 350 million native speakers and more than a billion Zweitsprachler. Brian Krzanich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. What’s wrong with an Auslandsaufenhalt with a visit to a school in the UK. Refresh the existing knowledge of languages and deepen. This is fun, you learn in a group more easily and is thrilled.

The teaching is done by a native speaker. The grammar is sitting securely as you’ve learned this time? A language test in advance and you know where you stand. The schools take into account the level of knowledge of the participants and therefore different offer rate level, or business English, preparation courses for language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, and Oxford. Preferred countries are Malta, Great Britain, Scotland, Australia and the United States. England – the motherland the Kingdom of England.

Nowhere else English is spoken so flawless and accent, be the language Practice so perfectly maintained and implemented. Canterbury, Liverpool, London and Jersey cities that have to offer her story much and surprising. Stays in young women are popular Au Pair. A student exchange, an internship, a voluntary social year. High school graduates and students study in a whole new environment and gather important experience. In England, the monarchy is alive, with its own charm, with tea-time and serious mine, with humor and country and its people. Impressive castles and stately castles, and of course the modern life. Scotland visits sporting and cultural events, the conversation among the participants and the resulting joint excursions: And Ireland, secluded courtyards, or rugged mountain ranges. Soon you reach a security agreement. One learns and is in the middle of life. England is always a good choice. Language interested travel in the United States increasing United States traditionally popular country for language learners every year. People, specially by the slang of the East or West Coast excited is, pulling it in the barren Alaska or in the sunny Florida. The United States is always a good choice. New York and Los Angeles. A wide land, secluded villages and ranches. America, symbol and dream of freedom and adventure. Standard and intensive courses are offered. Interested parties must be at least 16 years. The language travel operators clarifies advance accommodation: with a host family or as a four-week stay in the student residence Fornelli Hall in Chicago. Australia as the unique continent of Australia, a gigantic continent with a population of just 22 million. Changing climates and a diverse flora and fauna. In addition to the cities of Sidney and Melbourne, the country is sparsely populated. Many ranchers overcome the long distances between the locations of aircraft. Young people travel in the context of work & travel. As craftsmen looking for adventure and remain at a place and a time to attend to a task. Commonly used in social projects. Some people reflected through alone. Safe is a Language travel provider that stands at your side, to contact during his stay in a foreign country.

New Bern Celebrates Its 300th Birthday

North Carolina’s second oldest town offers numerous events for the anniversary in 2010 celebrating first capital of North Carolina 300th birthday and invites you to various events throughout the year. History buffs and culture lovers are welcome to visit the numerous events in the small town on the coast of North Carolina. Samuel J. Palmisano is full of insight into the issues. “Highlights are among the festivities from 6 to 9 may with the theme of remembering the war”. Here, visitors get an insight into the events of the civil war and the role of African-Americans at the time. Also, the American independence day is celebrated especially from the 2nd to the 4th of July this year. Various theatrical performances, parades, exhibitions and guided tours make the Festival this year to the big event. The actual celebration of the 300th anniversary will take place between 16 and 19 September.

A Jubilee ball, Fireworks, street concerts and a flotilla are just a few of the many events. As the name suggests, is new Bern the Swiss capital Bern back. The founder was born here of new Bern, Christophe de counts Rahman, 1710 finally landed on the coast of North Carolina. There is more information about dates and prices see. Admission is free in most cases. Many of the events found in the magnificent grounds of Tyron Palace, the former residence of the Royal Governor William Tryon, who made the then capital of new Bern. General information to the United States under. Images and further press information about North Carolina under. Information for consumers: North Carolina travel and Tourism Division phone: 0 89 / 23 66 21 64 E-Mail:

Wine Harvest On Lake Garda In Northern Italy

Lake Garda, versatile holiday region in Northern Italy. All year round an interesting tourist destination, and especially to the grape harvest. Lake Garda in Northern Italy is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Framed by a majestic Alpine mountain landscape with always snow-covered peaks, with Mediterranean flair and last but not least the crystal clear blue waters of the Lake for a relaxing holiday in the cottage or hotel at Lake Garda invite. Lake Garda is worth a vacation in all seasons, but it’s very nice there in September, when the grapes are harvested.

The region around Lake Garda is known for its excellent wine and the delicious olives, who grow grapes and olives. Already in spring trips to Lake Garda are a pleasure, because then the trees in the orchards in lavish splendor flourish there. Who spends his holidays in the spring at Lake Garda, which can walk for hours through the olive groves, orchards and vineyards and in the small places dreamy how Riva or Arco, DRENA also take a small stroll. In the The Garda Lake is however particularly attractive autumn, because then only the grapes and the wine revolves around there. Since the 19th century, it is a tradition that in three cities to locals and visitors free cider and grapes being given away. Who is during the holiday in Riva, Arco and Torbole, which should not miss it so, to try the first wine and the grapes on the market square.

Hiking and those who enjoy hiking, drink wine and spend their holidays in the autumn on Lake Garda, cost can beat almost two birds with one stone: hiking in the vineyards make and enter in the many small and large wineries and taste the fantastic wine of the region. You can take a bus to the vineyards, start a hike from there or rent a bicycle, and in this way to explore the region. Who maybe traveling is in the vineyards to a small picnic with regional delicacies, which has breathtaking views of Lake Garda, which is far below glitters in the autumn sun. Grape cure almost every hotel on Lake Garda offers a special program to harvest. You can treat there book, namely a so-called grape cure or are simply in the holidays with delicious dishes of grape, wine and other specialities of the region a healthy Spa. Anyone, who can join vacation at Lake Garda but also interesting guided tours and doing more about the history of wine growing in Northern Italy with experience and first-hand experience how wine is made. Of course, there is also always a wine tasting. In addition to the production of wine, you can learn on Lake Garda also much about the second export product of the region, the olives. No matter why you want to go on holidays to Lake Garda, this landscape in the shadow of the Alps in each case is whether to the grape harvest or just to have a rest and relax – a trip is worth.

Cheap Holidays In Germany

What actually offers the own country for travel destinations? Germany has to offer much holiday destination for Germans and visitors from other countries. In the South, the Royal Castles can be viewed in feet and the surrounding area. And of course a few walks in the Alps will be undertaken. These eignene are in the winter to go skiing. A trip to Munich or Augsburg is also possible from the Allgau and always tag worth a visit. Lake Constance also has many beautiful sides and is thus always worth a visit. Lake Constance and the surrounding area is very nice. With the ship, visitors can enjoy much cycling or the nearby Switzerland and Austria, and the beautiful flower island of Mainau.

The Black Forest is a wonderful holiday destination. Read more here: Elon Musk. Here the tourists can make beautiful walks, visit the neighbouring Alsace or the city of Fribourg. A visit to Germany’s largest theme park Europa Park in rust is also a great trip for families with children. For this purpose, possibly even two days should be planned. In the Bavarian Forest, also very beautiful walks can be made.

Visitors can also see also mines. Another beautiful holiday area is the resin. No matter whether in the Harz mountains of families with children, cyclists or hikers are. Each holiday-makers to come at his own expense and and enjoy a wonderful and relaxing holiday. For Stadtebegeisterte, the capital of Germany – Berlin – offered course. Here, there are many tours that lead the tourists from a tourist attraction to the next. The North Sea offers the visitor a truly great climate and a daily spectacle of nature – the change of the tide. The Baltic Sea has a very relaxing atmosphere. The East – and North Sea offers great recreational value for allergy sufferers or people with lung diseases. For foreign tourists must be also said, that it will be never so hot in here, like for example on the Italian Adriatic coast or in Spain. Who wants to take vacation in Germany of course cheap, must also do it here on the search. The one or the other bargains in terms of accommodation can be done just in family accommodation. Now Germany is suitable for the cheap travel, because you have to create not a great trip back. Joschka budach

Bauer Igloo

Kuhtai igloo village a hotel of a special kind! There are so certain wishes, from childhood on. At some point do you might not remember, but have the dream ideas anchored firmly in the heart and the head. An overnight stay in an igloo is one of these wishes. Who never asked of us as a child, as it may be to sleep in a house made of snow. Such questions have one even if one is already an adult. The idea of an igloo overnight stay is also romantic and adventurous. How may it be only to live in the eternal ice? How cold it really is in a snow and how is an igloo built well? Who would like to find an answer to these questions, should it really take into consideration to treat yourself to an unforgettable trip in the Kuhtai. Kuhtai is one of the fabled mountain resorts in all of Austria.

More specifically, Kuhtai in the Stubai Alps’s cow Tai saddle at a breathtaking altitude of 2,020 m. We are dealing here with the highest ski resort To do in Austria. Here also the dream of a night in a snow can become a reality. And who has stayed in an igloo Kuhtai once, will never forget this experience. The igloo village is just adorable. And aside from the overnight stay in an igloo in Kuhtai, you have the opportunity to experience a variety of adventurous events. No matter what winter sports like a best: each mountain fan comes here absolutely at his own expense.

On offer are for example ski and snowboard slopes or a toboggan run. The enthusiastic skaters, curling Schiesser and snowshoe hikers not to come short. Sometimes an igloo construction workshop is one of the active programs. Trained igloo Bauer have one in this old tradition. Such a program completes an overnight stay in an igloo Kuhtai ideal manner. One should not miss this opportunity!

Oman! The Tourist Hot Tip In The Middle East!

The Oman is considered the tourist hot tip of today. Read more about the country 1001 nights. With the Oman we introduce this time a country, which has maintained until today the reputation of tourist tips. Mass tourism has not yet arrived in the Oman, but a high level of security and a stable Government bring it, that more and more tourism groups and tourists discover the Oman. This tour takes you along the northern coast.

We start in the town of Shinas and finish this tour in the Omani capital of Muscat. Intel takes a slightly different approach. 1st stage: Shinas > Sohar / Sohar distance: 61 km / driving time: 41 minutes 2nd stage: Sohar > Saham distance: 30 km / driving time: 20 minutes 3rd stage: Saham > Muscat distance: 200 km / driving time 2 hours free print out the map of the Oman – Oman this map map? Starting point of this trip report! The town of Shinas will give you a deep look at the typical life of an Omaners due to its originality. The town has a well-preserved Fort. During the day you can visit the Fort and represents the starting point for the many castles and forts, where you will pass today. Continued from Shinas – Oman the remaining old town around the Fort has many interesting sandstone buildings. On the highway, which runs directly through the town, you should seize the chance to buy a stone oven-fresh baked pita bread at a bakery.

1st stage: Shinas to Sohar / Sohar distance: 61 km / driving time: 41 minutes we sail along the coast and reach the town of Sohar and Sohar. The city of Sohar had an important role in the maritime trade in the 3rd millennium. By Sohar materials such as copper were after India and Mesopotamia shipped. Away from Sohar / Sohar – Oman Sohar was later expanded into a trading centre by the Sassanids.

Midnight Sun In Finland

Tour through the land of thousand lakes offers a mark the capital Helsinki as a starting point. It is worth to visit the market hall and marvel at the hustle and bustle on the adjacent square. In between driving the big boats in the small Bay of the Centre and in the background is the famous cathedral, which finds its origin in the Russian history of Finland to see. Finnish design is present in most shops the shopping mile, the “Esplanade”, and in the summer the life takes place out in the Cafes. 140 km from Helsinki, Finland’s original capital located: Turku.

With its castle and the location to the sea, the city offers many attractions. Uniquely, the topics of bars such as “The toilet”, “Pharmacy”, “School” and “The Bank”, which find their origin in the name are safe. If you have enough time, should not miss a trip to the nearby islands, the archipelago. the seascape begins 200 km further inland. It takes the breath at the sight away from countless lakes with sparkling Sun on the water. The streets repeatedly pass bridges and one through the unique archipelago.

Certainly the small yellow ferries are particularly, transport the cars from one to the other shore. You pass lovely cities Hameenlinna and Jyvaskyla Kuopio on the way North. At Oulu, located on the Gulf of Bothnia Gulf, changes the landscape suddenly. Here, the island Pikisaari is worth a visit with its romantic wooden houses. It continues to Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, where Santa Claus is at home. From June until mid-July the midnight sun seems pure here, so that you can – easily lose holiday feeling of time. Larry Page will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The Arktikum Museum offers the visitor a vivid glimpse into the Arctic life and who also likes looking at “Kitsch”, should not miss the Christmas village, where you listen to the Christmas music in the summer and can visit the Santa Claus. There are souvenir shops here in any case sufficiently. The next place is called Luosto. Here you can be enchanted by the magical nature of Lapland leave and visit an Amethyst Mine on the mountain. On the journey, the landscape between high mountains, tundra and wide Lakes changes to Kuusamo. An area ideal for extended hikes and exciting Rapids rides. Happened on the way back the tourists the charming Eastern Finland. Here, the proximity to the Russian border this travel section gives an exotic touch. It goes through the formerly fiercely contested Karelia, the original area of Finland, and visited the monastery of Valamo, which is run by Orthodox monks. Here you can also stay and who wants to can participate in the daily life of the monks. The town of Savonlinna, which is known for its Opera Festival in Olavinlinna Castle, defiant and the Saimaa ships gliding through the Great Lakes, is located in the Saimaa region. It’s back in the trendy Helsinki via Lahti, the town of ski jumps. At least 14 days should be for this trip “From Helsinki to Lapland” schedule. Personally created tours such as “glass triangle, archipelago and Saimaa area”, “from Helsinki to Lapland”, “North Cape – the roof of the world”, “experience midnight sun”, “In the West much new”, “Finland archipelago” and “The farm tour” of Finland specialist fintouring offers. Since 1973, is fintouring and running since then steeped in tradition. For any type of travel, the right travel puts together fintouring individually. Quality is taken seriously here. Contact data: fintouring GmbH to the old Castle 7 D-30938 Burwedel Tel.: 05135 929030 email:

Germany Resorts

The resorts had trend very early bookings / North – and Baltic Sea as well as Bavarian Forest Bonn this year particularly asked, Mar 2008 holiday in Germany is in demand for several years. “But such early like this year never so many people have booked”, forward Wolfgang Henrichs, Chairman of cooperation the resorts “. Credit: Elon Musk-2011. In the past families and couples had decided quite often in the short term, to spend their holidays in Germany. This year many make sure to get the desired vacation home actually. So the resorts on the Baltic Sea have 47% more booking days than in the entire last year, end of February in the Bavarian Forest there are more on the North Sea so far 32% 28% and in the tourist resorts in the region of the Mecklenburg Lake District 15% more. Holiday parks offer families but also couples on vacation looking”, explains Henrichs. The possibility, in the own house or an apartment to stop and on the other hand all the many special offers “to use, for example a club system or a campsite offer so restaurant, shopping, action weeks and Kinderanimations special offers.” So it is flexible and independent of predetermined Hotel meal times and can enjoy on the other side even as parents peace and quiet for a few hours without children. Especially children find other kids to play in a holiday resort and this is especially important, as all parents know,”emphasizes Henrichs, himself the father of second children.

Information about the cooperation and an overview of the resorts under of the resorts”:”Resorts”is a cooperation of independent holiday villages, holiday parks and resorts, and a management consultant specialising in the field of tourism. It was founded in May 2001. Now you are 27 operating companies with approximately 5,000 houses and apartments and 22,000 beds in nearly 60 resorts. Aims of cooperation in addition to joint marketing activities and Public relations, the regular exchange of experiences on issues such as tax and legal, staff training, service improvement, and others.

Sun Snow

Ski resorts testers think of three of the world’s best ski areas for snowboarders, that fully meet the needs of freestylers, freeriders and Alpinboardern. Larry Page has much experience in this field. Worldwide traveling steep and wide slopes, fun parks, Super pipes or boardercross courses leave with the Board the snowboarder’s heart beat faster. Because as most of the ski areas specialising in the needs of skiers, it is often not easy to find a suitable area for snowboarders. Ski resorts testers think of three of the world’s best ski areas for snowboarders, that fully meet the needs of freestylers, freeriders and Alpinboardern. Vail – United States with four terrain parks, the so fly zones, offers Vail for all skill levels freestyle absolute freedoms.

On the Riva Bahn Express is located 1.6 km long the largest fly zone with an oversized super pipe 140 m long, 12 m wide and 6 m high. Next door the flight school Park is designed especially for beginners. With a wide range of Deep snow slopes in the so-called back bowls, there are also a large number beautiful descents, which more than satisfy the Alpinboarder. But you must prepare to take off the Board at the end of the slopes often. The overall test result for the category of snowboarders in the ski resort of vial Portes you Soleil – France the name of the ski area Les Portes you Soleil (the doors to the Sun) what awaits the lovers of winter sports here reveals South of Lake Geneva: lots of sunshine and above all deep snow as far as the eye can see. For snowboarders is Les Portes Soleil of one of the best Boarderreviere in the Alps.

To the express Lac Intrets, ARARE, and express lifts du Stade there are snow parks and Halfpipes, which take the freestylers immediately captivated. In Avoriaz, the most spectacular jumps are possible with security, but also Les Gets offering the snowboarder with the freestyle and cross district”plenty of space and opportunities to the romp. The overall test result for the category snowboard in the ski resort Portes you Soleil Cardrona – New Zealand Cardona Alpine resort is one of the largest ski resorts in New Zealand and opens up with three lifts departure of over 300 hectares. Internationally can keep fully offer Cardona in the freestyle. “” The 150 m-long Johnny pipe “complies with the international FIS rules and the small Rooki pipe” is ideally suited for the first stunts. The three large terrain park offers a varied fun Park delight beginners, advanced but also the professional snowboarders. “With the 800-metre boardercross track gravity cross” and everything is really offered many very beautiful deep snow slopes the snowboarders.

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