Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns. Decided to organize a holiday? Want to reiterate my heartfelt feelings to your loved one? Would you like to come up with an unforgettable entertainment for your friends? To bring the dream to the sky? Arrange grand fireworks – but not to wake the neighbors? All these questions we have a wonderful answer – you need a flying sky lanterns. What is it? The history of celestial lanterns began in the Ancient East. For the first time such a construction was manufactured in China in 17 century by Emperor Ming Kung, who used them as signal beacons during the war. Now residents of China use sky lanterns for turning to God, believing that fly to the sky lantern brings them dreams to the gods. Traditionally, sky lanterns, referred to as Hume Fey ( Fay), Hume Loy ( Loy), Chinese lanterns, as well as flying lanterns, mimicking UFOs, are made of oiled rice paper, bamboo frame and fuel cell in the form of wax-impregnated paper.

Thais, especially Buddhists, believe that problems and troubles, starting Flying sky lanterns into the sky, you broke up with my problems and troubles. Indian girls today as three centuries ago, watching the departing flashlight, guessing his wishes. In Asia, one of the most spectacular sights is the festival flying sky lanterns. Let these ancient tradition will and your traditions. Launched heavenly lantern takes negative and positive energy fills. And written on the lantern desire must be fulfilled. Some even stick to the flashlight coin ordering, thus his wealth and financial independence.